Learn to make yourself happy for the rest of your life
Learn to make yourself happy for the rest of your life
Pack up your mood and be a person with light in your eyes and love in your heart.


someone on Zhihu asked: when was the last time you laughed heartily?

one netizen's answer was very piercing:

"laughter is just an expression. I wear a mask every day when I grow up. I have forgotten how to make myself happy."

Yes, after half of my life, I found that the most regrettable thing is that I forgot to please myself.

in the adult world, even happiness has become a luxury. You should learn to dilute the bitterness of life with joy.

No matter how beautiful the flowers are, they will wither, and the friends who are hard enough will be separated.

when people reach middle age, it is also a kind of happiness to learn to make themselves happy.

although life is difficult, don't forget to have fun in bitterness

I have heard such a story.

under the banyan tree, the young monk asked Master:

"Master, when there are inevitable hardships in life, how can we face them?"

Master replied:

"bitterness is like strong tea. You can suffer as much as you taste it."


two days ago, Xiaofeng, a college classmate who had been keeping a low profile, sent a photo of an invitation to marriage on moments, with the copy: fortunately, you have a bright future.

in the comments, in addition to everyone's wishes, some students expressed their doubts: is it so sudden?

in my impression, Xiaofeng's experience seems to be somewhat bumpy: in the year she just graduated, she was separated by her boyfriend, left her job by the manager, and left her grandmother, who brought her up as a child.

in the twinkling of an eye, she found her own happiness, which was envied by many students.

during the chat, when we learned about Xiaofeng's life, we found that her transformation was not easy.

after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, she endures sadness and smiles in the mirror every day, learns to cook, cures herself with delicacies, and meets her current husband in the food group.

after quitting her first job, she was not depressed, but made a video of her work experience and posted it online with the "stem" of "self-mockery". While making netizens laugh, she also enjoyed it and became a self-media blogger.

every time I think of my grandmother late at night, she will write down her thoughts of her grandmother in words to let her go.

Xiaofeng said that only by learning to have fun in hardship can we make peace with ourselves in the past.

it turns out that her optimism healed herself.

there is a classic line in Forrest Gump:

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."

bitterness is the original taste of life; sweetness is the attribute of life.

you can't get sweet until you eat bitter.

to coax yourself to be happy in the way you like is the best tribute to life.

it is only when people reach middle age and regard happiness as a habit that they can be sweet from bitterness.

the less greed, the higher happiness

in the face of the trivialities of life, our emotions rise and fall, sometimes not because the world is too complicated, but because we want too much.

some desires, like an unseen abyss, engulf our happiness.

listener friend Mengmeng shared a story about her family.

after she got married, she lived with her mother-in-law, who often asked for trouble because she was "greedy for petty gains."

once, a group of young men promoted the water purifier in the community, saying that people who come every day could get small gifts.

it's a gift, but it's just boxes of eggs and bags of washing powder.

after receiving these small favors, my mother-in-law was "conquered" by them and bought a water purifier with her one-month retirement salary.

Mengmeng looked closely at the water purifier and found that it was a three-no product, and she didn't even have the specific address of the manufacturer.

people's desires can never be satisfied, and reducing greed is the most transparent way to live.

Life is not bitter, but there are too many desires.

less greed means more happiness.

to be lenient to others is to be kind to yourself

I have seen such a sentence in the book:

"in the face of injury, a smile is open-minded; in the face of abuse, it is extraordinary to ignore it."

when people reach middle age, the future is under their feet, and responsibility is on their shoulders. To be tolerant of others is to be kind to themselves.

Roy, a professor of social psychology at Harvard University, told such a story.

A rich man chose an heir and asked his three sons to travel around the world for a year to see who did the noblest thing.

A year later, the three sons returned home and began to report their experiences to the rich man.

during the trip, the eldest son was entrusted to take care of the gold coins, and the other side died unexpectedly, and the eldest son gave all the gold coins to the other family.

the second son, on the other hand, acted bravely. On the way, he met a little beggar who fell into the water, rescued the other side and left him a sum of money.

only the third son, who was on one side, talked about what had happened all the way.

he met a passer-by who tried to rob him of his purse and almost died at the hands of the other party.

his friend's road was narrow. He saw his robber sleeping under a tree on the edge of the cliff. at that time, he could kick him off the cliff by raising his foot, but after thinking about it, he gave up his idea.

out of kindness, he woke each other up before moving on.

the third son said, "this is reallyIt's not a meaningful experience, and I don't have two brothers who are noble. "

after hearing the words of his third son, the rich man waved his hand and said, "No, honesty and bravery are the qualities that ordinary people should have, which is not noble." You have a chance for revenge, but you choose to be tolerant, which is the rarest thing. "

tolerating the faults of others is also a kind of redemption for yourself.

I have heard such a sentence:

"tolerance to others, tolerance to yourself, the hole is not deep, tolerance is great."

people and things in the past can indeed make people sad, but they can only hurt themselves.

the world of adults is half understanding and half forget.

some people choose to bid farewell to the past and pack up and move on, while others choose to tie up their own cocoons and end up with regret.

the former is hope, the latter is disappointment.

people are not only lenient to others, but also kind to themselves in this life.

when people reach middle age, they learn to make themselves happy

there is a sentence on NetEase Yun's hot review:

"Don't waste 23 hours and 55 minutes of happiness just because you are unhappy for 5 minutes."

although we are ordinary, it does not prevent us from becoming ourselves. We are also angry and happy, so there is no need to quarrel with ourselves.

everyone has their own sadness and bitterness, who doesn't digest it and try to look at each other at the same time?

Life is crueler than you think, and the world is softer than you think.

if you want to learn to make yourself happy, these three ways can help you. May you get rid of the unhappy situation.

invest in yourself

people who know how to make themselves happy know how to invest in themselves.

those unhappy people are indifferent while shouting slogans to be good.

you don't have to be someone else, but you have to be yourself.

you often read books, and you get knowledge;

you exercise regularly, what you get is health;

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you travel a lot, and what you get is vision.

investing in yourself is the quickest way to be happy.

reduce desire

A man with an insatiable desire wants everything and gets nothing.

as a saying goes, "when crossing the river, the boat is useful, but when we cross the river, we must get off the boat and go on our way, otherwise, it will become a burden to us."

it is important to travel light in the arena, as well as on the road of life.

if you have less desire, you will naturally smile more.

tolerate others

there is an old saying: "there is nothing to worry about in the world."

live in the moment, don't try to make others understand you, just be yourself.

Don't disturb your mood over a trifle;

Don't ruin your mood by being irrelevant.

tolerance is not only a virtue, but also a choice.

in the movie "three fools making Bollywood", there is such a line:

"our hearts are all fragile, and we have to learn to coax it, comfort it, and tell it that everything will be all right."

the life of middle-aged people is either car loans or tuition and medical expenses. They have to spend money everywhere and worry about everything.

the hardest time in life is not that no one understands, but that no one can coax you.

to make occasional gaffes.

learn to make yourself happy, and you can see the beauty of the world.

learn to make yourself happy so that you can live up to these years.

emotion is not only a feeling, but also a choice for us.

if life is full of haze, don't forget to dispel the melancholy in your heart.

, may you clear up your mood in bad days and be a person with light in your eyes and love in your heart.