It is a blessing for the whole family to have these three kinds of noise at home.
It is a blessing for the whole family to have these three kinds of noise at home.
A happy family must be lively, not deserted.


as the old saying goes, "Home without three voices is not home."

A happy family must be lively, not deserted.

with these three noises at home, it is a blessing for the whole family to prosper and benefit their children and grandchildren.

the crash of pots and bowls is the smell of home

in a home, you always have to open fire and cook before there is a sense of fire and fire in the world.

the symphony of pots and pans plays out the bitterness of life.

this is the smell of home, wherever it goes, it touches the hearts of the people.

when Qian Zhongshu studied in the UK, the couple were tenants in other people's homes.

the landlord serves four meals a day-breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

there are ready-made meals every day, and at first they are happy and relaxed, but gradually they are getting worse and worse.

it's okay for a day or two, but I don't have enough to eat for a long time.

Yang Jiang saw that this was not the way to bid farewell to the considerate landlord and sublet a room that could cook.

with his own kitchen, Qian Zhongshu said he wanted to eat braised pork.

there was no kitchen knife or chopping board, so they borrowed a pair of big scissors.

Ding Dong for a long time, unexpectedly cut out a decent cube of meat.

turn the stove on to the maximum, cook it hard, and finally find the smell of home.

now our life is getting better and better, and there are places to eat outside.

takeout is delivered directly to the door, and people become lazier and lazier.

many people eat three meals a day, either eating takeout or eating in the canteen.

the matter of a meal can be solved as convenient as it is.

the refrigerator is empty and can hardly open fire for cooking except on weekends.

the kitchen has become a decoration, the home has become a hotel, just a place to sleep at night.

takeout can only fill the stomach, not replace the taste of home.

it is the pleasure of life to cook together as a family.

everyone has his own division of labor, some stir-fry, some wash the dishes, some set the dishes.

in and out of the kitchen, pots and pans jingled, smoke curled and the smell of rice smelled.

people who go to work and school come home just in time to eat steaming food.

when we were young, our parents cooked for us;

when we grow up, we cook for our parents and children.

it is dusk, and the children cook for us.

this is what a home should look like.

the nagging sound of parents is the temperature of home

Tao Yuanming said in his poem: "when I heard what the elder said, I hid my ear and didn't like it."

when I was a child, I always hated my parents' constant nagging in my ears.

look forward to growing up quickly so that you can escape their constraints.

the nagging sound of parents will make people upset, and the nagging voice of parents will also make people miss.

parents take care of the short and ask for warmth, which is the ardent concern of the parents.

the temperature of a home is only when there is the nagging sound of parents.

parents are still alive, home is home, otherwise it is just a cold house.

as Mr. Lao she said:

"people live to be eighty or ninety years old.

if you have a mother, you can be a little childish.

Want the best blue homecoming dresses for your wardrobe? Our collections come in a variety of sublime materials.

losing a loving mother is like a flower in a bottle.

although there is still color and fragrance, he has lost his roots.

people who have mothers have peace of mind.


in the eyes of parents, children will never grow up.

the last thing parents want is for their children to suffer.

what parents expect most is the happiness of their children.

there is some truth that parents always tell you over and over again;

even if there is a matter the size of a sesame seed, as long as it has something to do with you, your parents will ask questions one by one.

only those who really love you will nag you like this.

there is no future in the world. Cherish every day when you can be nagged by your parents.

listen patiently to every word they say and sit down to chat with them for a while.

the sound of children's reading is the vitality of the family

as the saying goes, "if you want to be high, you must be good, and if you want good children and grandchildren, you must read."

Children are the ties of the family, the inheritance of blood, and the expectation of the future.

the Pei family in Hedong has been inherited for more than 2000 years, which is rare in the world.

according to Pei's genealogy, there are 59 prime ministers and 59 generals in the clan.

there are nearly a thousand people with a reputation in history, and more than 3,000 people with more than seven grades.

even gave birth to the famous prime minister village in China, and the sound of reading can be heard all the time.

there is a rule in the clan: those who cannot be admitted to the scholar examination are not allowed to enter the ancestral hall.

the Pei family goes up and down, men and women, old and young, all hold on to the papers.

Prime Minister Pei Yan studied in Hongwen Hall in his early years.

whenever he is on holiday, other students go out to play, but he does not give up reading.

the court recommended him as an official because of his virtue, but he refused on the grounds that he had not finished reading the book.

he studied so hard for ten years, and finally he was admitted to the imperial examination.

Tang Xuanzong was named Pei Xiu and studied with his two brothers when he was young.

talk about classics during the day, study poetry at night, and stay at home for years.

Finally, the three brothers are all Jinshi and the first.

Reading can not only change the fate of a family, but also change a child's life.

A family often hears the sound of children reading books, which shows that the family attaches importance to education.

if children are interested in learning, the family is likely to prosper.