In life, choose the good and choose the gentleman.
In life, choose the good and choose the gentleman.
The only criterion for us to make friends is to choose the good and the gentleman.


as the old saying goes:

"if you enter the room of Zhi orchid and do not hear its fragrance, you will melt with it; if you enter the restaurant of abalone for a long time, if you do not smell it for a long time, you will melt with it."

it is true.

what kind of person you choose to associate with, you will become what you will become:

with those who have a good heart, bitter life can also be sweetened.

you can shine even if you make friends with the authentic;

if you make friends with a gentleman, life will be full of warmth and hope.

Life is not long, so it's really important to choose who to be with.

A friend with a good heart is as sweet as wine

goodness is not only the root but also the root.

the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said: "goodness is commendable, noble and praiseworthy."

if you have a bad heart, you must not hand it over.

during the warring States period, Sun Bin and Pang Juan studied the art of war under Gui Guzi.

as soon as they hit it off, they shared the same interests, and their feelings were as deep as siblings, so they swore to be brothers of the opposite sex.

later, when Pang Juan heard that the King of Wei recruited talents from all over the world, she bid farewell to her mentor and went down the mountain.

Sun Bin sent him off before leaving.

Pang Juan said to him, "if I can win the importance of the King of Wei this time, I will certainly recommend you to the King of Wei. Our brothers work together to assist the King of Wei and share the splendor and wealth!"

Sun Bin was so moved that the two left in tears.

after Pang Juan left, Ghost Guzi taught Sun Bin thirteen pieces of art of war that he had never taught before.

after he had achieved something in his studies, Sun Bin remembered what Pang Juan had said before he left, and decided to go there.

before leaving, Gui Guzi asked, "do you know why these thirteen articles on the art of war are only passed on to you?"

Sun Bin replied honestly, "the disciple does not know."

Gui Guzi shook his head and sighed: "Pang Juan is not kind and narrow-minded, and must not make deep acquaintances."

Sun Bin did not listen to advice and went to the State of Wei to join Pang Juan.

Pang Juan saw Sun Bin and treated him with great enthusiasm and courtesy on the surface, but she was afraid that Sun Bin would take his place one day, so she denounced Sun Bin for having an affair with Qi.

the King of Wei was so angry that he punished Sun Bin, tattooed Sun Bin's face and gouged out his kneecap.

later, Sun Bin learned the truth under the advice of Jia Ding, and he couldn't help crying up to the sky and sighing that he was careless in making friends!

how pathetic it is to lose a lifetime of freedom of movement because of carelessness in making friends.

I suddenly remembered what the British philosopher Russell said: "of all moral qualities, the nature of goodness is the most needed in the world."

with despicable people, life is full of intrigue, open guns and hidden arrows. If you don't pay attention, you will be black and blue.

for example, Sun Bin, who was supposed to have a successful life, was safe and happy, but lost his legs because he mistakenly trusted the despicable Pang Juan.

so, choose friends, kindness comes first.

socializing with kind people is like a spring breeze.

that's true. Kindness is one of the best virtues in the world.

to choose to be friends with kind people is to plant a piece of Fukuda of love for yourself:

if you hit rock bottom, he will try his best to pull you up;

if you go straight to Qingyun, he can sincerely bless you.

Friendship with a kind heart is as sweet as wine. The rest of your life is precious, please spend more time with kind-hearted people.

it is as clear as light to make friends with the authentic products

there is a saying circulating on the Internet: "liking a person begins with appearance, falling into talent, and being loyal to character."

people look at people, their eyes look at their external appearance, while their hearts look at their inner character.

years are like running water, the skin will rot, but the soul can be immortal.

therefore, to choose friends, character comes first.

there is such a fable:

A sheep was playing alone on the hillside when suddenly a wolf sprang out of the woods and pounced on the sheep.

the sheep jumped up, resisted desperately with his horns, and cried out to his friends for help.

the cow hid in the bushes, glanced in this direction, found that it was a wolf, and immediately ran away.

