Get along with both sexes, a man has never talked to you about this "two words", which means he doesn't love you.
Get along with both sexes, a man has never talked to you about this "two words", which means he doesn't love you.
Two people in one room have three meals for four seasons, watch the flowers blossom and spend the rest of their lives together.

in the emotional world, men are always full of reason and logic, while women always believe in emotion and intuition.

when you are not sure whether a man has you in his heart, see if he has taken the initiative to talk to you about these two words.

"get married"

Yi Shu wrote in the first half of my Life:

"in the eyes of men, they only want to marry you and do not want to marry you, not early marriage and later marriage."

if the man around you has been with you for many years but doesn't talk about marriage, every time you take advantage of the opportunity to raise a topic, he pretends not to understand and deliberately embarrass you.

in his mind, maybe he only treats you as a backup and doesn't love you as much as you think.

some men don't marry, not because they don't want to marry, but because they don't want to marry you.

the man who really loves you will be like Qian Zhongshu's letter to Yang Jiang:

"before I met you, I didn't think about getting married. After I met you, I didn't think about anyone else."

in his heart, he already regards you as the other half of the future, and he can't wait to marry you and declare his sovereignty to the people around him.


as the old saying goes:

"Twenty is not diligent, thirty does not stand, forty is not rich, and fifty depends on the help of his sons."

Love is beautiful, but marriage is the reality.

if a relationship only wants to be happy in the present and does not talk about future planning, it is doomed to be unsuccessful.

"Young you" Xiaobei also said: "I am nothing, no brain, no money, but I like a person, I want to give her the best ending."

A man who can plan you into his future and want to bring you a better life is worthy of your trust for life.

the man who loves you has planned everything early, and he tries his best to give you a warm and stable home.

he will work hard according to the plan, work hard to make money, set small goals for each period, slowly achieve it with you, and meet the future that belongs to two people.

"manage money"

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on Zhihu, I saw a post describing parents' feelings, and I was very moved by a few words:

"after my parents got married, it took two years for my father to give my mother the key to the drawer. It is said that now that all the debts have been paid off, it is your turn to take care of the money. "

Life needs planning, and money needs to be taken care of.

A man really loves you, everything will be for you, will hand in his salary card, put the power of the family in your hands, so that you have some savings, less panic, more confidence.

Men let women take care of money, not only the economy of the family, but also the initiative in the relationship.

in a relationship, the man who spoils you will generously spend money for you, will rest assured to let you manage the money, and bring you enough sense of security.

if the man around him dodges and tries to be perfunctory every time he talks about money management, in fact, you should have known.

No matter how much you save, but your lover is centrifugal, no matter how happy your life is, you will instantly become vulnerable.

Sanmao also said:

"Love is not easy to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) if it is not implemented in real life such as dressing, eating, counting money and sleeping."

A man who really loves you will take the initiative to talk to you about marriage, the future, and money management.

in this life, he is only willing to spend the rest of his life with you, one room, two people, three meals and four seasons, watching the flowers blossom and fall.