Heart-wrenching! The 27-year-old woman drove into the river and drowned after calling for help for half an hour. The last video made the whole net saddened.
Heart-wrenching! The 27-year-old woman drove into the river and drowned after calling for help for half an hour. The last video made the whole net saddened.
Don't leave eternal regret for yourself and your family.

there has been a thrilling accident these days.

A 27-year-old woman accidentally drove her car to

into the river.

the skylight where she stood out of the car floated for nearly half an hour.

the whole process is heart-wrenching.

May 22nd afternoon, a normal afternoon.

in Fumin County, Kunming, Yunnan Province, 27-year-old Ms. Pu made a small mistake when she drove her black car into the river.

the river is called Mantis Chuan, and the current is usually small and gentle.

but it rained continuously in those days, and the water became heavy.

the current is fast and the water potential is fierce.

the car was soon drifted downstream.

many people found out and quickly called the police.

Ms. Pu was seen opening the skylight and trunk of the car and standing out of the skylight for help, clutching the rim with both hands to keep her body stable.

the car floated all the way down with the rapids, and the deeper the water went, the more turbulent it became.

what was her mood at that time?

there is no way to know now.

must be very frightening.

even the people on the shore were so frightened and eager.

the car sank all the way and finally all sank into the water.

Ms. Pu also fell into the water. After a brief struggle, she sank, and there was no sign of her.

A young life, just like this, disappears into the boundless river.

videos have become popular on the Internet, causing a lot of controversy.

some netizens accused the video photographer of being "inhumane".

"if you have time to make a video, why don't you have time to save people?"

and netizens have come to a conclusion directly:

"for such a long distance, she died of despair of human nature."

but the truth is really different from what they think.

later, some media found witnesses at the scene.

they said that as the car kept sinking, the people on the shore had been trying to go down to save her.

Mr. Guo, a big brother from Sichuan, jumped into the water to save Ms. Pu.

it's a pity that the current is so fast that he can't rely on it with all his strength.

in the video, the people on the shore can also be clearly heard shouting anxiously:

"hurry up!"

it's a pity that Brother Guo gradually lost his strength and had to swim back.

the onlookers went to a lot of trouble to pull him ashore.

there was another Mr. Chen who went into the water to save lives.

also because the current was too fast, he could not get close to Ms. Pu.

he said later that he was really sorry.

along the bank, some kind-hearted people threw a long rope into the river, hoping she could catch it.

it's a pity that as soon as the rope was thrown into the water, it was washed away without a trace.

some people chased the distance between the two bridges with long bamboo poles, but unfortunately they didn't catch up.

in fact, many people are trying to find a way, but the matter is urgent, and there are no life-saving facilities such as lifebuoys and life jackets on the shore, so they failed to save people in the end.

although I didn't succeed, I am really grateful to these kind people.

so really don't blame or even scold just based on a video.

in fact, people's hearts grow in flesh.

now some of the people are very kind, at least not as bad and indifferent as Keyboard Man said.

We are worried when we look at it across the screen, and most of the people at the scene are more worried.

the local police reported the incident the next day.

combined with bulletins and eyewitness videos, the situation should look like this:

at 01:55 in the afternoon, Ms. Pu fell into the water.

4 minutes later, the crowd called the police.

rescuers came quickly to work with the masses to find a way to help.

by the time Ms. Pu fell into the water and sank, rescue workers were not far away from her.

maybe if she holds on for a few more minutes, her life will be saved.

but fate is only a few minutes away.

when rescuers finally approached her, she sank to the bottom of the river, completely out of breath.

A 27-year-old life is just gone.

looking back at the whole process, people found that Ms. Pu actually had a chance to escape.

for example, when she first fell into the water, the water was only waist-deep, and she should have been able to jump directly to the shore.

but she missed the short opportunity, and the water got deeper and deeper later.

also, the car once floated over a pier with an obvious grip, and if it could jump down and catch it, it would have saved its life.

look at the video of the eyewitness, she is also relatively close to the shore, if there are people on the shore to cooperate at this time, it should be possible to escape.

of course, this is all people's hindsight analysis.

and the situation was urgent at that time, it was very difficult for people to make a particularly calm and correct judgment.

it's hard to imagine what kind of panic, helplessness and despair Ms. Pu has experienced.

the half-hour after the car fell into the water was probably the longest half-hour of her life.

and now her family, I don't know what's going to happen.The pain.

especially when I saw the last video, my family really didn't know how worried it would be.

recently, there have been a lot of unexpected accidents, all of which are very sad.

just a few days ago, May 16th.

A van also suddenly fell into the river in Shaoguan, Guangdong.

all 10 people on board were killed.

it was a few days ago, May 21.

A slag truck in Zhengzhou suddenly overturned and flattened a nearby SUV in an instant.

A big SUV was crushed to a height of only 40 to 50 centimeters.

the four people on the SUV, a family, were killed on the spot.

the scene was horrible.

it is said that the family is going to a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of the 90-year-old.

who would have thought that on a good day, walking well on the road, I would have encountered this sudden disaster.

and, just over ten days ago, on the evening of May 12th.

Mr. Yang's family of four in Xi'an are getting ready to go home after dinner.

the mouth of the cave was so narrow that Mr. Yang and his wife were so anxious that they could not help.

now 14 days have passed and the child has not been found yet.

there is more.

A month ago, an eight-story building on the street of Changsha suddenly collapsed and 53 people died.

many people just go for a Spicy Hot Pot and risk their lives.


there are some things in one's life that are really difficult to prevent.

No one knows what kind of disaster will happen on a sunny day.

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this impermanence is really cruel.

is something that human beings have to face and accept.

what should I do?

I think we can only be more careful, and the safety consciousness is always kept in mind.

on weekdays, learn more about safety and learn how to deal with dangers.

how to save oneself from falling into the river, how to prevent fire, how to avoid gas poisoning.

what to do after the earthquake and how to use the fire extinguisher.

Don't check your phone when driving, don't reveal your whereabouts in moments, and don't drink drinks from strangers.


A lot of common sense is really impossible without learning.

and there are some things that we may not encounter in a lifetime, but if we encounter and cannot do it, it may be a fatal disaster.

therefore, it is necessary to accumulate common sense of safety at all times and be prepared against danger.

some disasters are unpreventable and we accept our fate.

but there are some things that can be avoided, and we must know how to deal with them.

Don't leave everlasting regrets for yourself and your family.