If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.
If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.
Cherish all the unexpected encounters, look down on all those who leave without saying goodbye.

No matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life. It is no accident that he will teach you something.

I believe that wherever we go, it is the place to go, to experience something we should experience, to meet some people we should meet.

after much experience, you will understand that the relationship between people should not be overestimated.

after watching the cold and warm, you will understand that some people appear just to let you grow up.

when people are at a low ebb, they can see the hearts of the people best

which moment has made you feel cold in the world?

my answer is this:


when you are in the darkest moment of your life, the people around you look on coldly.


netizen judy is a small boss of a foreign trade company in Guangzhou. It took her seven years to turn a small workshop into a foreign trade company that is beginning to take shape.

when business was good a few years ago, the company had a steady stream of orders, and she had hundreds of employees under her hands.

the old classmates who haven't been in touch for a long time have come to get acquainted with her. Some people send her tea, others send her specialties.

and those who are "enthusiastic" to her, she has not treated them badly.

judy offers job opportunities to relatives of classmates and lends money to relatives to build houses.

later, affected by the epidemic, the incoming goods could not be sold. After six months and six months, the situation still did not improve. Judy's company went bankrupt, and she had to sell her house to pay her debts.

she went back to her hometown and wanted to open a small shop and start a new business. Judy called to ask several classmates from his hometown to come out, but he was turned down one by one.

everyone knew that she was heavily in debt, and she was afraid that judy would borrow money, so she found an excuse to refuse.

some people say that only when you are in trouble can you really see a person clearly.

when you are proud, your friends get to know you, and when you are in trouble, you meet your friends again.

gambling king Stanley Ho, whose father ran into huge debts because of his business when he was young, failed and fled to Vietnam, leaving him and his mother in Hong Kong.

on one occasion, Stanley Ho went to a relative's clinic to see his teeth because of a toothache.

when his father's business was booming, the relative often graciously examined his teeth.

but in the face of Stanley Ho, who was in the middle of his family, his relatives just looked at him coldly, raised their legs and said:

"if you don't have any money, if you don't have any teeth, just pull them out."

Yang Jiang once said:

when you are in a high position, all you see are flashy dreams, and when you are humble, you have a chance to see the truth of the world.

it makes me sad to read it, but it also tells the truth of the world.

when you are at a low ebb, you can best see the warmth and coolness of human feelings.

some people take the initiative to reach out and hand you an umbrella on a sunny day.

but when it rained, he went away with an umbrella without saying a word.

time knows people, but difficulties know hearts

received a private message from a girl:

Nothing would do you more favor than long bridesmaid dresses. We have a huge selection of silhouettes and styles for every taste!

for special family reasons, girls seldom feel loved from childhood to adult.

21, she fell in love and gave her boyfriend with all her heart.

the boy will also say a lot of nice words to her, promising to live a good life with her and marry her in the future.

later, the boy resigned, and he took the opportunity to ask the girl again and again for money and asked her to buy things and transfer money for himself.

the girl was finally overwhelmed. When she questioned the boy's feelings for her, the normally gentle person suddenly changed his face:

"I quit my job to wait on you at home. Shouldn't you pay?"

the girl realized that the boy had been treating her like a cash machine.

because of these experiences, the girl once fell into self-doubt.

once trusted boyfriend, but has been using themselves, she does not understand, that promised to marry her, she also decided to accompany him for life, why is it such a person in the end?

there is a saying: "

time never lies, it tells the truth.


some people are so kind to you when they first meet that they make you think that they give you all the tenderness of the world.

but after a long time and more experience, you will gradually find that he is just wearing a mask of hypocrisy.

his departure and indifference break your heart and even doubt yourself.

but you know what?

who doesn't love several wrong people and get hurt several times before he grows up and slowly knows what the love he wants looks like.

also gradually understand what kind of people deserve their deep love.

you don't have to deny yourself, nor should you blame yourself.

the appearance of some people will bring you warmth and emotion.

and some people appear just to teach you how to distinguish between true feelings and hypocrisy, and how to grow up.

like the girl in the story, she later said:

"mistakes are not terrible, what is terrible is the softness of making mistakes again and again."

I also hope that people who have been hurt in love will understand:

it's not terrible to love the wrong person. The terrible thing is to put yourself in a predicament and can't get out.

May you have the determination to say goodbye to the past and the courage to move forward bravely.

things are not forced, people are not forced to stay

someone said, "

protuberanceThe enthusiasm and inexplicable indifference are unbearable.


at a certain age, someone will suddenly disappear into your world.

friends who used to talk about everything are gradually washed away by the moving life.

the lover who once knew the cold and the hot did not accompany you to the end.

you must have treated some people with a heart, but in the end you didn't get the same response.

but they also let you know that don't force friendships that don't agree with each other; if you don't respond, stop your losses in time.

in the TV series "settling down", the real estate agent room is like brocade everywhere to take care of Ning Xin's mother and daughter who "feel sorry for each other" with themselves.

when she bought a house for Ning Xin, she not only didn't earn her money, but also took out her own money to help her.

Ning Xin has no time to look after the children, so Fang Yijin takes her place to help her daughter hold a parent-teacher meeting, help her pick up her children from school, and occasionally cook delicious food for her daughter.

but the kind room looks like brocade not only did not get the reward and gratitude, but was met with Ning Xin's evil words.

when she finally helped Ning Xin sell her original house without too much hard work and trouble, Ning Xin jumped the order and traded privately with the buyer, putting the room like brocade in an awkward position.

in life, you are bound to meet such people.

you treat him well from the bottom of your heart and treat him as an important person in your life, but he is full of eyes and only has his own interests.

you give your heart to him, but he treats you as dispensable.

slowly you will understand:

if some people are not nice to you, they can be nice to you.

you don't have to feel sorry for those who happen to appear in your life and don't stay too long.

A person's life is like a car, driving from the beginning to the end.

there are people coming up and going down the road; some are walking together, some are waving goodbye.

people come and go, in fact, is the normal state of life.

those who can go on all the time, remember to hold each other's hands and cherish them.

for those who say goodbye halfway, we are powerless to retain them. When it comes to the fork in the road, just say goodbye gently.

because the relationship between adults never depends on the deliberate maintenance of one person, but on the tacit proximity of two people.

I have seen a classic saying that goes like this:

when you are hungry, some people will give you half of the steamed bread. This is friendship.

some people will give you steamed bread to eat first, this is love;

some people will give you all the steamed bread. This is kinship.

some people will hide steamed buns and tell you that they are hungry, too. This is society.

you always have to go through something to see some people clearly.

Don't feel sad about the sincerity of the wrong payment, no matter how you look at it, it is the person who loses it.

for those who leave, do not feel sorry, life comes and goes, not everyone has the determination to accompany you to the end.

what we can do is to cherish all the unexpected encounters and despise all those who leave without saying goodbye.

, may you and I both have such free and easy.