It turns out that it's really fair to judge people by their appearance.
It turns out that it's really fair to judge people by their appearance.
Your external image hides a lifetime of fengshui.

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Schopenhauer said: "A person's appearance is a picture of the heart, and appearance expresses and reveals the whole destiny of a person."

A person's appearance is not only related to his past and present, but also determines his future.

A person's life is good or not, just look at his image.

your external image hides a lifetime of fengshui.

your past is hidden in your appearance

writer Bi Shumin once told such a story:

she has a good friend with a handsome face and gentle temperament, whom she hasn't seen for many years.

when we meet again, I feel that the appearance of my friends has changed a lot. Without the charm of that year, it is like a different person.

after taking a closer look, I found that the whole face and temperament have become different, and there is no longer the naive romance of youth.

A good friend said that she had not had a good life these years, and that her married life was full of grievances.

because there is no way to divorce, he has been suffering from resentment and regret. Over time, it becomes bitter and ferocious.

Bi Shumin sighs: life can sculpture a person's appearance.

originally a pair of beautiful appearance, for a long time under the infiltration of negative energy and bad mood, gave birth to a cool, thin and ferocious color.

photographer Satoshi Araki said:

"the face is the most naked. I have photographed thousands of faces, and I know at a glance how that person lives."

Life engraves everything on our faces. When people reach a certain age, all experiences and experiences will leave traces on our faces.

A person's appearance hides his character, self-cultivation and pattern, which have a profound impact on his life.

if a person is mean, his appearance will be creepy and dark.

if one is kind on the inside, one will feel warm and sunny on the outside.

your dress hides your attitude

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Yang Lan said:

"No one has an obligation to find your excellent inside through your sloppy appearance. To dress appropriately is to be gentle to yourself."

those experts in life, even in the trough, can still clean up their appearance.

Miss Yan Youyun is a person whose life is as delicate as ever.

when she was young, she was a popular socialite in Shanghai, with well-dressed, exquisite makeup and generous gestures.

after being a young lady for half her life, she suddenly suffered a sudden change, and she didn't even have the ability to make a living.

but even in the most difficult times, she still irons her clothes every day, and the cheongsam does not have a trace of wrinkles.

whenever she attends a dinner party, she wears a cheongsam and high heels and stands upright.

even in her old age, she still dresses herself neatly every day. She has to wear makeup and perfume when she goes out, and her life is full of rituals.

Life is never plain sailing, even if you can't control your destiny, at least you can decide to dress properly and neatly.

your attitude towards people and things is hidden in your clothes.

if you look sloppy, you certainly won't be responsible for yourself.

Di Zi Gui says: the crown must be straight, the button must be knotted, and the socks and shoes are tight.

the hat should not be skewed, the buttons of clothes should be fastened, socks and shoes should not be relaxed, and clothing should be combined with specific occasions.

Daily dress not only reflects a person's status and identity, but also has a bearing on respect for others.

A person who can always keep his makeup clean and properly dressed must have a steaming soul hidden in his body.

your figure hides your self-discipline

there is a line in the movie "selfless":

"beware of men with six-pack abs and women who always stay in shape, who have determination and willpower you can't imagine."

in a good figure, there is self-discipline, and in a self-disciplined life, there is a different life.

Liu Jianhong, who recently became popular on the Internet, is nearly 50 years old, but he has the figure of a 20-year-old young man.

trapped at home, he began to do live jump exercises, setting off a national fitness frenzy.

in the live broadcast, he directly has firm and strong legs, a flat belly and black hair. He looks sunny and confident, and doesn't look like the state of destiny at all.

when he is nearing the age of 50, he has a little more confidence and energy than some young people, which is surprising.

I can't help thinking of a sentence: "time treats everyone equally, and the difference lies in the word self-discipline."

in fact, before the live broadcast, he kept exercising every day and had no time to go to the gym. He did exercises at home, even during the epidemic.

whenever I have a chance, I go to exercise outdoors.

for decades, I ate regularly and never ate foods that were high in calories.

even the most common rice should pay attention to "low-calorie nutrition".

behind a beautiful figure is decades of self-discipline and restraint.

Russell, an English writer, said:

"A person's appearance is the appearance of a person's value. It hides your self-disciplined life, as well as the life you are pursuing. "

if you overeat and refuse to exercise, you willSuffering from minor ailments and being full of fat;

if you control your diet and open your feet, you will be healthy and light.

in a person's life, every drop of sweat you leave for your body will become a powerful weapon against years.

your appearance is like a mirror. Shine on the world in your eyes, reflect the joys and sorrows in your heart.

"judging people by their appearance" seems to be a kind of thinking prejudice, but it can reflect a person's mental state and attitude towards life.

the Book of Rites says: "those who love deeply must have kindness, those who have harmony must have pleasant color, and those who have pleasant color must have Wanrong."

you will be kind only if you are full of love in your heart. Because you are friendly to people and get along well with each other, you will smile every day.

A person's appearance is the extension of connotation. The spirit and softness of the face will lead to good luck and luck.

A person can dress decently at any time, not only with tenderness to himself, but also with respect for others.

A person of any age can be extremely responsible for his body, then he must also be a person who loves life.

sometimes, the image of a person is not only the external image, but also the strength of our confrontation with life.

Wilde said: "loving yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of romance, and making yourself more beautiful is the greatest romance in an ordinary life."

the more you focus on your image, the more you will be in good shape; the better you are, the more courage you will have to fight everything.

Life can't make you ugly, so it can't help you.

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