"Love the one who is free for you."
"Love the one who is free for you."
People who really care about you will always be free for you.

Zhang ailing said in Red Rose and White Rose:

if a person does not have time, it is because he does not want to have time;

if a man can't leave, it's because he doesn't want to go away.

if a person gives you too many excuses, it's because he doesn't want to care about you.

when we are in love, we can always find countless reasons for each other's snub.

maybe he is working overtime and is in a meeting.

maybe he's just too busy to forget, maybe he just didn't have time to prepare.

We always refuse to admit it-maybe he's just not free for you.

in this world where horsepower is known from a distance, only when it is full of love can it be worthy of the vagrants and hearts of the people along the way.

A person who loves you will give you time.

after knowing each other for three or two days, I enthusiastically expressed my love and kept entangling.

it's not love, it's loneliness, it's possession, it's an ultimatum to yourself.

what I yearn for more is the attraction of a long stream of water.

A person's occasional favor is like a moment of fireworks, fleeting.

but if he tells me:

"the other day you passed me inadvertently with a high ponytail, and I saw that your pupils were dark brown."

I will be very moved.

We can kiss strangers easily in a bar.

but I think love should be to open a copy of the game and fight monsters all the way.

people who are brave and single-minded will get a reward.

I am a man who likes to cross the river by feeling the stones.

I must feel your burning love before I can pay for it.

there are many passers-by among the people I meet. When I mention them, I often only remember their first and last names.

only those who are measured in years like it.

although there is no end, it can make me warm in my heart every day when there is no light.

it's like when I was a student, if you like someone, you can spend two classes writing love letters.

it seems to be the greatest sincerity to give you my time.

people who are willing to be free for you may not necessarily love you.

but if the other person is always busy, he must not like it that much.

I have a good friend whose boyfriend is always "very busy".

when a friend sends him Wechat, it always takes him a long time to reply.

on weekends and holidays, his friends asked him to go shopping with her, but he was always busy.

even for some of the more important festivals and anniversaries, he always forgets to prepare gifts and pleads to make up for them next time.

my friend asked me if I was too idle and too focused on him.

so he doesn't think he needs to do anything for me?

I said silly girl, it's just your kindness that you didn't meet anyone worthy of it.

some people are like this. he can spend two hours playing games.

doesn't even give you 20 seconds to reply to Wechat.

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every "no time" is pouring a pot of cold water on people's hearts.

are you really that busy? I don't think so.

if you like, you can wipe your hands for a second even in the shower;

if you like, you can call back between meetings.

if you like, you don't have to go to parties, you don't have to play games, and you don't forget important festivals.

so, do you understand?

he is the whole focus of your life, and you are his A, B, C, D.

A person will not always be free, nor will he always be free.

did he warm others when he snubbed you?

some people may say that cheap touching is not love.

just because someone is free for you doesn't necessarily mean he loves you.

of course.

the word "free" here refers not only to time, but also to a person's scarce value.

if a person is rich and he is willing to spend money for you, it doesn't mean he loves you.

but time is his scarcity, he is willing to spend time for you, there is no doubt that he loves you.

similarly, we love a person, depending on what he values most.

whether he is willing to pay the most important part for you.

A person who doesn't understand romance is willing to make a bunch of immortal flowers for you by hand.

A non-stop person will call and video you whenever he is free;

A person who never stops for anyone, but refuses all ambiguity for you, just to give you a full sense of security.

because you feel that you are special and unique, you don't get hysterical.

this kind of definite love is what the heart wants.

Fu Seoul said:

"leisure, leisure. Love is all free. If there is still love in the busy, it is probably true. "

people who really care about you will always be free for you.

people who want to take you home are on their way east, south, west and east.

people who are looking forward to seeing you, even if thousands of mountains and rivers, can arrive as expected.

this is not a skill I learned by accident, but from my instinct to love you.