Make Faye Wong cry, beat Bai Baihe, but be scolded for 16 years in a row, the truth makes the whole network saddened …...
Make Faye Wong cry, beat Bai Baihe, but be scolded for 16 years in a row, the truth makes the whole network saddened …...
"enjoy your brilliance at the moment!"

with empty eyes, she stood in front of the mirror and looked carefully at her face and body, with an unbelievable expression.

after cleaning her face, she saw the markings on her face, tears in her eyes, grievances and loss poured into her mind, and then she untied her coat and began to examine her body.

the protruding belly was covered with ugly stretch marks, like invisible needles that pierced the last line of defense at the bottom of her heart.

when she was due, she felt that giving birth was only a matter of minutes, and there was nothing to be afraid of, and the phone was full of relaxed tone.

the birth is imminent, but she begins to wonder about life. Why does it hurt so much?

when she was in labor, she was unable to shout, she was so tormented by pain that she lost her image, and even her hair was soaked with sweat.

in addition to the bad life of having children, there is also a marriage full of chicken feathers.

her husband is away from home all day, drinks too much and doesn't come home at night, and even her child is sick. She is angry and helpless, but she can only fight alone.

on the day of her daughter's birthday dinner, the mistress came to visit with a naked picture of her husband. Her face was covered with disappointment and disbelief, and there was no hysteria in the usual plot.

these real and worrying scenes are realistic group images of many women.

is also the experience of Fang Yinuo, the protagonist in the recent hit TV series Dear Child.

Fang Yiluo's real image of pregnant women, the real birth process, the real transformation of being a new mother and the repression brought about by family trivialities are all extremely delicate.

many unnoticed birth truths are naked in front of the public.

Fang Yinuo is played by Ren Suxi, a popular but controversial actor in recent years.

Ren Suxi's performance in the play is remarkable, and her acting skills are realistic in terms of showing the state of her mother-to-be and depicting family conflicts.

on the shooting scene, Ren Suxi's immersive acting skills filled the scene with infection. even if she was unfortunately hit by the shoe cabinet during the shooting, she did not call an end, but was still "caught up" in the plot.

segment, Ren Suxi was still unable to help himself in his emotions, and it was so wholeheartedly devoted that the show was called true by the audience, so real that it shocked the audience who had never experienced it.

I have to sigh: Ren Suxi is really good at acting.

looking back on Ren Suxi's on-screen images in the past, people are all impressed.

Ren Suxi has never been an actress who "makes a living" by her looks. In the beautiful show business, she is really too inconspicuous.

even at his debut, netizens complained about "a donkey face", and netizens judged by their appearance never stopped cursing Ren Suxi.

but because of her almost cosmetic acting skills, she can always show the charm of her character incisively and vividly.

but the "Spring" of a good actor does not happen overnight.

Ren Suxi was born in a real art home, where his father plays the erhu and his mother plays the accordion.

such a warm and cozy family life envies others.

but the good times will not last long. When Ren Suxi was 11 years old, his father suffered from cancer and the harmony was broken.

Mom is struggling between the hospital and countless bills, and Ren Suxi is living in a neighbor's house.



in order not to be driven away, after taking the relief fund, she immediately bought rice and gave it to her neighbor:

"I don't eat and drink for free. Could you let me stay for another two weeks?"

she looked forward to her father's healthy return day and night, but his father's health was getting worse and worse. He didn't want to spend any more money when he was seriously ill and wanted to save money to buy a piano for Ren Suxi.

with tears and helplessness, young Ren Suxi played a song on his father's arm with his own little hand.

but the fate is changeable, and the song ends.

after my father died, the situation in the family plummeted.

in order to live as her father expected, she learned to be independent early and hid her naive character.

in order to adapt to the new environment and family, she tried to observe her words and expressions, swallowed her grievances in her stomach, and learned to be sensible and clever early.

at the age of 17, she was admitted to the Chinese opera without telling her mother and began a long journey to Beijing drifters.

when she was a sophomore, Ren Suxi began to work as a part-time director to earn money to support herself, but her work was intense and boring, and she was confused for a moment.

such an aimless life to the senior, the teacher asked her to rehearse a play as the heroine.

at this point, Ren Suxi began to form an inextricable bond with the play.

she rented a house in Tongzhou and took bus No. 669 to the Shuangjing Theater in Chaoyang District every day. The performance fee of 300 yuan per play is her motivation.

when she missed the bus, she ran desperately to get rid of the bus: "Why can't you wait for me?"

this run has lasted for ten years.

dedicated to the ten years of youth of the stage drama.

in order to act, she did her best and locked herself in a small dark room to ponder her acting skills. If she really couldn't, she drank and dared to play selflessly on the stage with the strength of the wine.

