From being abused by domestic violence to being worth hundreds of millions of dollars, what did she do right?
From being abused by domestic violence to being worth hundreds of millions of dollars, what did she do right?
Huang Yi, start all over again, don't give up!




when Sister 3 first started broadcasting, Huang Yi said on Weibo:

"although we will encounter many difficulties and setbacks in our life, as long as we believe in ourselves enough, no one will really beat you. In the end, it is your imaginary invisible opponent and your inner fear that will knock you down."

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at that time, everyone suddenly realized--

Huang Yi, who was once ridiculed by countless people for "playing a good hand to pieces", now seems to be really different from before.

she wrote on the profile of Weibo that "her body is inferior to that of a man, but her heart is stronger than a man," like a heroic manifesto.

tainted actress

Huang Yi, stain.

back in 2009, Huang Yi met wealthy businessman Jiang Kai at a charity auction.

it is a pity that the marriage came and went in a hurry, and the marriage ended in divorce less than a year ago.

she said in an interview: "my union with Jiang Kai is not because of love, but because of a moment of passion."

there are insults and attacks from netizens on the one hand and secret encouragement from fans on the other.

when other people saw this, they wanted to avoid Huang Yiqing, but Huang Yi not only took a liking to him, but also immediately declared a love affair with him, and got married in a flash and married with children.

"I had a pituitary tumor in my brain at that time, so it was very difficult to have a child, so I was very happy after I got pregnant unexpectedly, and I really wanted to have my own child."

and this marriage, which the public is not optimistic about, later became Huang Yi's biggest nightmare in her life.

in 2014, Hong Kong media filmed Huang Yi's "infidelity" news.

for a moment, there was a public outcry.

before netizens who ate melons recovered, her ex-husband Jiang Kai secretly pointed out on Weibo:

"the biggest regret in life is to meet you, the happiest thing in life is to leave, and the dirty cat will never forget cheating!"

Huang Yiqing immediately reposted the Weibo message, indicating his urgent desire for divorce, confirming the rumors of Huang Yi's affair.

Huang Yi sent out a letter of repentance and a surveillance video, saying that her husband often abused her.

the two men went to court, and the court awarded their daughter to Huang Yi, giving Huang Yiqing only 10 days of accompany each month.

at that time, she had no idea that the verdict would attract Huang Yiqing to kill them all:

Huang Yiqing began to post his untyped identity documents, mobile phone number, and private photos on Weibo.

slander himself for abusing his daughter, extremely bad character, mental disorder,

also expose my daughter's school information


the overwhelming slander was like a thunderstorm, hitting Huang Yi black and blue all at once.

although Huang Yiqing later admitted that he was maliciously spreading rumors, the end of Huang Yi's reputation has been irreparable.

"I think I'm done. My life is over."

in order to make money, she can only act in horror movies and walk hard in the strange eyes of the crew.

the former heroine has now become a female number n, and she was miserable at that time.

it is hard for many people to imagine why she trapped herself, but in fact, her tragic marriage begins with the death of her grandparents one after another.

"the people who love themselves most in the world are gone, and the more achievements I have in my career, the more I feel scared and vulnerable."

she found that she was an unloved ugly duckling from beginning to end, and those so-called fame and fortune and star aura could not save a person with a sorrowful childhood.

she fell into a great nothingness, and she really wanted to catch something to make up for the imperfection of her childhood family.

"I want a home and company for a long time."

it is not difficult to explain why she is always in the wrong marriage.

A person who lacks love will always regard affection as a lifesaver.

National Goddess

Huang Yi was born into an ordinary family in Shanghai. in her memory, she was like a "ball". She was always kicked around by her estranged parents, and no one really wanted to raise her.

she has been in foster care with her grandparents since she was a child and is seldom accompanied by her parents.

once, a woman came to see her, and her grandmother said, "this is your mother."

when Huang Yi heard this, she ran over with delight, but the woman said coldly, "I came back this time to divorce your father."

Huang Yi, who is still young, does not know what divorce is, but she also sees a hint of ruthlessness in her mother's eyes.

in order to get her parents' attention, she often cries wantonly.

on the other hand, Huang Yi is lucky.

when she was studying at the International Tourism School, Huang Yi worked as an intern in a travel agency.

because of her beautiful appearance, she was recommended to a Shanghai Theatre Academy teacher by chance, filmed the first advertisement in her life and earned 300 yuan.

gradually, she found that acting had a natural attraction to her.

whenever she is free, she always takes a long car to go to the play class, come and go, and get to know each other at that time.Nie Yuan, who studied in the play.

two people, you and me, exchanged performances together, and spent a carefree campus love.

once, when the crew solicited audition photos for students in the play, Huang Yi secretly put her photos together with those of Nie Yuan and submitted them.

it was a joke, but the crew immediately took a fancy to her and Nie Yuan and asked them to play Li Yuhu and Qi Tianlei, a couple who married in the wrong sedan chair.

