I'm Mr. Li, and I witnessed the Jedi fight back after that girl was publicly humiliated.
I'm Mr. Li, and I witnessed the Jedi fight back after that girl was publicly humiliated.
All the suffering, only through it, will become a joke.



it is often said: what kind of teacher, it is enough to meet one in a lifetime.

as a teacher, I also want to say: "in my teaching career, I have not wasted my life to meet a child like Li Hui."


when she first took over Li Hui, she was a headache student.

never hand in homework, fail in all subjects, and sleep in all classes except PE.

every time she talked to her, she neither contradicted nor said a word, staring at her toes from beginning to end.

if I hadn't known that she could talk, I really suspected that she was mute.

when I decided to contact her parents for a home visit, I found that her parents' phone numbers were empty in the home-school address book.

one Saturday, I looked for the address in my address book, but no one opened the door at home.

I knocked on my neighbor's door again and found out that Li Hui was such a poor child.


when she was in the third grade, her parents, who were originally in business, suffered investment fraud and owed nearly NT $3 million in debt.

for a while, the family's house was auctioned, and the family of three had to move to this 50-square-meter two-bedroom to live with Grandma Li Hui.

in the face of a huge blow, Li Hui's mother suffered from severe depression, and her grandmother got angry and died.

when Li Hui was in the fifth grade, her father mercilessly divorced her mother and went far away.

Li Hui has to go to school and take care of her emotionally unstable mother.

neighbors said that for a time, Li Huima often fell ill at night, scolding and throwing things out of the window with the window open.

the neighbor disturbed the police. In front of the police, Li Hui was frightened for fear that the police would take her mother away. She apologized to her neighbors and promised that her mother would never disturb the people at night again.

after that, she took her out for a walk on time when her mother was ill at about 08:30 every evening.

according to neighbors, sometimes they stroll back until the middle of the night: "the child is a good boy, but his life is bad!"


I was shocked to hear this.

that day, I waited until five o'clock in the afternoon to see Li Hui leading her mother back.

she leads her mother in her left hand and a big black bag in her right hand.

when Li Hui saw me, she was surprised and resisted. She had no intention of inviting me into the house, and instinctively tried to hide the black bag behind her.

I instantly guessed from the sound of the collision of that object that it was supposed to contain all kinds of paper shells and beverage bottles.

although I took the initiative to introduce myself to Li Hui's mother as Li Hui's class director, she was very indifferent and had no intention of talking to me.

in the end, I broke the silence:

"Li Hui, the teacher knows something about your family. Today, the teacher just wants to say a word to you. If you need any help, I will be here at any time. "

with that, I left with a bit of reluctance.

after about a few seconds, I heard Li Hui shout, "Miss Li."... "

I turned around with a bit of a surprise, and she said to me, "I hope you can keep it a secret about our family!"


after my home visit, I have been watching Li Hui silently.

she has a big change, that is, she doesn't sleep in my Chinese class.

even if I nodded when I was sleepy, I still pinched myself desperately when I woke up.

I saw some kind of righteousness in her little act.

for her, not sleeping in my class is the greatest respect she can give me.

Yes, at that moment, I felt respect and some strength in her heart.


when I did statistics for the first time, I found that Li Hui did not order lunch.

that is to say, she has never had lunch since the beginning of school for a month.

so, starting from the second month, I helped her deposit money into her card in the hope that she could at least have a full meal at noon.

to my surprise, when the Life Committee handed out the box lunch to her, she quickly realized that I had paid for her lunch.

I was so distressed that I said to her:

"Li Hui, you are still a child, you know, this money is really nothing to the teacher."

she looked at me and stubbornly put the envelope in my hand.

I couldn't help asking her, "where did all this money come from?"

she said: "Sell the phone he left me. "

it was not until that day that I learned that the "he" in Li Hui's mouth was her father.

before abandoning his wife and daughter, he bought Li Hui a cell phone with what little money he had left in his pocket and said to her, "when Dad is ready, I'll call you."

however, nearly four years have passed and Li Hui has never received a phone call.

"sell it, just pretend I don't have him."

she not only sold the mobile phone her father gave her, but also cut off her final dependence and expectation on him.

if you can, who doesn't want to have a branch to follow, especially at such an age when parents are supposed to take care of them?


that day, I tried to persuade Li Hui to accept my help, and even jokingly said to her, "teacher, this is an investment. In the future, when you have money, you will return it to me with interest."

but she disagreed.

I had no choice but to ask her, "can you tell me what you and your mother do for a living?"

she bowed her head and clutched the corners of her clothes with both hands.

