Liu Tao responded to the divorce for the first time, and we all misjudged her!
Liu Tao responded to the divorce for the first time, and we all misjudged her!
She never hesitated, always on the road of action, always with a terrible "ruthless" strength.


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Liu Tao was completely enraged.

in March, a blogger broke the news of "Liu Tao's divorce".

and also vowed that Wang Ke had an affair with the real hammer.

# Liu Tao divorce #

, tens of thousands of comments were brushed in an hour.

seeing things getting worse, that night, Liu Tao's studio issued a "solemn statement":

the revelations about Liu Tao's divorce are all rumors!

unlike other artists who only stay on verbal warnings, Liu Tao not only refutes rumors, she also collects all the evidence.

told all the marketing numbers of rumor-mongering in the whole network.

the whole process is carried out vigorously and vigorously, without any muddling.

when many netizens saw it, they sighed one after another:

"Liu Tao, a good-tempered man, is really ruthless!"

I don't know when.

labels such as "good wife", "gentle" and "good temper" are firmly hung on Liu Tao.

made his debut at the age of 22 and became popular at 38.

in the face of interviews, Liu Tao always said that his greatest satisfaction was to be a "good wife and mother" and liked to attribute success to "opportunities."

but it's not hard to find out about her past--

although Liu Tao is gentle on the surface, her inside is full of wolf nature.

she never hesitates, always on the road of action, with a terrible "ruthlessness" at any time.

Liu Tao is so busy that she can't stop.

even though she is 44 years old, she is always on her way.

at the first stop, she chose to be on Reality Show "Flowers and teenagers".

A Reality Show event made many people really realize her, a woman insulated from "laziness".

compared with other guests, Liu Tao is always busy.

she packed her luggage in good order and kept the room spotless;

she knew how to go out and took medicine with her. When her companion was tired and paralyzed in bed, she took the time to go out and run 8 kilometers.

actress Zhang Kaili couldn't watch it any longer and said to her:

"Tao, have a rest, I beg you."

but Liu Tao can't stop, as she said:

"I try my best. If I try my best, I feel happy."

Liu Tao did his best.

in 5 years, 25 plays and 6 variety shows have been on the Forbes Celebrity list for five consecutive years.

A variety show once exposed Liu Tao's "daily itinerary":


18:00-20,00-advertisement, magazine shooting.

20:30-23Suzhou 00-Live broadcast with goods.

23:30-0014-30-Review meeting.

01:00-02 00-exercise and fitness.

compared with normal people, sleep 8 hours a day can not affect the quality of life;

Liu Tao thinks that four hours of sleep a day is enough.

sometimes, she even divides four hours into eight 30 minutes and can take a nap eight times a day. She feels very "happy".

Liu Tao is so "ruthless" to himself that sometimes he can't even watch his friends in the circle.

her best friend Qin Hailu once revealed that she sometimes had insomnia and sent a message to Liu Tao at five or six o'clock, but she did not expect that the other person said that she had just returned from fitness.

in Qin Hailu's view, Liu Tao's success is not accidental.

"A woman with double time, multiple energy and 24-hour blood; if she doesn't succeed, who can?"

Liu Tao is very indifferent to the evaluation of best friends:

"everyone has his own life plan. My life plan is to be positive and work hard. "

Liu Tao exercises late at night

in 2020, Liu Tao joined Ali, named "Liu Yidao".

everyone thought she was "playing with tickets", but when she entered her studio, they were willing to pull out their wallets.

Liu Tao's live broadcast is extremely cordial and professional.

A white T, a fan, sitting on the floor;

this is Liu Tao's way of live broadcasting.

there is no so-called live broadcast routine, it all depends on sincerity and familiarity with the product.

from brand-name luxury goods to household goods.

she memorizes the advantages and disadvantages of all the products.

not only that, her carefulness is reflected incisively and vividly in the live broadcast process.

once the assistant said she wanted to "kick". Liu Tao hurriedly corrected it. She said:

"how can you say 'kick'? Those who come are all guests, so we should say 'hire someone'. "

then, when she promised that the number of fans would reach 20 million, she performed a handstand.

as a result, when the number arrived, she stood on her head and fulfilled her promise.

