Life is a passer-by, gains and losses go with fate.
Life is a passer-by, gains and losses go with fate.
In the days to come, there is wind to listen to the wind, rain to see rain, fate to cherish, fate to cherish.



I often hear people complain about the injustice of fate or the helplessness of life.

sometimes life is really cruel, conscientious, busy, some things, still can not have, some lost, can never be found.

the world is too big and the years are too short. After all, many people and things that appear in our lives can only be experienced and cannot be possessed.

to the earthly world, we are all just passers-by, come clean, go empty-handed, and the process takes only a few decades.

most of the time, what we need is not to complain and persevere, but to look down on the casual and free and easy of everything.

for feelings

fate comes and goes, gathering and dissociating, no need to be sentimental, let alone forced.

people who are predestined will meet even if they are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers; those who are not, even if they are close at hand, are out of reach.

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some people say:

"who will you meet and who will you pass by? God has already made plans, and all you can do is to obey your destiny."

it is lucky to meet the right person at the right time, but most relationships either meet too late or make mistakes.

like this paragraph very much:

only when I met you did I understand what love looks like. Unfortunately, there is too much distance between us. You have your stars and sea, and I have my twilight snow and mountains. After all, you and I are not from the same world, and there is no point in entanglement.

although I can't let it go completely now, I will learn to accept the arrangement of fate.

people gather because of fate, and when fate ends, they break up.

when we come to a fork in the road, there will be regrets and reluctance, but we still have to learn to let it go.

the more you experience, the more you understand that whether it is to be together or to love each other, it is an experience.

Don't be embarrassed, don't be persistent, and go all the way, go with fate all the way, and believe that everything has its own arrangement.

for life

Wang Guowei wrote in picking Mulberry:

"Life is just like the wind, joy is sporadic, sorrow is sporadic, all of them are Lianjiang Dianping."

how many ups and downs in life, whether you are happy or sad, are just a dream, so why care about temporary gains and losses?

there is a short story in Zhuangzi Tian Zifang. I asked Sun Shuao over my shoulder:

"Ying Yin didn't show his glory when you were appointed three times, but later, he didn't show a sad look even though he was dismissed three times. He was always so happy and comfortable. What on earth did you think?"

Sun Shuao replied:

"I think there is no need to refuse the arrival of official titles, and their departure cannot be stopped. These gains and losses are not from my own, so there is no look of sadness."

time is like a song, no matter good or bad gains or losses, regardless of success or failure, honor or disgrace, what should come can not be avoided, should go can not be stopped, calmly face, let nature take its course, is the best attitude.

in the final analysis, life is an experience, all the ups and downs, gains and losses, are the scenery of the journey.

for each of us, what really matters is not the scenery, but the mood of looking at it. Don't struggle with things that you can't do; don't force those who don't have the chance.

as long as you try, take it seriously, and cherish it, you don't have to regret it.

Life is a passer-by, gains and losses go with fate.

in the limited time, we should learn to face the ups and downs of the world with the mentality of fate, and to fulfill our lives with sincere feelings.

in the days to come, there will be wind to listen to the wind, rain to watch the rain, and fate to cherish and cherish.