Life (good text in depth)
Life (good text in depth)
In fact, the fate of everyone has long been doomed.

as the saying goes, "if you drink and peck, you must be determined before."

says that everything must have cause and effect.

what is in life cannot be thrown away, and what is not in life cannot be begged.

in the journey of life, some people laugh and some cry; some succeed and some fail; some people enjoy the scenery and some people fall down.

the fate of everyone is already doomed.

God helps those who help themselves

Tagore said:

"the sufferings you have suffered today, the losses you have suffered, the responsibilities you have borne, the sins you have borne, and the pain you have endured, will eventually turn into light and light your way."

each of us will encounter all kinds of difficulties when we are alive. If a person always flinches, it is doomed not to become a big deal.

the only one who can help you is yourself. put aside the fluke and rely on your ability, courage and confidence to have good luck.

Confucius said, "the superior man asks for himself, and the villain asks for others."

the most important person in life is actually ourselves.

Life is always fair.

if you want to get a harvest, you must first learn to give. There will never be pie in the sky.

Life is really hard, and you have no choice but to cross it by yourself.

likes a proverb very much:

"it is better to believe in your own strength than to bemoan your fate."

it's not easy for anyone to live, and everyone has his own self-help.

only learn to pay hard, know how to choose, and maintain your own principles in the troubled world of mortals, so that life will not treat you badly.

God will not favor a person who gives up, and God will certainly not ignore anyone who constantly strives for self-improvement and faces up to difficulties.

as Shakespeare said:

"fate, is it terrible? No, it was only in the process of fighting it that I realized that I had dominated it. "

A sharp sword needs polishing, and the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the cold winter.

No one in the world can casually succeed. Behind everyone's brilliance, there must be a period of arduous days when they bow their backs and gnash their teeth.

only one can change one's life in one's life.

believe in yourself, and rely on your own strength, self-reliance and self-improvement, there is no difficulty that cannot be overcome.

it's a little bitter, so you have to carry it by yourself

each of us has our own troughs.

when the content of work that has been busy for a long time is suddenly announced by the boss that it needs to be redone;

when I get home after a long day at work and find that I still have a lot of housework to do by myself;

when negative emotions are not vented, they can only be held in their hearts when they are sad.


in the adult world, the road is never easy, and life is never easy.

everyone longs for someone to hold an umbrella for him when it rains, and to comfort someone when he is aggrieved.

however, there are many people who pass by, but few people really understand you.

most of the time, someone will come to comfort you if you are not crying, or someone will come to help you if you are tired.

you should understand that no matter how far the road is, you must go by yourself, and you must do it by yourself no matter how difficult it is.

everyone's life is a long and flexible journey.

as Mr. Lu Xun said:

"Human joys and sorrows are not interlinked. We can only cross by ourselves. If one goes through all the hardships, he will understand."

when you grow up, you have to learn to bear everything alone.

bear inner grief, swallow all grievances, hide your temper, give up dependence on others, and carry yourself no matter how difficult it is.

even if the sky falls, you have to bear it for yourself and bear all the pain and despair alone.

the classic psychological masterpiece "the Road few people take" begins with the following sentence: "Life is full of hardships."

as the saying goes, relying on mountains will fall, and everyone will walk. If you want to live a good life, you can only rely on yourself.

if you blindly rely on others, you are the only one who gets hurt in the end.

good luck is only left to those who are prepared. It is a kind of thoroughness to keep things quiet and bear the hardships on their own.

your life is whatever your mindset is

as Seneca said:

Wish to shop for charming chiffon wedding dresses and showcase your sexy silhouette? Always our pleasure to see you getting your desired garments.

"almost any situation, good or bad, is affected by our attitude towards the situation."

in life, nine out of ten things are unsatisfactory. What is terrible is not failure, but the inability to readjust your mentality after failure.

in the face of the trials of life, some people are pessimistic and depressed, and finally become nothing; some people are optimistic and positive, so that they can achieve success in the end.

A study conducted by Harvard University found that 85% of a person's success at work comes from a person's mindset, and only 15% of a person's intelligence and work experience.

in the TV series Dear translator, Cheng Jiayang said:

"when all people are saying that I am good, I will tell myself that you are not as good as they say."

when all people say that I am bad, I will also tell myself that you are not as bad as they say. "

you know, there is always only one real success in the world, and that is to have a good state of mind.

the river can reach its destination because it will not fight with obstacles, but it chooses to avoid obstacles because it knows how to take advantage of the times.

Gus said: "attitude determines success or failure, no matter the situation is good or bad, we should adopt a positive attitude, do not let frustration replace enthusiasm."

Life can be very valuable, or it can be worthless. You can choose whatever you want. "

what people live is a state of mind, as the saying goes: "there is nothing to worry about in the world."

as long as you have a good state of mind, everything is good in your life.

, may each of us be lucky, walk with beauty, be happy and happy.

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