In fact, there are only two words when a man meets true love.
In fact, there are only two words when a man meets true love.
On high, we'd be two lovebirds flying wing to wing.On earth, two trees with branches twined from spring to spring.





A psychologist once said:

"shallow love is difficult to judge, but true love is often recognized in a second.


to the depths of love, the palest thing is language.

the most direct way for a man who is sincere to you is to show his attitude to you.

it only takes two words to judge whether a man really loves you.

if it is true love, he must have these reactions.


Yuanyuan and her boyfriend Xiao Li met for the first time at a party organized by friends.

Yuanyuan was surprised because she thought it was rare for such a shy boy.

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later, when the party ended, she found that someone had added friends on Wechat and verified that it was Xiao Li's name.

and Xiao Li added Wechat, slowly, they were in the state of chatting every day.

Yuanyuan found that he can always give comfort and share happiness with himself when he is sad, and their hobbies are very much the same when they go out to parties.

so when Xiao Li confessed to her, Yuanyuan agreed without much thought.

until later, when she was chatting with a friend and Yuanyuan talked about being highly consistent with her boyfriend's interests and interests, the friend smiled and said, "there is no match made in heaven, but it's all his efforts."

my friend explained that Xiao Li approached her to ask Yuanyuan about her preferences in order to create a common topic with her.

it's just that Xiao Li is shy and seldom deals with girls. she thinks it's hard for Xiao Li to talk to Yuanyuan, but she didn't expect that Xiao Li persisted for so long, sending flowers and confessing in public, and catching up with people.

my friend asked Xiao Li how to get along with Yuanyuan, just like a different person.

she remembers Xiao Li's answer as follows:

"I like her, so I don't want to miss her. If I give up chasing her because of my timidity, I think I will regret for the rest of my life. My love gives me the courage to stick to it.


when she heard this, Yuanyuan was silent. She did not expect that her boyfriend had paid so much for her, which made her sure that she had found the right person.

now, Yuanyuan has become Mrs. Li, happy and happy, which is her best evaluation of life.

I have heard such a sentence:

"it's hard to love someone and that person doesn't love you, but what's even more painful is to love someone and never have the courage to tell him.


I think the best thing about love is this: because I love you, I am willing to overcome all difficulties to come to you.

because of love, even though I am timid and timid, I have the courage to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.

therefore, when you meet someone you are attracted to, you must have the courage to chase.

if you are afraid of failure, how can you have love? True love can make people brave.


my friend cried to me: he hasn't replied to my message all day.

I sighed, thought about the words, and then spoke to comfort her.

it's more comforting than persuading her to let herself go, because I can't count how many times I've heard similar words.

such as "he ignored me all day",

"We haven't seen each other for a long time",

"the company party wanted to go with him but was turned down".

I hear that almost every two or three days.

I can see that Xiao is really happy to be with him.

but after being with him, Xiao is no longer as cheerful as before, it is also true.

the novel boyfriend is just a little aloof, but he really likes her, otherwise he won't agree with her pursuit.

but is this really the case?

I beg to differ.

I have seen bad-tempered men restrain their temper and look at each other with grievance when facing their beloved wife.

have also seen silent men chatter about their daily lives to their loved ones.

in fact, it is not that they dare not resist, but because when facing the person they really love, all their thoughts are to make each other happy, so how do they want to quarrel with each other?

hundred steels are tempered to be soft around the fingers, but that's all.

therefore, I absolutely do not trust an aloof person, even in the face of the person I like, I can always ignore it.

if this is the case, it can only be said that this is not love.

after such a few times, Xiao still broke up with the other party.

until later, Xiao Xiao saw a boy and a girl walking together. The light and the gentle look in the boy's eyes were never seen when he was with her.

at that time, Xiao Xiao was really relieved.

I have heard such a sentence:

"Love can change a person's heart and make a person gentle."

I think people have all kinds of things, but no matter what they look likeOnly when you meet the person you like will you become gentle.

because you like her, there is no way to ignore her, and you can't ignore each other's feelings. Everything you do is to be nice to the other person.

in other words, the so-called tenderness is just your subconscious actions.

good love can make people gentle.


it has been almost eight years since I met A Hai in college.

remember that before, it may be because his family is rich, so he feels careless in everything he does.

I remember teasing him: "what can I do if I don't study hard and work hard?" He smiled and replied, "then you can go back and inherit the property."

later, when we graduated from college, we went to different places for development, so we seldom contacted each other.

until two days ago, I suddenly received the news that he was going to get married and invited me to the wedding.

I went to the invitation and saw him greeting the guests at the wedding.

I said hello and talked to him, and found that he was no longer the boy who didn't care about what he did.

now he is mature, stable, or can be on his own.

after the wedding, I had dinner with him. While catching up, I didn't forget to joke again: "do you still want to inherit the family business?"

he smiled, but the answer was no longer the same:

"I've seen too many of my wife's eyes on what she wants and is reluctant to buy, and it may be from then on that I decided to work hard and buy her whatever she wanted.

I used to have nothing, so I didn't care about anything, but now it's different. When I have someone I love, I have to be responsible for her.


because of love, he changed from a young boy to an upright man and learned how to be responsible for a person.

I agree with a sentence: the highest level of love is responsibility and effort.

to really love someone is not just words, but deeds.

maybe he can't give you the life you want now, but as long as he has been working hard for your family and will work hard for you, then you have gained the most sincere love, and it is only a matter of time before you live the life of your dreams.

becoming responsible and willing to work for you is the most direct way for a man to love you, because they don't want to see their loved ones suffer.

on the contrary, those who only talk and don't do anything must not really love you.

Advanced love gives people a sense of responsibility.

Yi Shu wrote in her two or three things:

so affectionate, but difficult to say. It turns out that if you really love someone, your heart will be sour, but you will be speechless.

how to really love someone is more important than how to say it.

because he loves you, he is willing to muster up the greatest courage to come to you and express his love to you;

because he loves you, he can put away all his bad temper and show you his gentlest side;

because he loves you, he can carry a heavy burden and work hard for you, for your family, just to let you live the life you want.

you can tell at a glance whether you love or not.

if a man is willing to do this to you, he must cherish it.

finally, I would like to use this poem to wish everyone can harvest such love:



Heaven is willing to be winged birds, and on the earth we are willing to never part and connect branches.