I brushed the screen! Today, the biggest melon in the entertainment industry can't compare with her.
I brushed the screen! Today, the biggest melon in the entertainment industry can't compare with her.
What you have done, every Chinese will never forget.

Let's look at two pictures first.

this is a pair of girl's legs, fair complexion and red knees.

after zooming in, the right knee is still stained with dust.

before taking this picture, the girl had just had a fight with death.

netizens who have seen the scene of life and death do not hesitate to praise her--

"Angels are on earth."

"A good deed saves a family."

what on earth did she do?

Today, we return to the scene together.

look at this soul-stirring story, how to reflect a Chinese group image full of kindness, kindness, courage and responsibility.

on July 13, 2021, the sun is blazing in Changsha.

before noon, the ground was as hot as a hot iron plate.

people galloped and flew.

suddenly, a man dressed in black appeared in the camera.

his name is Xie Zhicong.

is a courier.

that day, he made an appointment with the school. Come to collect the student files and send them out.

but after getting off the air-conditioned car, the sudden change in temperature made him feel uncomfortable.

Venus rises in the eyes and the sky turns round and round.

he squatted down slowly, trying to cushion his discomfort.

in a few seconds.

he woke up, propped up his upper body hard, and tried to get up.

but once again, he fell heavily.

hold on.

fall again.

the whole body is paralyzed and doesn't listen to me at all.

call for help?

Oh, no.

the vocal cords do not make any sound.

he struggled to get up.

but soon, he completely lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Xie Zhicong's condition is very dangerous.

if no one finds out and fails to catch the gold for a few minutes, he is likely to die.



time is running out.

-"Xie Zhicong! Xie Zhicong! "

No response.

my colleague hurriedly dropped the express and took out his cell phone.

made two calls:

one is an emergency call.

one is the phone number of other colleagues in the company.

but in the case of Hsieh Chi-cong, someone will come in less than a few dozen minutes. He must be treated immediately, now, immediately.

otherwise, the situation would be unthinkable.

after making the emergency call, my colleague shouted "help!"

there is no other way.

finally someone hears you.

A security guard is on his way.

he stepped forward quickly, squatted down to check, and then put his hand under his nose.

"Oh, no, I'm not breathing!"

the security guard panicked and shouted for help immediately

"is there any medical staff, is there anyone who knows first aid?"

there are more and more people, but

No one can give first aid,

No one dares to do it rashly.

everyone is anxious.

time at this time, every second is suffering and suffocating.

at this moment, there was a girl in a denim skirt trotting over in the surveillance picture.

it was this girl who dragged Xie Zhicong back from the hands of death with her weak hands.

her name is Jiang Yan.

Master student of Xiangya School of Nursing, Central South University.

as soon as I saw someone lying on the ground, the situation was wrong. I didn't have time to think, so I ran over it immediately.

when he arrived at the scene, he fell to his knees without saying a word.

No regard for elegance.

ignore the hot ground.

the safety of the patient is the top priority.

she checked her illness right away.

by this time Xie Zhicong had oozed a pool of blood.

when you see this pool of blood, everyone around you knows that the situation is very important:

"it's really urgent for people who don't know anything about medicine."

but Jiang Yan showed strong adaptability.

she first examined the vital signs.

-the patient's face is purple and his pupils begin to dilate.

Jiang Yan probed his carotid artery.

-- I can't feel the beat.

"what about the carpal artery?"

she has the mentality of having a try.

Unfortunately, the result is the same.

his fingers were under his nose, and there was no sign of breathing.

she immediately concluded:

this is cardiac arrest.

"CPR must be done immediately!"

the golden first aid time for cardiac arrest is only 4 minutes.

hurry up.

A little faster.

she asked for help to straighten Xie Zhicong.

then straighten your hands and press Xie Zhicong's chest hard.

rules of action.

the rhythm is in place.

there are more and more beads of sweat oozing from her forehead because of the hot weather.

when everyone saw this, they held up umbrellas over her head.

after a round of pressing, Jiang Yan stopped to review the patient's vital signs.

"the artery has a weak response."

there's a chance!

soon, Jiang Yan began the second round of compressions.

but cardiopulmonary resuscitation is extremely exhausting, and most people can only last for 3 minutes at most.

she began to lose strength.

but the second round of pressing must not be stopped.

what should I do?

the success or failure of the rescue depends on this.

"is there anyone who can answer it?"

"I got it!"

A man in a gray T-shirt responded and took the initiative to replace Jiang Yan.

soon, he knelt beside the patient.

straighten the arm and press at a uniform speed.

time goes by, and the temperature is getting higher and higher.

sweat poured out, and a sweat stain appeared on the back of the man's T-shirt.

but he doesn't care.

it is only when sweat seeps into your eyes that you are willing to free your hand to wipe it.

for a while, I couldn't keep up with my physical strength.

another man dressed in black was keenly aware of the change in his state.

so he took the third baton on his own initiative.

he knelt down and repeated the first two movements.

but after pressing for a long time, Xie Zhicong still didn't recover.

it has been five minutes since his sudden cardiac arrest.

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go all out, but there is no improvement.


is it really not going to happen?

at this time, two girls gathered around.

seeing this, they patted their heads--

"by the way, the school is equipped with AED (automatic external defibrillator)!"

this is a life-saving artifact stored in medical school.

as counselors, they know very well:

"Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a more strenuous process. Then it doesn't have to be done, and then he can be rescued. "

by contrast, AED is more scientific and efficient.