"isn't it a real play? Anyway, we're a couple, and we don't need acting at all. "

in this way, the two people who have no acting experience, in line with the courage of the newborn calves who are not afraid of tigers, played the role in the play, not only creating a classic, but also a hit, which is now the sweetest CP.

it's a pity that they are young and frivolous, and in the end, they don't know how to manage their relationship and break up.

later, Huang Yi had a rough road, and Nie Yuan got married and divorced.

everything in the world seems to be changing, but the friendship between the two remains as sincere as ever in the stumble of fate.

when Huang Yi was laughed at by the crowd, only Nie Yuan stood up for her:

"I think Huang Yi is a very sensible and filial girl. We can't evaluate such a problem today, because it's a personal life."

Nie Yuan, a guest of Luyu, made a hairy crab and boasted, "do you know who taught me to do this?" I'm Sister Yi. "

in 2020, Huang Yikai needed Nie Yuan's help in the live broadcast. Nie Yuan came from other places without saying a word and contributed his first live show.

when Nie Yuan's father dies, Huang Yi will also rush to the scene and take good care of it.

the sweetheart couple in front of the screen have already changed their identities, guarding each other's side.

after years of training, they are still able to support each other in difficulties, which is a very lucky existence in each other's life.

Entrepreneurship Queen

Huang Yi's loneliness comes from her parents, but the moment of transformation begins with her daughter.

when she was at the lowest point in her life, she saw her childhood in her daughter:

"when I got home that day, my daughter was lying on the ground rolling and screaming. At that scene, I was thinking, isn't this me who lived in the old house when I was a child?"

my daughter is as warm as a small stove, giving her strength and support.

my daughter's smile is the only light in her life.

so Huang Yi began to try to pull herself out of the abyss.

she accompanies her children wholeheartedly and shares the joys and sorrows of life, and her daughter's character gradually becomes cheerful and positive.

when Huang Yi is aggrieved and uneasy, her daughter will even comfort her and say:

"Mom, take a paper towel to dry your tears, because everyone will cry, and you'll be fine after crying."

when Huang Yi is depressed, her daughter will play the role of mother:

"Baby, don't be afraid, mom protects you."

that time, when she mentioned what her dream was, her daughter said happily, "my dream is to be a mother."

this sentence made Huang Yi begin to learn how to love and make peace with her family.

she wrote a long letter to her father, in which she expressed her dissatisfaction and aspirations, and she tried to make up for her relationship with her mother, chatting with each other and caring for each other.

"it turns out that I am not an unwanted outcast, and my parents love me, too."

the incomplete past is made up little by little, and her wings are gradually plump.

she started her business from scratch, took all her belongings and rented an office in the most expensive office building in Shanghai.

she has done online and offline clubs, early education, parent-child activities, including some overseas business.

looks vigorous every day, but in fact it is crippled.

in less than half a year, all her money was spent, life drove her to a corner, and she began to give herself up again.

"at that time, a voice kept telling me, Huang Yi, start all over again, don't give up."

so she got up again and narrowed her goal to a monthly clubhouse.

up to now, she has set up two high-end Yuezi clubs and received investment from Cake Angel Wheel, with annual sales of over 100 million yuan and annual turnover of nearly 90 million yuan for women's wear.

she has successfully transformed from a tainted actress to a start-up queen.

she no longer insists on what she has nothing, but strives to have what she has, and gives this "possession" to other people in the mud.

the wheel of fate is turning, and she seems to be truly free--

from being led by the nose by feelings to the freedom that really dominates life.

Huang Yi's teasing on "complaining Conference 5" is unforgettable:

"Women should find their own attitude towards life and eliminate those who are bad to us."

"if you can't change a man, what's wrong with me?"I've seen it. "

she has seen great winds and waves, and the world is cool.

past the peak, but also the ups and downs.

she compared herself to an undead bird. The strong wind and the thunder of the tsunami could not stop her from crossing the mountains to find her own home.

, don't be afraid.