"getting up early is worse than staying up late."
"getting up early is worse than staying up late."
Control the morning in order to create a higher quality of life.

not long ago, the China Sleep Research report (2022) was released, and the data showed that

in the past 10 years, Chinese people have fallen asleep more than 2 hours late, and the length of sleep has been reduced from 8.5 hours to 7.06 hours. According to the survey, only 35% of Chinese people get enough sleep for 8 hours.

that is to say, it is normal for people to stay up late and get up late.

the time to fall asleep has been delayed again and again, and the seemingly discretionary time has been expanded in return for a bad body and a dazed state.

Franklin once said:

"I have never seen an early, diligent, cautious and honest man complain about a bad fate."

control the morning in order to create a higher quality of life.

people who insist on getting up early tend to have more energy and physical strength and can cope with study, life and work efficiently.

the plan of the day is in the morning. What really widens the gap between people is not going to bed late, but getting up early.

people who get up early have better control of time

there is a question on the Internet: "where do those who get up early win?"

A high praise replied:

"there are 365 days in a year. If you get up one hour early every day, you have 365 hours of efficient time."

getting up early makes people feel as if the whole day has been extended.

while most people are still asleep, they have allocated a lot of time efficiently and accomplished a lot of things.


@ at first sight

personally experienced the changes brought about by getting up early:

"I used to stay up late and get up late, and the working time was very tight. I went to work in a hurry to have a breakfast and simply tidied up. It would take more than nine o'clock.

work seems to have passed in the morning, resulting in frequent overtime at night, getting up late the next day, and life falling into a vicious circle of getting up late and staying up late.

later, I insisted on getting up an hour early, eating breakfast and going to work. I was idle for a long time, and it was only nine o'clock when I looked up at my watch.

the control of morning time gives me a sense of satisfaction, and my whole life is much better. "

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only by arranging your life methodically can you grasp the initiative in life.

those who get up early are no longer chased by time, but can command time.

Matsuura Mitaro, a writer with high yield and high yield, has always had the habit of getting up early.

he gets up at five o'clock every morning and keeps writing and exercising.

his persistence day after day enabled him to achieve a win-win situation in writing and life, and created a lot of classic works.

as the old saying goes, "get up early and get up late."

it means that if you get up early, things will be done thoroughly; if you get up late, life will only be in a hurry.

the rhythm of the morning sets the tone of the day.

insist on getting up early, so that you can control your time efficiently and give yourself plenty of time to improve.

people who get up early have more control over their energy

some studies have shown that the two hours after getting up early is the peak period for the efficiency of study and work.

at this time, after a night's rest, the brain eliminated the fatigue of the previous day and was in a brand-new state.

make good use of this prime time to do something valuable and meaningful, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

writer Liang Shiqiu has always had the habit of getting up early.

when translating the Love letter between Aberra and Aberdeen, he sat in a bamboo chair and began to translate every day when the sun was not coming out and everything was quiet.

when the sun filled half the yard and the voices began to get noisy, he stopped writing.

with enough energy, he finished the translation of the book in only one month.

writer Hal Elrod thinks:

"an efficient morning, which accounts for only 20% of the day, can do the most important thing of the day."

after a car accident and work failure, he decided to adjust his time: schedule the most important thing in the morning.

at first, he gets up at 6 o'clock every day, meditates, motivates himself, keeps a diary, reads books, and then gets up early at 4 o'clock.

two months after the implementation of the miraculous early riser, his concentration increased significantly and his income doubled.

later, Hal wrote his secret of getting up early in his book the Miracle of getting up early, and many readers got up early with him, realizing the counterattack of life.

I have heard a saying: "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

maybe getting up early occasionally won't make you different, but the power of persistence can't be ignored.

cherish every morning and accomplish the most important things in life in a planned way. You will not only have a full sense of achievement, but also reach heights that others can't overcome day after day.

people who get up early have more control over their health

I believe many people have seen this picture.

the lady on the left has smooth and delicate skin, looks energetic and young;

the lady on the right has dim eyes, loose skin and looks much older.

this contrast picture comes from a sleep experiment done by scientists in London:

ask a 46-year-old British woman to sleep for 8 hours and 6 hours for five days in a row, and then take pictures of the changes in her appearance.

by comparison, we can clearly see the effect of lack of sleep on a person's health.

researchers at Duke University and National University of SingaporeMember, has also done related research.

the results showed that the aging process of people with long-term lack of sleep was 4-5 times that of normal people, and their immune ability decreased greatly.

staying up late for a long time is at the expense of your own health.

people who pay attention to health know the importance of getting up early.

actress Quan Zhixian is over 40, but her figure is still tight and without a trace of fat, which is admirable.

it's all due to her insisting on getting up early:

persistent for a long time, let her body into a virtuous circle.

as she said:

"if one day you don't get up early to do some exercise, you will feel uncomfortable all over."

only you can change yourself, and every good person knows how to manage himself.

and insist on getting up early is the most correct way of self-management.

there is a physiological concept: happiness is determined by dopamine, while happiness is mostly determined by endorphins.

it may be painful to get up early before you form a habit, but if you stick to it, you will reap unexpected happiness.

people who get up early are more able to control their mood

see a passage on the Internet:

"6: 00 and 8: 00 in the morning are completely different worlds.

you will see the rising sun, the sun shining on you, full of positive energy. "

people who get up early and those who don't get up early will not only open the gap in mental outlook and physical fitness, but also have a completely different attitude towards life.

people who get up late will only see the hustle and bustle of the city, which makes people feel impetuous and noisy.

and those who get up early will see the process of awakening the city, which gives people a sense of happiness.

A professor from the University of Lisbon shared his experience on the world-renowned TED podium.

he made a challenge of getting up at 04:30 for 21 days in a row, and his life changed like never before:

you can see the sunrise and enjoy the scenery that others can't see.

have time to have a lot of self-thinking and dialogue and know yourself more clearly;

have a favorite breakfast with your family and feel good all day.

he found that he had more time with nature, with himself, and with his family.

the strong flavor of life made him see the beauty of nature, the hope of life, and the state of life has also been greatly improved.

the attitude towards life affects the quality of life.

insisting on getting up early and devoting yourself to every day with enthusiasm is not only to love life, but also to be kind to yourself, but also to constantly move towards happiness.

people who get up early significantly increase their happiness

A new Canadian study was published in the American Journal of emotion. The results show that

Morning people are happier, feel healthier, feel happier and have higher overall life satisfaction than night people.

people who get up early have more free time at their disposal, have better control over their lives, and make each day more leisurely and fulfilling.

as the writer Gorky said:

"even a little restraint from yourself can make a man strong and powerful."

like the butterfly effect, a small change can make a big difference.

when it becomes a habit to go to bed early and get up early, it will be of great benefit in all aspects of life.

, may friends live up to every morning, control time, control their own life, and be a self-disciplined and life-loving person.