It is better to be silent than to talk too much
It is better to be silent than to talk too much
May you and I wake up for the rest of our lives and build a compassionate heart for others.

as the old saying goes, the deep water does not speak, but the man does not speak.

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talking less is wisdom, but silence is the real gold.

the more mature a person is, the more he will find that learning to shut up is a lifelong practice.

knowing people without comment is a necessary practice in growing up

someone in Zhihu once asked: are there any truths that you will understand as you get older?

A high praise replied: "the older you grow, the more you understand that everyone's life is not easy, and there are shadows behind the sun."

the greatest kindness of a person is not to judge others.

Yi Yao in the movie "sadness against the current" is poor, and his mother makes a living by massaging people at home.

once, the guests took a bath after a massage and took Yi Yao's towels for use. As a result, Yi Yao got an unspeakable infectious disease when he was young.

Yi Yao quietly went to the hospital for an examination, but he happened to be caught by a classmate, and the story soon spread around the school.

for a while, rumors spread everywhere, Yi Yao became a bad girl in everyone's eyes, and wherever she went, she was full of pointing and gossiping.

later, it even developed to the point that a girl accidentally fell from a building, and everyone blamed it on Yi Yao.

the young Yi Yao could not bear the great pressure and finally chose to jump into the sea to commit suicide.

I have heard a passage saying:

"We all have roses in our hands, and we all have guns. We must be careful not to hurt the innocent when shooting."

when you only see the tip of the iceberg, please don't think you know the truth, and don't judge others casually when you don't know the whole picture.

to keep your mouth shut is a person's highest self-cultivation.

when you blurt out a sentence, pressing on others is a mountain, and your inadvertent evaluation means thousands of troops stepping over others.

think carefully before you speak and keep a sober bystander at all times.

self-evaluation is not only a leeway for others, but also a decent one for yourself.

it is compassion born out of experience.

when I was in junior high school, a new classmate came to my class.

he comes from a small county town, dressed in old-fashioned clothes, speaks poor Putonghua and has some slight cleft lips.

once, when he was chatting with a female classmate, the female classmate suddenly looked at his mouth and said:

"I know why you are always blurring. Is there something wrong with your mouth?"

the boy's face suddenly turned pig liver and ran out of the classroom.

later, I saw the boy crying secretly in the corner of the playground.

I haven't seen him talk to anyone since then, and soon after, I got the news that the boy had transferred to another school.

when we were young, we took talking fast as our true temperament, but when we grew up, we realized that it was a knife mouth.

avoiding the pain and weakness of others when speaking is not only the wisdom given to us by growth, but also a compassion acquired after the experience of the world.

Liang Wendao once mentioned in a program that of all the stars, Ge You is the least annoying. Why?

because he sees things through the world but does not speak, he knows people's weaknesses and never speaks.

when someone is boasting on the table, Ge You never interrupts, but smiles and whispers:

"Yes, you are right. I really don't know if you don't tell me about it."

are you sure you haven't heard of those words? Definitely not.

but he is able to be compatible, considerate of everyone's situation, and know how to leave room for others.

there is a saying that if you learn to speak in two years, you will learn to shut up all your life.

when we are young, we are eager to express, but when we are old, we know that silence is a rare understanding.

speak carefully, it can reflect a person's sense of size, but also reflect a person's compassion.

A truly mature person has a ruler of speech, thinks carefully before speaking, never pokes a sore spot, and knows how to safeguard the self-esteem of others.

the so-called high EQ, but in the heart of others, see through, see through, see through or not expose.

knowing reason without dispute is the wisdom precipitated in the years

I remember that in the early days, Qifa said that the topic of a season's debate was: was misunderstood, do you want to clarify it?

when we are young, we will certainly come out to argue for ourselves, and when we get older, we will gradually understand that not everything can be explained, and not all misunderstandings can be cleared up.

in many cases, the more you talk, the more confused you are, and the more you argue, the more unclear you are.

knowing reason without arguing is not only the self-cultivation supported by knowledge, but also a wisdom precipitated in the years.

Yang Jiang once wrote about her own experience in prose.

I only talk about some artistic analysis of some literary works.

however, in the auditorium of more than 1,000 people, a female student openly walked to the podium and reprimanded Yang Jiang on the spot for spreading inappropriate remarks in class and poisoning students' ideas.

Yang Jiang does not understand why the female student slandered her for no reason. Maybe she had a bad life, maybe she was instructed by others.

many years later, female studentsLong gone, Mr. Yang Jiang has become one of the most influential female writers in contemporary times by virtue of his wisdom and personality charm.

she wrote in her article: "people who know me will inevitably suffer some grievances when they are alive. Those who know me will naturally know, and let them go what they do not know."

the more mature you are, the less you expect everyone to understand you, and the less eager you are to tell everyone your grievances.

those who understand you will naturally understand, and those who do not understand you will not listen to your explanation at all.

it is better to be silent and silent.

time never talks, but it always answers all questions.

in the combination of maxims, it is written: "to cultivate oneself is to clear one's mind, and to be cautious in dealing with the world."

in dealing with the world, we should learn to speak less.

do not know things, do not evaluate, see through things, do not expose, unnecessary things, do not argue.

think about three points before you speak every time. I'd rather be speechless than talk too much.

May you and I wake up for the rest of our lives and build a compassionate heart for others.

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