If you have the right mindset, life will go well.
If you have the right mindset, life will go well.
What kind of mentality you have, what kind of life you have.

how to live a good life is a problem that bothers many people.

especially in the face of the increasingly serious horizontal contrast in modern society, anxiety, weakness and tiredness have become a common problem of a generation.

want too much, get too little, desire too much, limited ability, has also become a lot of people do not understand self-mockery.

Mr. Ji Xianlin, a master of Sinology, provided four kinds of life wisdom to the confused world:

"be at ease, know loneliness, remember the first mind, and be open-minded."

he said that in this complex world, these are the four abilities that are necessary to live a good life.

how to understand it, we might as well find out together.

get at ease

perhaps the most difficult thing in one's life is to find inner peace.

some people want a perfect self, some people want a perfect partner.

but fate is not always what you want. the more you want it, the more you can't get it; the more you want to catch it, the more you can't catch it.

accept this, and then live at your own pace, you may be able to get inner freedom and peace.

Jiang Wen is like this.

some people say that Jiang Wen is very artistic and can go back to history and express himself.

some people also say that Jiang Wen is no good. People can't understand what he's filmed, and he just makes things mysterious.

Jiang Wen, who used to be sad, sighed and said, "well, the audience doesn't like me again. It's really hard to serve."

but now he is calm, calmly revealing: "every expression is actually a misreading."

he found that the film was made to be examined by everyone, and some people approved it, others questioned it.

and all he needs to do is to present his thinking about life in the present moment in the best way possible.

accept that he is not perfect, but also accept the "misreading" of himself by others, which makes him calm and at ease.

in fact, the so-called freedom is to reduce a little unnecessary desire and increase a little freedom to do whatever you want.

in this life, if you stare at others all day, you will forget the direction you really want.

if you patronize to get recognition and praise, you will be afraid of your hands and feet, and nothing can be done.

only by generously accepting your own imperfections and calmly accepting the imperfections of the world can you be truly at ease.

as some netizens said:

"A good life is a cicada hanging from a tree, singing its own songs non-stop to autumn.

it doesn't care whether other people's ears are listening or not, it doesn't perform to cater to other people's applause. "

know loneliness

in this life, when you come, you are alone. When you leave, you are still alone.

even if you have two or three bosom friends, even if you have a loved one, you still need to be alone most of the time.

if you don't have the ability to be alone, it's hard to live a good life.

knowing loneliness is an indispensable wisdom in life.

when he was a student at Peking University, Xichuan met Haizi and Luo Yihe.

because of their love of poetry, the three young people naturally came together;

at that time, they talked about poetry and became bosom friends with each other.

however, in the spring of 1989, Haizi committed suicide by lying on the track, and Luo Yihe died of a cerebral infarction at the turn of spring and summer in the same year.

at this time, Nishikawa was a little desperate.

when he doesn't write a poem, he feels uncomfortable from the bottom of his heart; when he writes a poem, he can't find anyone to share.

even if a work was published, the voice he heard was: "isn't this man just hot with Haizi?"

when he was older, he was calm.

he understood that loneliness is the normal state of life.

people seem to be seeking the understanding of others all their lives, but more importantly, they are seeking self-reconciliation.

loneliness is a required course in life.

there is no need to feel shameful or uncomfortable.

accept our differences calmly, seize the time alone, and constantly improve ourselves, is the most important thing we should pay attention to.

perhaps, only when one has mastered loneliness can one control life.

remember the first heart

when we were young, we always lived a hot life with a bright vision for the future.

but as you walk, you will encounter all kinds of problems and temptations, which will inevitably erase your original heart.

in the TV series "Please give more advice for the rest of my Life", Gu Wei is a doctor in the department of gastroenterology.

he comes from a medical family, and his ideal since childhood was to save lives and heal the sick.

but once, he was suspended by the hospital.

one day, a young boy came to the hospital with abdominal pain.

after diagnosis, if the operation is not performed at the first time, the patient's life will be at stake.

it's just that I can't get in touch with my family at this time.

with the consent of the medical office, Gu Wei operated on the patient without the informed consent form signed by the patient's family.

however, after the operation, the boy's parents came.

and has been holding on to the unsigned consent form, so that Gu Wei can only be temporarily suspended.

at that moment, Gu Wei's faith collapsed.

for a moment, he was confused about why he wanted to be this doctor.

later, he fled to the place where he volunteered when he was a student.

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after staying for a period of time, he slowly remembered that his original intention to become a doctor was simply to save people.

so stick to it even if it is misunderstood.

Chen Meng once said, "Don't go too far and forget why you started."

this is because all one's life:

the mountain to climb is much steeper than you think, and the difficulties you encounter are much harder than you think.

when we are at a loss, when we are tired, there is only one thing that can support us to move forward, and that is the original heart.

remember our ideals in life so that we can have the courage to move on when the road becomes difficult.

as the saying goes: do not forget the original ideals and aspirations in order to complete the mission.

be open-minded

the puzzles and problems of life are always one after another, and the unsatisfactory ones on the road are always wave after wave.

learn to be open-minded, look down, look down, and keep an open mind, so that you can walk better and better on the road of life.

an old man I know is 93 years old this year.

when young people are shouting about backache, he is still in good health.

to ask the reason, it must be that the Don has a good state of mind.

No matter what happens, you can laugh it off.

for a time, there was a lot of disagreement among the children over who would take care of him.

he does not complain, but throws out his salary card, saying that whoever is responsible will give the money to whom.

not only settled the dispute, but also took it lightly.

for a while, the sanitation of the public area in his corridor is not very good.

several families push back and forth.

the Don smiled, took a mop and dragged it for three layers, and said, "take it as exercise every day."

embarrassed the neighbors, they arranged a duty list and began to clean.

in life, you will not only encounter difficult problems, but also need to deal with daily trifles.

Open-minded people are always able to adjust their mindset and deal with life in a relaxed and comfortable state.

when you learn to accept and adjust, there seems to be no trouble in the world.

Wang Zengqi once sighed: "there is love for everything in the world, and it is rare to be at ease."

from today, you might as well try to adjust your mindset so that you can pick it up and let it go, and make yourself more calm, magnanimous and open-minded.

Goethe said: "the happiness of people all lies in the happiness of the heart."

in the future, I hope you can be optimistic and magnanimous, and I hope you can:

Let the heart find a place to live, and let one party be at ease.

do not care too much about the eyes of others, and let yourself be alone.

No matter how far and difficult you go, you always remember your first intention.

Let the troubles of the world drift away with the wind and keep an open mind.

, may you wander in the warm spring flowers, and may you be careful to be alone in the snow and ice.