"do you take your mother for a walk and pick up waste at night?" I expressed my guess and looked forward to her giving me a negative answer.

but she nodded and felt relieved after being exposed, and even said to me with some comfort, "walk later at night and pick up more, and when my mother is tired, she will sleep well and stay out of trouble."

to be honest, one more word with her, I can lose control in front of her on the spot.

she is only 13 years old and is about to support a family.

moreover, he refuses other people's help.

that day, before saying goodbye to me, she bowed to me and said, "Thank you, teacher, for your concern and help."

but what have I done for her? What can I do for her?


in order to get Li Hui to properly accept help and free her from the responsibility of supporting her family, I went to her community, hoping to help her apply for a minimum living standard.

however, the community also said that it was very helpless. There were very strict and detailed regulations on the minimum living standard, and the conditions of Li Hui's family did not meet. They applied many times and were refuted.

they told me that in Li Hui's case, they also knew that mother and daughter were indeed pitiful, and all they could do was to send some rice flour oil and daily necessities during the holidays.

I ask the community staff that the money can be paid by me. They are only responsible for transferring the money to Li Hui's account every month.

however, community officials say this is not in line with the rules, in case something goes wrong, they can not bear the responsibility.

I came back without success.


on the school side, Li Hui's situation is going from bad to worse.

first, the teachers complained that she was a drag on the grades of the whole class.

later, in order to treat her, several teachers asked her to stand and listen in class every day.

but she is so tired that she often falls asleep standing up.

as a result, the criticism from the teachers is getting worse and worse.

I understand how teachers feel, but I, who know the truth, listen to those criticisms on pins and needles.

once, she was called out of the classroom by the visiting instructor, scolded in the corridor for more than ten minutes, and said:

"if you don't correct it, you will stand in the hallway for half an hour at noon every day. If you don't correct it, you will go to the middle of the playground."

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I couldn't listen any more. I impulsively pulled Li Hui back to the classroom and said to the instructor, "the students in my class, I will educate her well."

Yes, she doesn't have any umbrella anymore. As an insider, I can't stand idly by.


after school that day, I left Li Hui behind and had a difficult negotiation with her.

my offer is to support her living expenses of 1000 yuan a month and keep her secret, but she must promise me to study hard from now on.

I got even with her. Even if I barely survive until I graduate from junior high school and go out to make money, I will probably get enough food and clothing for the rest of my life.

however, studying hard, going to college, and then taking part in work, both income and cognition will go up to a higher level:

"you will also be more able to protect your rich self-esteem, and not only let your mother have food and clothing, but probably because of the increase in your knowledge, you can use professional knowledge to cure your mother's illness and let her live a good life."

I also made it clear to her that I did not give her 1000 yuan a month, but borrowed it. When she has the ability in the future, she must pay me back. I said I would let her make IOUs every time.

large tears flow out of Li Hui's eyes.

she asked me: "teacher, my father does not care about me, why do you still care about me?"

I hugged her in my arms and said, "Li Hui, because you deserve it, no matter what kind of person you become in the future, only from the point that you take care of your mother every day and refuse to let her suffer any grievances, you are the teacher's pride forever." So, the teacher can't stand those false criticisms of you. Can you understand? "

she cried and nodded and tearfully hooked with me.

in this way, Li Hui and I reached an agreement again, and we had a second secret.


it was the third month of the first year of junior high school.

after that, Li Hui was a different person.

in class, she never slept again, whether it was her major.He is still an associate subject, and he is the one who listens most carefully.

whether she is in class or self-study, she has never chatted with others and is always doing exercises.

once, I found a primary school textbook on her desk and asked her what was going on.

she told me that she hadn't studied much since the fourth grade, and she had to make up for all the lessons she had left behind.

this is a super ambitious child, as long as she decides to do, she will do her best.

composition is her weakness, so she borrows Fan documents from the school library, memorizes each composition, and then tries to copy it.

in the second semester of the second year of junior high school, her composition improved by leaps and bounds and even won a prize in the city's primary and secondary school composition contest.

her math is very poor, and her way to catch up is to work foolishly. She does the exercises in other people's books once, and she does them ten times, so that as soon as she sees the problem, she can write the process of solving the problem conditionally.

books, and the same is true of extracurricular exercises.

other people brush a volume, she brushes three books, others do it once or twice, she does it ten or twenty times.

I remember very clearly that when I taught the lesson "Yu Gong moves the Mountain", I asked the students to give an example of the Yu Gong they saw in life.

as a result, three students in the class all raised Li Hui.

I was worried that she would not come down from Taiwan, but she smiled brightly.

after class, I asked her, "do you mind if my classmates take you as an example?"

she said, "I don't mind. I'm not smart. What I can rely on is stupid kung fu and perseverance. I'm the comparison of a foolish man."

hearing this, I am filled with admiration from the bottom of my heart.


at the end of the first year of junior high school, Li Hui countdown from the beginning and counterattacked to the eighth place in the class, ranking 39 in grade.

result came out, I walked alone in the playground with her report card for a long time.

Yes, I can't hold back my tears.