Home, the cleaner it is, the happier it is.
Home, the cleaner it is, the happier it is.
Living clean is your best appearance.


what is clean?

cleanliness is not only the foundation of a happy life, but also a kind of nobility from the inside out.

Scientific research has found that the cleaner people are, the happier they are. Unlucky people, on the contrary.

living in the world, do not forget the original intention, live clean, is the best appearance.

people, the cleaner, the better; home, the cleaner, the more blessed.

the house is clean and comfortable

when you get home after a hard day, push the door and see a mess of shoes and a messy scene in the room.

do you suddenly feel irritable and the fire of nameless surges in your heart?

A messy house not only breeds bad emotions, but also affects the atmosphere of a family. Over time, life will only get worse and worse.

written in Yi Jian Zhi:

"the high hall is plain, there is no easy work, and the bright window is clean, so it is easy to sit and lie down."

A clean room not only makes people physically comfortable, but also makes people feel at peace.

Voltaire, a great thinker, has been very tidy and hygienic all his life.

he said that being clean and tidy is a sign of one's moral cultivation.

the windows of his residence are bright and clean, and the clothes he usually wears are neatly pressed.

all the books in his study are classified and arranged in good order.

A clean and orderly life makes Voltaire clear in mind, healthy in body and mind, and handy in creation.

the environment in which a person lives reflects a person's state of life.

A clean room often hides good luck.

when you are bored, try to clean the room with your hands. Throw away what should be thrown, wash what should be washed, and clean it up inside and out. You must feel much better.

No matter how hard it is, no matter how hard it is, as long as there is a clean house, there will be a harbor for the soul to live in, and there will be a chance to build up momentum.

as the saying goes, "Happy people live in blessed land, and blessed people live in blessed places."

A clean house often makes people happy, naturally blessed and healthy.

Bowl is clean, blessing

Mr. Cai Lan said:


with awe of life and gratitude for food, we can walk through this life calmly and gracefully.


A person's attitude towards food in a bowl can often reflect one's self-cultivation and state of mind.

A large enterprise recruits a logistics minister. After an audition and a written interview, ten people are selected for the final screening.

the company invited these ten people to the company at the same time, and the examiner chatted with you casually for a while and invited everyone to dinner.

after the meal, the examiner announced that the interview was over and the candidate for the logistics minister had been confirmed.

No one thought that the last exam was a meal and a buffet, and by the time everyone understood, the choice of logistics minister had been decided.

Wear our white wedding gowns with black lace to achieve your desired look. Nowhere else you will find such a superb choices of collections.

is the one who eats how much, takes how much, and even pours the last bit of soup into the porridge.

people say that one can see a person clearly after a meal. If a person eats carefully and cleanly, then it is probably the same with being a man and doing things.

there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto:

"it is not easy to think of one porridge and one meal; half a silk and half a wisp, it is difficult to keep thinking."

one can be in awe of life only if one is grateful for food.

one meal and one vegetable should be especially cherished, cherish to accumulate happiness, and frugality to support virtue.

as the saying goes: Bowl Jingfu, a clean rice bowl, lurks your good luck and good fortune.

keep your mouth clean, stay virtuous

it is said that human words are awesome, and language is the softest but most hurtful weapon in the world.

in the movie "the Beautiful Legend of Sicily", the heroine Malena is madly envied and vilified by the women in the small town because she is extremely beautiful.

the husband has been out for a long time, which has become the talk of the people in the small town, some are framed for slander, some are viciously cursed.

Malena was isolated by the whole town, so she couldn't find a job, and her father cut her off.

then came the news that her husband had died. Malena was devastated, but the people in the town were excited.

Women lamented that God had an eye, while men were delusional, and everyone gloated.

the greatest evil of human nature is that it is not good for others.

the writer fan bone wood said:

"some people, even if you don't offend him, will envy you, denigrate you, and even want to destroy you."

in life, such people are not uncommon, they are keen to gossip, spread right and wrong, and even do not hesitate to spread rumors.

A good word is like accumulating a blessing; a bad word hurts others, and it is bound to hurt itself.

Zeng Guofan once warned his children and grandchildren: "those who are unlucky will be mean, and those who are mean will benefit less."

A person's oral morality is extremely important if he wants good luck in his life.

say more about good people, but less about others; more praise, less blame.

to be a man, to be merciful and to accumulate virtue is to accumulate blessings.

clear eyes, know people

Sima Yi has a famous saying:

"if you look at the shortness of people, there is no one in the world to make friends with. If you look at the length of people, everything in the world is my teacher. "

this is true.

Matsushita Konosuke, a Japanese industrialist, visited the factory when the factory director was about to fire a worker.

the factory director complained that this guy didn't work hard all day, always picking on the workers, and liked to fight against his boss, and the workers didn't like him.

Matsushita Konosuke came to the window of the workshop, watched quietly, and then returned to the factory director's office.

he told the factory director that since you don't like him, you might as well transfer him to the head office.

Matsushita Konosuke believes that although he is picky, he is reasonable, and this is a serious and responsible attitude towards the product.

he likes to contradict his boss because he has a lot of opinions that are not accepted by his boss, and he is worried.

he can see many problems that others can't see, which shows that he is focused on his work.

others only see the employee's weaknesses, while Matsushita Konosuke sees the employee's strengths and makes full use of his strengths.

there is no perfect gold, no one is perfect. As a man, you should keep your eyes clean, focus more on people's strengths, and less on people's weaknesses.

clear eyes, can not only explore the good things in the world, but also broaden their own road of life, so that their own more and more smooth.

have a clean heart and have a clear conscience

heard a story:

A hunter caught a cuckoo and was ready to stew it for meat and soup.

the cuckoo begs the hunter:

"give me a break. I am a good bird and a friend of mankind. How can you have the heart to eat me?"

when the hunter heard this, he found it reasonable, and when he saw that he looked pitiful, he could not help but soften his heart.

but the hunter has not had enough to eat for several days. If he releases the cuckoo, what should he eat?

seeing the hunter hesitating, the cuckoo said hurriedly:

"Mr. Hunter, as long as you let me go, I would like to summon some of my kind for you to catch, so that you can eat several more meals, and let me repay you for not killing."

unexpectedly, the hunter was disgusted by this remark:

"originally I thought you were a good bird and should be released, but after listening to your words, I thought you were a black sheep.

it is shameless to sacrifice your own kind in order to save your own life. If you are released, your partner may be killed that day, and I will not allow you to do so! "

so the hunter stewed the cuckoo.

the cuckoo is not sorry to die, for its heart is dirty and dark.

Gu Cheng once said, "A person should live as himself and be clean."

clean, not not cannibalism, but the soul of the magnanimous, heaven and earth can learn from.

A person with a pure heart is always the same on the inside and inside, practicing both inside and outside, no matter where he is, he can have a clear conscience.

No matter what one has experienced, one must keep his heart simple and honest, and his heart clean before he can be respected.

Chekhov once said:

"everything in a person should be clean, whether it is face, life, heart or mind."

cleanliness from the inside out is not only a person's best temperament, but also a person's greatest blessing.

people who love life always abide by cleanliness and always try to keep themselves in a beautiful and clear state.

the world is busy, no matter when, no matter where, leave a pure land, can be less panic, more leisurely.

for the rest of your life, may you be fresh, clear, clean, thorough, and live the most tasteful life.