I feel that Lin Shengbin's retribution is getting closer and closer.
I feel that Lin Shengbin's retribution is getting closer and closer.
Pay attention to going back and forth, so that others dare not take advantage of you casually.

yesterday, there was a news that he rushed to the top of Weibo without warning.

said that recently, some netizens searched on APP and stumbled upon:

Lin Shengbin successfully registered the trademark "Mr. Lin's cloakroom". The international classification covers 18 categories of leather goods.

moreover, of the 11 enterprises associated with Lin Shengbin, 6 still exist.

there are two of them, Lin Shengbin still serves as legal representative.

the reason for saying "no warning" is that the time when Lin Shengbin applied for the trademark "Mr. Lin's cloakroom" was June 22, 2021.

eight days later, on June 30, Lin Shengbin announced the news of remarriage and giving birth to a daughter, which immediately triggered the Internet tsunami.

another week later, Lin Shengbin announced:

"after dealing with this incident and its series of things, I will be out of public view. To bring everything back to peace. "

he spoke so sincerely.

he said he would turn his love for Xiaozhen and her children into eternity.

he said, "this love will not diminish at all because of the change of years, and my thoughts for them have never stopped." My love for them is even more indisputable. "

however, almost a year has passed.

period, not only did Lin Shengbin not terminate his trademark application, but his business territory was still there.

Lin Shengbin has never been "good-bye in rivers and lakes, and I will see you forever later."

Lin Shengbin has never been honest with his heart.

there is a detail worth pondering in the registration information of the trademark "Mr. Lin's cloakroom".

the "goods /services" item of the trademark is:

Animal skin; wallet; artificial leather case; backpack; leather rope; umbrella; walking stick; pet clothing; intestinal membrane for gold foil processing.

Lin Shengbin should not only be based on the traditional clothing industry, but also actively register trademarks, enter other fields, and make the commercial coverage infinitely larger.

it turned out that even if he had a premonition that the human setting was about to collapse, he was still thinking about business.

such a move is really Lin Shengbin.

he is obviously secretly married and has a daughter, but he still pretends to be an affectionate person on the Internet, and his expression tolerates tenacity in the studio.

he obviously started a new life and indulged in it, but he wrote in Ching Ming Festival, "when I am busy with this life, I will come to see you", earning enough tears from netizens.

he clearly did not set up a public welfare fund, but he issued an announcement in his own store that 10% of the transaction volume would be used for public welfare.

countless netizens frequently patronized Lin Shengbin's shop in response to this goodwill.

until his fig leaf was taken down, he was still arguing about property with his ex-parents-in-law.

in the media reports, Lin Shengbin seems to be very sensitive to money.

when he heard about the division of property, he lost his temper on the spot and said angrily, "you want me to die?" Are you happy when I'm dead? "

figure: observatory

the mouth is full of justice and affection, and behind it is business.

this is Lin Shengbin now.

how did Lin Shengbin get to today step by step?

I don't think Lin Shengbin was hypocritical from the very beginning.

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Lin Shengbin's experience is very much like the story of a young dragon slayer transformed into an evil dragon.

his initial grief for the loss of his wife and children is real;

shortly after the fire, his anger and determination to defend his rights were real;

even the words he first wrote on Weibo, called "his wife and children are in heaven", are true.

he had been awake all night, his spirit was empty, and he felt that his life was hopeless.

at that time, Lin Shengbin was a complete victim.

but the wait and encouragement of countless netizens on Weibo gradually gave him confidence, and he was slowly coming out.

Lin Shengbin also felt the power of "flow" at zero distance for the first time.

he began to find that the image of affection and grief can bring him a lot of things.

so he deliberately maintained this image at all times and everywhere.

he then conceals part of the truth and reinforces part of the truth.

especially after reopening the online store and entering the live broadcast, the traffic brings endless business opportunities to Lin Shengbin.

in the face of readily available wealth, Lin Shengbin began to become split personality and distorted human nature.

on the one hand, he yearns for a new life and wants to remarry and have children;

on the other hand, he is reluctant to give up the "raging" business, so he can only continue to spend on his deceased wife and children.

but he also knows very well that the truth will be revealed one day.

frightened and uneasy.

but he has been caught up in this life of performing all day and can't extricate himself.

until all the secrets were slowly revealed.

once a young dragon slayer, he finally became a visible dragon.

he was pushed down from a height by everyone.

although I am unwilling, I can do nothing about it.

when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss stares at you.

Lin Shengbin in the past five years is actually two pieces of fate.

, he interprets the ultimate sadness of the fate of ordinary people.

No matter how good the years are, they may be suddenly broken.

an ordinary person may also experience the greatest sorrow and injury in his life.

A big house that you have worked so hard to get may be flooded by fire overnight.

those wives and children who are around every day can alsoCan be separated by heaven and man in an instant.

Lu Yu said in chance encounter:

"whoever it is has experienced or is experiencing the darkest moments of his or her own life.

that year, it was the darkest moment for ordinary Lin Shengbin, a tunnel he could not get out of for a long time.

, Lin Shengbin shows how a normal person is born in traffic and distorted in the process of flow.

this is also a process of inner distortion in normal people.

he probably just wanted to vent and record, so he opened Weibo.

but gradually, he found that traffic can not only cure himself, but also a business.

he is ready to move;

he began to make a lot of small moves.

later, he found that no one noticed the small movements, so he became more and more daring.

he creates false people;

he hides the truth;

he performed as much as he could.

moreover, with the resulting income increasing, his behavior broke the bottom line again and again.

he led the kind netizens to personally participate in this God-making movement, and tried his best to grab the benefits of it until it collapsed.

it turns out that people can really become demons without self-control, self-discipline and resistance to desire.

to be honest, I don't want to write this article anymore.

everyone is tired because he has talked too much about Lin Shengbin.

however, when I saw a netizen's message, I decided to write.

this is what the message says:

"I have been sad with this man behind my mobile phone for several years, and this is the worst time I have ever been blind."

there are too many netizens who shed tears for Lin Shengbin and regard him as the stranger who cares about him most.

then, I saw him routed step by step.

however, this does not mean that our kindness and gentleness are wrong.

the wrong payment by true feelings is never the fault of the person who gives.

it's just that each other has failed us and can't afford this heavy affection.

next time, we still have to be hot in our hearts and hand our hot hands to people who are worth it.

finally, let me conclude by quoting a highly liked comment on the Internet:

if Lin Shengbin's brand is established, everyone with a conscience will be responsible.

Lin Shengbin can't bear to be lonely and wants to come back.

but the Internet has memories.

every netizen can vote with his feet and angry voices.

although so far, Lin Shengbin has not been punished in a substantive sense.

but if he continues to struggle like this, retribution will certainly get closer and closer.

you know.

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