If the opposite sex does these things to you, it's not a good thing!
If the opposite sex does these things to you, it's not a good thing!
Smart people know how to protect their families.

when people reach middle age, they have families, children and responsibilities, and everyone is no exception.

to be a responsible middle-aged person, to protect our family, educate our children and raise our parents is the best thing we should do.

at this time, do not cause family conflicts and disputes because of cross-border contacts of a certain member of the opposite sex.

especially when the opposite sex has these three actions to you, be sure to stay awake, which is not a good thing.

looking for you every day

people who look for you every day are either people who value you, or people who are interested in you because of a moment of affection.

Don't be silly, reply to a person who is looking for you every day, especially with your back to your family, and don't contact him.

A lot of relationships are friends at first, but when they walk, they regard each other as an indispensable person in life.

slowly, I can't leave it, I can't let it go, and finally I make a mistake.

if there is a person looking for you every day, no matter how much you like him, don't talk to him.

is it not a sign of disrespect for someone who knows that you have a family and still comes to you every day?

know that it is disturbing, but also have to go their own way, for such people, wake up a little bit, to maintain the boundaries!

care too much about you

some members of the opposite sex care about your three meals a day, care about your mood, care about your family conflicts, care too much, but don't they interfere too much?

Don't let a member of the opposite sex interfere in your family affairs, which is easy to solve, but sometimes it complicates things because of his cross-border interference.

friends of the opposite sex, you can have contacts, but not too often;

you can care, but don't cross the line; you can have appreciation, but don't get excited.

Smart people know how to keep a distance from the opposite sex, do not cross the boundary, do not rely on, but more care, light acquaintance, but can be long-term.

care too much about your opposite sex, don't revel in the warmth he gives you, because it's not a harbor, it's more likely to be a ticking time bomb!

frequently hints at you

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some members of the opposite sex like you, although you have a family, they still keep hinting at you.

he shows his love for you by buying you gifts, by giving you red envelopes on special holidays, and by ambiguous terms for you.

Adult, to distinguish the other person's hint to you, if he implies that you are ambiguous, treat you differently, you must raise your guard and learn to draw a clear line.

show your happiness now, refuse each other politely, and don't keep in touch with each other out of face.

Smart people know how to maintain their families.

will never disturb the happiness of his family because of an outsider, no matter how much favor he has!