Ali's senior management once said:

"Liu Tao is the star he has ever seen who treats him most harshly; everyone only sees her ability, but does not see the preparation behind her."

Liu Tao admitted that in the early days of cross-border live broadcasting, he was under a lot of pressure and couldn't sleep all night.

the characteristics of the product when she gets up in the middle of the night is her "wonderful recipe" for insomnia.

exactlyWith this ruthlessness, Liu Tao is extremely successful every time he crosses the border.

as a singer, she won the championship in the first season of Crossing King.

play car racing and win the championship in the women's section of the charity car race.

Liu Tao seldom has miscellaneous thoughts, and she tries to solve everything.

if it is difficult, it must be because you are not doing well, and you have to be "hard" to yourself.

this ruthless bone has been born since she was a child and has lasted throughout her whole life.

Liu Tao's original family is very poor.

how poor is it?

in order to save money, the family cooks the rice into a pot and pours it with a little soy sauce, which is a dish.

Liu Tao spent his childhood on rice dumplings and soy sauce.

because of the large number of sisters in the family, she began to cook, wash clothes and clean up from an early age.

what other people call "virtuous" is a habit engraved in her bones.

15, Liu Tao was elected to the Art Regiment of the Group Army of the Nanjing military region and became an art soldier.

she has no discomfort from the hard life in the army.

get up at 5: 00 in the morning, tidy up the housework, assemble at 6: 00, run 3 kilometers, then carry water, grow vegetables and feed pigs.

after a series of hard work, I began to learn stage performance again.

there are many performances in the army, including sketches, dance, stage dramas, crosstalk;

No matter what project it is, Liu Tao, whether it is difficult or not, rushes to sign up first.

her diligent and positive character makes her feel like a fish in water in the army.

and the hard life in the army makes her character a little more tenacious.

in 2002, Qiong Yao's "returning Pearl case 3" began casting;

Liu Tao, a newcomer to the entertainment industry, went to audition for the role of "Musa".

200 competitors, only Liu Tao stands out.

because she was the only one who memorized her lines a week in advance.

the director immediately decided that "this is her"!

the corner of "Musa" has become a stepping stone to Liu Tao's future film and television.

after that, big producers such as The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils and the Legend of the White Snake also found her.

Liu Tao's nanny car is usually silent.

holding the script, she hardly said a word from getting on the bus to getting off.

the assistant advised her: "Sister Tao, have a rest, there is little play today."

Liu Tao said:

"prepare well in advance, don't delay the work of the crew; don't feel comfortable, hundreds of people will suffer with you."

some people in the industry have commented on Liu Tao like this:

"I love to cooperate with Tao. She has three advantages: carefulness, patience and warmth."

every day on the set, Liu Tao always takes out good things to share with everyone, but he doesn't keep them either.

she said it was "the joy of sharing".

when filming, Liu Tao is used to getting into the state before turning on the phone, so he doesn't waste a minute of his colleagues' time.

in order to keep her state in place, she usually starts to brew her emotions a day in advance.

sometimes because of the misery of the acting character, she would choose to stay up all night, saving her makeup time the next day.

with this persistence, Liu Tao is called the "Iron Lady" by her peers in the industry.

before the age of 30, Liu Tao had many representative works in his hand.

she thought she would still be a "perpetual motion machine" in the future, but when she met Wang Ke, everything changed.

the encounter between Liu Tao and Wang Ke can be described as electric stone fire.

Elevator encounter, love at first sight, get married after 20 days of acquaintance.

everything makes her feel incredible, but it makes sense.

she said bluntly: "when I met Wang Ke, I felt like I had found a habitat."

wedding, Liu Tao announced his withdrawal at his peak in front of guests and the media.

she is tired and should have a rest.

the good times did not last long. After less than a year of marriage, Wang Ke encountered a financial crisis.

A rich man becomes a bad man.

at that time, Liu Tao was pregnant, but Wang Ke suffered from depression and was extremely dependent on drugs.