If you reply to your Wechat like this, please love deeply for the rest of your life.
If you reply to your Wechat like this, please love deeply for the rest of your life.
Cherish those who put your heart into it.

Night listening

there is a saying:

"there is a kind of sadness that it is only seconds for me to reply to your message, I am reincarnation for you, and what is even sadder than reincarnation is that I never return at all."

everyone may have experienced such an experience.

in the final analysis, the communication between people, attitude determines everything.

for those who are so hot and cold on Wechat that they can't read it back and forth, forget it.

you have to understand that people who don't care about your feelings don't have you at all.

as the saying goes, details can be seen in character, and trifles can be seen in the hearts of the people. how a person replies to your Wechat hides his sincerity to you.

you can see it in the small thing of replying to Wechat, who is worth knowing deeply for the rest of your life.

No matter how busy I am, I will take the time to get back to you

I have heard a sentence:

"Wechat can't represent everything, but a person doesn't care about you, Wechat can see best."

you will know who put you on the lookout and who can rest assured by posting a Wechat message.

the person who takes the initiative to contact you, no matter how busy he is, will take the time to reply to your message. There is no doubt that he really cares about you.

if you are not in my heart, who will respond to you over and over again?

share one little thing.

some time ago, there was an epidemic in Shenzhen, and I lived and worked alone.

I was quite scared at that time, so I sent messages to a few of my friends.

Twenty minutes later, no one replied to me, and I was very depressed.

an hour later, a lot of information popped up in the Wechat dialog box:

Sorry, the reply is late. I just finished the meeting.

I just finished my work, so I thought I'd give you a call after I was busy.

another friend is far abroad, ignoring jet lag and chattering with me for two hours.

they also sent me a lot of food for fear that I could not buy it.

there is a saying: "leisure, leisure, love are all idle." If there is love in the busy, it is the truth. "

it's really happy to have a few people who remember to reply to your message in the middle of their busy schedule.

in fact, I tried to contact some old classmates before, but the messages I sent were lost, and then I lost contact completely.

some friends are lost when they are lost. After all, true friends:

will not let you worry about gain or loss, will not discourage you, and will not deal with you in a few words.

you can't wake up a person pretending to be asleep. Sometimes no reply is the biggest reply. After all, silence means refusal.

the person who often doesn't reply to your Wechat is not worth your deep acquaintance.

if you can't wait for the enthusiasm to respond, learn to stop.

Weibo has a topic:

at which moment do you think you can no longer be friends with someone?

the answer to the heart prick is--

used to share recent news, movies, entertainment gossip and playlists with others.

but always get a reply like this:

"I have seen it."

"I have heard of it."


was supposed to take advantage of fun to share happiness, but returned with disappointment and frustration, and lost the desire to share over time.

netizen Ruth blocked a good friend, not because of any big deal.

Ruth traveled to Yunnan and shared the photos to her moments.

unexpectedly, I was teased by my friends:

"I went there several years ago."

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"figure P is too fake."

"the hotel environment is mediocre."

this friend's comments are not pleasant every time, and he likes to "throw cold water", which will make people full of enthusiasm and pour it into nothing.

people who can't talk and love to spoil the fun really want to block up every minute.

people who are worthy of deep acquaintance must be virtuous in their mouth and do not spoil the fun of others.

all the desires of expression in the world want to be treated gently.

We need a friend who dares to tell the truth, but that doesn't mean he can hurt people openly.

when you enthusiastically recommend a movie, the other person replies "bad movie".

when you happily share happy things, the other person replies "boring".

No matter how good the relationship is, there will be estrangement, and no matter how warm the heart will be.

if the speed at which a person replies to your Wechat represents the weight of you in his heart. Then the content of the reply can judge whether this person is worthy of deep acquaintance.

the person who cares about you and will take care of your emotions is the most reassuring.

Wechat chat doesn't need speaking skills, just make others feel considerate from your conversation.

so, when you can have a good chat, don't always reply "mm-hmm".

of all the decent responses, please choose the softest one.

doing things reliably, everything will give you a response

in your Wechat chat, there may have been these two concluding remarks:

"have dinner together next time."

"keep in touch."

the reality is:

you can never eat, and then you have no contact with each other.

We all understand the implication of such polite words among adults:

Let's just be polite.Don't take it personally.

but a friend who is really worth dating is a man of his word.

listeners often listen to backstage messages at night:

what kind of people deserve deep acquaintance?

I think it's all about doing more than saying.

some listeners left messages and asked: how can a relationship last?

in fact, it means that one person cares, one person is serious, and both people can do what they say.

it's like inadvertently saying to a good friend that I want to eat Spicy Salted Duck.

reply from my friend, send it to you! Three days later, I received the letter Spicy Salted Duck from him.

on Wechat, people who mean what they say are actually people who are reliable.

Friendship is like this, love is the same, reliable, not only stay in Wechat, but also have action.

what is reliable in a relationship? As the saying goes:

"entrust your heart to the other person, and then trust him or her not to break it."

it is reliable that when you hear me coming home, you will stand in the door and greet each other with a smile instead of sitting by and browsing your phone.

reliable is to give back every love you give.

the one who responds to you seriously is the one who is really worth dating.

it is very practical to get along with such a person.

people who are really worthy of deep acquaintance, you must have this feeling:

they are busy and concerned about each other,

never get tired of spending a long time, never get tired of gossiping, never snub.

there is a saying: "A relationship can not have the same return, but there must be a sincere response."

We don't want much for the communication between people, just a little tenderness and some considerate greetings.

I prefer someone to walk with me with a lantern rather than walking alone in the dark.

I expect someone to be willing to listen rather than become mature in constant tribulations.

I prefer to cherish it in exchange for giving without regard for return.

No matter how the years change, no matter how fast the society changes, I can hold some people's hands.

We all yearn for a sincerity and a special.

years go by in the twinkling of an eye, and we should devote our enthusiasm to those who really care about you.

cherish those who put your heart into it.

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