Ma looked here and found that it was a wolf and ran away.

as soon as the rabbit heard the sound of sheep's help, it left like an arrow.

only the dog far down the hill, after hearing the sheep's cry for help, rushed up the hill, bit the wolf by the neck, and finally drove the wolf away and saved the sheep.

and when the sheep gets home, his "friends" are here--

Niu said, "Why didn't you tell me?" I have such good horns that I can gouge out the wolf's intestines! "

the horse said, "my hooves are also very strong. I can kick a wolf in the head!"

the rabbit was even more excited and said, "I can run fast. I can send messages."

in this boastful group of "friends", there are only no dogs.

the same is true in life. A hundred high friends is not as good as a Pinzheng bosom friend.

people with good character are worthy of deep acquaintance for a lifetime.

you know, true friendship is not the change of cups and conversation when there is nothing to do, but the stand up and no turning back in times of crisis.

A man of good character, like a beam of light through a long night, can illuminate your lifeThe dark side of.

the product is not correct and cannot be handed in. People who are really worth interacting with are bound to have good conduct.

those who make friends with authentic products are as clear as light. The rest of your life is long, please spend more time with the right people.

when you make friends with a gentleman, Wen Shengyu

there is a saying in the Doctrine of the mean: "the friendship between gentlemen is never weary."

the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, but it can last for a long time.

although the friendship between people with humble personalities is strong, they put fame and wealth first. In good times, they wish to wear a pair of trousers, but once there is a conflict of interest, they immediately break the relationship and become enemies.

so, choose a friend, a gentleman is the best.

once read such a story in the book:

in the 4th century BC, in Italy, a young man named Pisas was about to be punished by criminal law.

Pisias is a dutiful son, and before he dies, he hopes to see his mother one last time.

the king granted him this request, but only on the condition that Pisias find someone to go to prison in his place.

but who would want to risk being beheaded to do such a stupid thing?

there is. This man is Damon, a friend of Pisias.

after Damon lived in his cell, Pisias hurried home to say goodbye to his mother.

time is like running water, the days are fleeting, the sentence is imminent, but there is no news of Pisias.

on the day of the execution, Damon died instead of Pisias because he did not return as scheduled.

when Damon was taken to the execution ground, onlookers laughed at him as a fool.

but Damon on the rickshaw had no fear and was not moved by what people said.

suddenly, in the heavy rain, Pisias galloped! He shouted, "I'm back!" I'm back! "

while most people were still shocked, Pisas rushed to Meng's side and hugged him tightly.

when the king knew about this, he immediately went to the execution ground to untie Damon and pardoned Pisias.

Damon in the story is undoubtedly a gentleman:

when a friend is in trouble, come forward; if a friend has a request, try his best to respond to it.

and Pisias responded to Damon's help and kindness with his own actions-even if he had a chance to escape, he lived up to the trust of his friends.

Zhuangzi said:

"the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, and the friendship between people with humble personality is as sweet as wine. The gentleman is light with his relatives, and the villain is willing to be absolute. If he marries without reason, he will leave without reason. "

A gentleman is the best choice for choosing friends.

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there is a saying: a modest gentleman is as gentle and moist as jade.

once heard a very interesting saying:

"follow the flies, you will find the stinky gutter; follow the bees, you will find the flowers; follow the butterflies, you will smell the flowers."

and when you are with a gentleman, you will feel the warmth of jade.

when you make friends with a gentleman, his Wen Shengyu. Please spend more time with the real gentleman for the rest of your life.

Tseng Kuo-fan said: "success or failure in life depends on whether a friend is good or not, and one must be careful."

We meet a lot of people in our lives, but not everyone is worth socializing with.

people, to choose a friend is to choose fate:

A friend with a good heart is as sweet as wine;

those who make friends with authentic products are as clear as light;

when you make friends with a gentleman, his Wen Shengyu.

all my life, Baiyun Cang Dog. The only criterion for us to make friends is to choose the good and the gentleman.

encourage each other.

like to accompany you with your voice, with my interpretation, with you!