If the pattern is bigger, the temper will be smaller.
If the pattern is bigger, the temper will be smaller.
When you are big, your mood will be better and your temper will be less.

A person with a bad temper is narrow-minded and wants to fight back immediately when something happens, so he can't hide a big plan in his chest.

there is no need for big plans for small things, but big things must be calm and calm, and you can't do it without a good temper.

in the words of the writer he Quanfeng:

"when you have more magnanimity, you complain less; when you broaden your mind, the road becomes wider; if the pattern is big enough, the problem disappears."

as the old saying goes, people are slightly irritable.

the more incompetent people are, the more likely they are to lose their temper.

the reason why people feel pain and can't control their temper is often because the pattern is too small.

the media personality always accompanied the boss to see the client. At the appointed time, everyone arrived, but there was no sign of the customer.

it turns out that when the customer was parking in the parking lot, he had an argument with someone, which delayed the time.

at that time, he parked his car between two cars, and there was a slight inconvenience when he got off, so he couldn't help muttering a few words.

unexpectedly, someone in the car on the left heard him murmur, rolled down the window and said a few words back.

this completely infuriated the client, and the two men cursed for a long time in the parking lot and almost started.

after listening to him, the people present persuaded each other and relieved him to calm down. When the customer's anger subsided, the two sides began to talk about the project and reached a consensus on preliminary cooperation.

but when it comes to signing the contract, the customer insists on not giving in an inch of terms that both parties can compromise.

General Manager GE went to consult the boss, and the boss terminated the cooperation immediately after hearing this:

"the last time he had dinner, he could argue with people even if he parked his car, indicating that the pattern was too small and the terms would not be compromised. Even if we compromise this time, it will be difficult to discuss with him if there are minor problems in the process of the project. "

in this way, General Manager GE's company gave up the cooperation and the customer chose another company.

as a result, not long after the cooperation between the two sides, the news of falling out over trifles spread in the industry.

people with insufficient patterns can easily ignite their anger with trifles.

people with a broad mind can control their emotions no matter how big they are, let alone worry about trifles.

as Yu Qiuyu said, as long as the pattern of human life is large, it will not sink in trivial decorations.

Zhou Guoping once said a phenomenon: most successful people do not lose their temper over trifles.

because their time is very valuable, entangling with trifles means that they will lose more opportunities to make money.

being able to hold your temper is the best choice to be made after rational balance.

people often say "pattern", the character is personality, the bureau is magnanimous and broad-minded.

the bigger the mind, the bigger the pattern; the bigger the pattern, the smaller the temper.

in life, many people always get angry because of other people's little mistakes and one or two unpleasant words.

and people with a really big pattern have the magnanimity to tolerate people.

when Cao Dewang was young, he walked out of his hometown and was bullied by the villagers.

but after he succeeded in starting a business, he insisted on spending NT $500000 every year on building ancestral halls, roads, and nursing homes for his hometown. The people who beat him were old, and he invited them to settle down in a nursing home regardless of past grievances.

when someone came to apologize with guilt, Cao Dewang replied faintly:

"I thank you, too. Without your punches, I wouldn't have run out, and I wouldn't be where I am today, so I'd be just like you now."

when Mo Yan first showed his edge in the literary world, he was mercilessly criticized by the critic Wang Gan.

later, when the two ran into each other at Lu Xun School of Literature, Wang Gan thought of the article that had criticized Mo Yan and wanted to avoid it.

Mo Yan took the initiative to come over and say, "I have read your article, and it is well written."

all my friends said that I had been criticized, but in my opinion, it was mainly praise. "

he Quanfeng wrote in his book pattern:

"whether it's insults, criticisms, attacks, gains or losses, success or failure, to an open-minded person, his heart is like a big lake. If you throw in a torch, it will soon go out; if you throw in a bag of salt, it will soon be diluted."

it is true. No one can block the voice of the outside world, and can not avoid the harm of the world.

you can only feed the big pattern if you swallow the grievances.

when you can ride a boat, everyone you meet is your ferryman.

Li Rose, a psychologist at Stanford University, did an experiment:

Ross made a sign with an awkward sentence: "Welcome to the fool's restaurant."

he asked 80 college students for advice and asked if they were willing to walk around the campus with the sign on their back.

as a result, those students who are willing to do this think that other students will also be willing to do so.

those students who are unwilling to do so think that other students will certainly not do so either.

the greatest stupidity of people is that they like to project their likes and dislikes onto others.

once you find that the other person is different from what you expected, you will be very disappointed and even furious.

however, the reality is that everyone's growth environment and philosophy of life are different, and you can never force others to agree with you.

the larger the pattern, the more you can respect differences.

meet people who are completely contrary to their own views and preferences, accept and respect more, rather than anger andEntangled.

once upon a time there was a king who encountered such a difficult problem:

there is a line on the wall that requires how to make the line thinner without touching it.

the king offered a huge reward for solving the problem, but the days went by and no one was able to crack it.

until one day, an eminent monk came and drew a thick line beside the line and left.

it suddenly dawned on everyone that under the contrast of thick lines, the previous lines appeared to be even thinner.

thick lines represent your pattern, and thin lines represent the trivialities and broken things you encounter in life.

when you are bigger, your mood will be better and your temper will be less.

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