It's expensive for the rest of your life, please stay away from the poor.
It's expensive for the rest of your life, please stay away from the poor.
May you live up to your life and yourself.

Oscar Wilde once said:

"when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world. Now that I am old, I realize that this is really the case. "

but you know what?

in this world, the more terrible thing than poverty is poverty of heart.

material poverty can be remedied through hard work, but if the mind is empty, it is very difficult to have a chance to turn around.

people with poor hearts like to take advantage of small things

I saw a piece of news some time ago.

A couple came home late at night, only to find the key missing when they opened the door.

in desperation, the two decided to spend 100 yuan to ask the lock master to open the door.

after the master came in the dark, with his skilled craftsmanship, it took him 2 minutes to open the door.

I can't imagine that when a woman saw that the problem was solved so quickly, she felt that she had spent so much money that she had to pay 50 yuan less to the master.

after all the communication was fruitless, the master immediately closed the door of the room that had been opened and left without looking back.

with a blank look on their faces, the couple had to call other lock pickers. But after more than a dozen phone calls in a row, no one wanted to come.

in the end, the two had to spend 400 yuan to stay in the hotel for one night.

so you see, the most unworthy thing for a person is to give up long-term development for the sake of immediate trivial profits.

if a person is too shrewd and wants to gain benefits everywhere, he will often suffer losses everywhere and damage his own blessings.

as an old saying goes, "when a man is poor, he is cold, and his heart is poor."

people with poor hearts have no long-term vision and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.

people with poor hearts have short decadent ambition

once read such a sentence: "A person's ability is not judged by success, not by failure, but by ambition."

I strongly agree.

when he interacts with others, he is not afraid that his family is poor, but that others are poor and ambitious.

take a closer look at those people from poor families, as long as they are motivated, they can always break through the world.

with such people, they are motivated to do things and have something to look forward to in life.

stay away from those who are short-minded. This is by no means prejudice.

such people refuse to grow up, and getting close to them will only dampen your enthusiasm and gradually erode your morale in the face of life.

as the saying goes, "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river."

We are born poor, and our personal circumstances are very different.

but what is certain is that people who are poor will suffer for a period of time at most, but a poor heart will make people suffer for a lifetime.

you should know that those who are close to ambition will have a future, and those who are close to those who are knowledgeable and enterprising can have a way out.

people with poor hearts are often ungrateful

have you ever met such a person?

such people are always righteous when they trouble others, but never repent when they hurt others.

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I have read such a story:

it's about a kind young man who gives 10 yuan to beggars he meets on his way to work every time.

half a year later, young men only give beggars 5 yuan at a time. Another year later, only 2 yuan was given to the beggar.

when the beggar was unhappy, he asked, "Why are you giving me less and less money?"

the young man said sheepishly, "Sorry, I got engaged last year and my wallet is a little nervous."

and recently we had a baby, so we have more places to spend money.

on hearing this, the beggar immediately became angry: "how can you use the money you gave me to get a wife and have children!"

so you see, when you are with a person with a poor heart, even if you are kind to him from the bottom of your heart, you will not get the gratitude of the other person.

in their eyes, they can only see their own interests, but not the goodwill of others.

this kind of person is extremely selfish and not worthy of your heart to heart.

people with poor hearts are shameless.

the writer Fan Gu Mu once said: "some people, even if you do not offend him, they will envy you, denigrate you, and even want to destroy you."

crosstalk actor Yue Yunpeng had a hard time before he became famous.

he left his hometown at the age of 13 and worked as a waiter, a security guard and a toilet cleaner.

later, I was lucky enough to meet Guo Degang and practiced hard for several years before I got where I am today.

this was originally a good thing, but Yue Yunpeng said that he felt very uncomfortable going back to his hometown every year after his success.

because when the people in the village saw him, their faces were full of disdain, and they did not see the smiling face they used to have.

some people even mocked him to his face and said, "you're just lucky and you don't have any strength!"

the greatest evil of human nature is that you can't see that the people around you are better off than yourself.

as the old saying goes, it is not good for yourself at the expense of others. This is the kind of person you are talking about.

such people never admit that they are incompetent, but insist that the success of others is all due to speculation.

Don't think that you can influence them with tolerance. If you make friends with such people, you will only be treated as a thorn in your side.

in our lifetime, we have met countless people, some of whom are dignitaries in our lives to help you.

and some people, getting along with each other will only increase grievances, so it is better to stay away as soon as possible.

someone once asked, "what do people with a poor heart lack?"

the most popular answer is: "lack of money on the surface, lack of ambition in essence, lack of courage at heart, lack of motivation to change."

people with poor hearts do not have the courage to change themselves, do not have the ability to strive for a better life, let alone achieve any great things.

your life is precious. Don't make friends with people who are barren inside, let alone become like them.

you should be a mentally rich person, and you should be surrounded by well-intentioned and friendly voices.

, may you live up to your life and yourself.

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