If you don't manage your emotions, all health care is futile.
If you don't manage your emotions, all health care is futile.
Life is a long journey, and managing your emotions is the first step towards stability.

Nature published a set of experiments in which researchers stimulated the emotions of mice by making noise and changing temperatures.

the results show that the emotional mice will have all kinds of bad reactions.

from this experiment, we can see that emotion and health are closely related.

at present, everyone is swimming hard for life, but compared with physical pain, emotional pain is often ignored.

but in fact, pessimism and negativity is like a blunt knife that kills one's health and morale by sawing back and forth until life falls into a rift that cannot be healed.

Life is a long journey, and managing your emotions is the first step towards stability.

I have heard a sentence that is very profound:

"A lost soul can kill you quickly, much faster than a virus."

according to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there are more than 200 emotion-related diseases.

in other words, all health care is futile if you don't know how to regulate emotions.

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I have seen the writer Graham's sharing in a TED speech.

after he became famous, he bought himself a 600-square-foot mansion with all the equipment built to the top standard.

when it's hot, he can jump into the backyard pool; when he's tired, he can lie down in a comfortable steam tub.

the best conditioner and masseuse in America is on call.

Graham thought that with such conditions, life would naturally be healthy and carefree.

until a period of time later, he could not conceive a satisfactory plot of the novel, and his whole body and mind fell into a state of irritability.

even though he has been living in a mansion, he begins to lose sleep and lose his hair, and even gets dizzy while driving.

he couldn't help remembering that he had suffered a lot before he became famous, whether he was studying or traveling alone.

but at that time, even if I had nothing, my health was not as bad as it is now.

then he realized that what he really needed was not luxurious material conditions, but an once carefree life.

there is a mindfulness therapy in psychology.

the so-called mindfulness, as Kabakin, the father of decompression, said:

"live in the present with a non-critical attitude, break free from the shackles of emotion, and guide yourself to think in a positive direction."

people who come from my healing with mindfulness therapy are not free from troubles.

thus in the state of peace of mind, unload the superfluous anxiety, awaken the inner strength, and always maintain the best state of body and mind.

Master Sheng Yan said, "if there is no anger, there will be no disaster, and a broad heart will prolong itself."

the best state of life is when positive emotions outweigh negative emotions.

learn to take good care of your heart and not be easily enslaved by emotions, so that you can laugh at the ups and downs of life in a full state.

there is such a story in Hanshu.

Jia Yi followed King Liang Huai into the dynasty, while King Liang Huai accidentally fell off his horse and died while hunting with his ministers.

after hearing the news, Jia Yi thought that as Taifu, he had not done his duty to protect King Liang Huai, and could not help but feel guilty.

from then on, he shut himself at home, washed his face with tears every day, and immersed himself in the pain of remorse and melancholy.

in less than half a year, Jia Yi had white hair and was so thin that he could not even fasten his belt.

even if you take two steps in the courtyard, you have to be supported by a servant.

the emperor valued Jia Yi's talent and hastened to find the best doctor in the capital to recuperate Jia Yi's body.

but whenever his condition gets better, Jia Yi will think of Liang Huaiwang, and then he can't help crying, and his condition will worsen again.

Jia Yi's illness was repeated in a lost mood, and he finally died of melancholy at the age of 33.

you may think that it is too unthinkable for a man in the prime of life to die young just because he is depressed.

but in fact, many celebrities in history have the same ending as Jia Yi, that is, "melancholy and end".

and from history to the present, every "melancholy" reminds us:

keeping a good mood can really save lives.

in traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that

"anger hurts the liver, pain hurts the lung, thinking hurts the spleen, and fear hurts the kidney."

excessively intense and repressed emotions will directly damage visceral function, cause low immunity, and eventually make people sick.

Internal emotions can determine the quality of life more than external stress.

A person who is emotionally stable, even if he is exhausted, wakes up to another day full of fighting spirit.

but if you are constantly held back by negative emotions, you will allow a small thing to mess up your life.

Professor Zeng Shiqiang once said:

"if the injury is inevitable, what we can do is to avoid letting our emotions cause secondary harm to us."

one should adjust one's mood in this life, whether it is prosperity or adversity.

only when you are emotionally stable can you come up with a solution and your life can develop for the better.

John Milton once said:

"A man is better than a king if he can control his passions, desires and fears."

unpleasant things in the worldNine times out of ten, learn to manage emotions, and you are more than 90% of people.

3 suggestions to help you become the master of your emotions.

stay away from bad people and things, and keep a good mood

read a cartoon.

A man jumped into the quagmire angrily and got into a fight with a pig who angered himself.

the results can be imagined.

people didn't solve any problems except getting into smelly mud, while pigs happily continued to roll in the quagmire.

stay away from bad people and spend more time with positive people, which is the greatest accomplishment for yourself.

transfer negative emotions and stop internal friction

Susan, a professor of psychology at Yale University, takes a pamphlet with her wherever she goes.

every time she met someone who was deliberately looking for fault, she immediately opened the pamphlet and left calmly.

my friend thought that the secret of emotional stability was remembered in the pamphlet, but when he opened it, he found that it was an urgent thing to do that day.

she said in her speech:

"when you realize that you have so much to do, you don't have time to argue with boring people."

We have no obligation to change others, but we are only responsible for ourselves.

when you encounter unpleasant things, instead of endlessly entangling them, it is better to shift your energy to things that you can change.

when you crush your emotions into meaningful busyness, the people or things that have annoyed you will become insignificant in the face of accumulated achievements.

Don't be an emotional trash can, vent properly

"emotional self-control" mentions a "law of emotional conservation".

means that daily joys and sorrows can only be transformed into each other and will not dissipate out of thin air.

compared to what to put in the heart, know how to dispel the bad mood in the heart, so that you will not be exhausted.

in this era of more and more emphasis on speed, it is all the more necessary for us to stop occasionally and set aside a period of time for ourselves to sort out our hearts.

set aside 5 to 10 minutes a day to sit at the window and meditate, slowly releasing the blocks that have accumulated in your heart.

or find a friend outside the circle and spit out your recent troubles.

writer Wu Jun once said:

"emotions have no weight, but they can be a person's heaviest burden."

for this reason, only when we empty ourselves can we travel light and deal with the present with a more positive and rational attitude.

in the adult world, there is no easy word.

but the more difficult it is, the more the body and mind should stop internal friction and be consistent with the external.

as Shen Congwen said:

"the necessity of my character is to deal with any difficulties, always accept it in silence, neither discouraging nor moaning."

but no matter what you encounter, you can control your emotions and keep your body and mind in a healthy and full state through positive guidance.

even if you are at a low ebb, as long as you are not defeated by emotion, you will find that wherever you go is uphill.

, may you be at ease and take a look at the tenderness of the years in this fickle world.