Director Zhou Shen discovered the light on Ren Suxi.Awn:

"she really lives on stage, where she acts as both a role and herself, no different from her usual."

the play "Donkey gets Water" is during casting, Zhou Shen will focus on Ren Suxi, although her appearance is not prominent, and may even be criticized.

but acting can talk.

when the premiere of "Donkey gets Water" came to an end, the audience experienced the charm of Ren Suxi, and she gave the character a resonance from the bottom of her soul.

Zhang Yiman in the play needs to slap himself in the face, while Ren Suxi performed more than 200 performances, each time firmly slapping his face.

with a span of five years, Ren Suxi has completely brought into the character, and even wrote tens of thousands of words of "Yiman Diary" in order to fill the inner world of the characters.

countless times into the play, countless times to tear up and fill up the feelings, Ren Su-Xi finally couldn't help saying, "Zhang Yiman hollowed me out."

in 2016, the movie "Donkey gets Water" was released, which made Ren Suxi an overnight hit.

fame and wealth swept in like a flood, and all kinds of invitations continued.

but she refused one by one, and the only creed she carried out to herself was: go out, go on stage, and act.

there is no other.

Ren Suxi only thinks of herself as an actress and devotes all her energies to roles and scripts, and everything else is an illusion to her.

Zhang Yiman, who is coquettish on the surface and pure in heart, "if you are free, everything can be thrown away." Zhang Yiman is full of tragic background, which is remembered by countless people.

You'll be turning heads with our magical colelction of champagne dress for wedding. There is no collection like ours.

Ma Jiaqi, who clearly loves life but is bullied by fate to be unable to hold on to it, just lying down makes people watch the whole play with tears streaming down his cheeks.

in "I'm fine in a foreign land," Ji Nanjia, who is gorgeous in front and fragile behind, threw away the style of a domineering female president and put on an "approachable" coat, and her eyebrows and eyes were full of Beijing drifters's infinite struggles.

when filming "Nobody", in order to make the character feel more involved, she often sits on the set until she is paralyzed and unwilling to get up.

she also went to Guizhou to experience life, learned the dialects there, walked through countless streets and alleys, and crouched on the roadside to eat roadside stalls.

even went to see patients with high paraplegia, communicate with them, and understand their living habits and inner world.

through all this, she is not to be more like Ma Jia Qi, but to become Ma Jia Qi.

Ren Suxi does not have the ambition of an ordinary actress to become a big star for the purpose of winning prizes. all she wants is to play every role well, to be recognized and recognized.

she said bluntly when she went to "I am an actor": "the reason I'm here is that there are a lot of good scripts that don't come to me. I want to tell them that I'm good."

it's not that she wants to act in a small-budget movie, but it's the only way she won't be ignored in casting.

in order to strive for a better script and to reflect the value of the actress herself, she worked so hard.

it is undoubtedly the best way to prove yourself with your work.

in 2018, Ren Suxi participated in the recording of "the City of Fantasy Music" and made Faye Wong burst into tears with a song "when I was a Child."

as many people say, Ren Suxi can move you inexplicably, whether in a song or in a play, and this is her most commendable place.

in December 2019, half Comedy, starring Ren Suxi, was released, with a bumper harvest at the box office and word of mouth, and the audience was no longer stingy with their praise and applause.

some people think that she is the second "Bai Baihe", while others say that her performance has already surpassed that of Bai Baihe, and her acting skills are more moving and more intense.

even Feng Xiaogang expressed his generosity: "I am a fan of Ren Suxi."

this time, Ren Suxi not only nominated the Golden Rooster Award, but also won the 27th Huading Award.

A year later, "me and my Motherland" won her the seventh Wen Rong Award for Best Actress in Film.

it is inevitable that Ren Suxi has become popular over the past decades, from nobody to the attention of the public.

although she is already famous now, she is very stingy with her own exposure.

she said: "as an actress, in addition to popularity, there is another thing called reputation."

moreover, she has no intention of setting up a person, and there is very little burden outside the play, so being an actress is the ultimate standard she gives herself.

maybe one day in the future, when she collapses her house, she can only "act a bad play", "fool her acting skills" and so on.

but I hope she can stick to her creed: "I just have to be an actress, not a star."

as she wrote on Weibo: don't lose it, don't be arrogant.

these six words are her blessing to herself and a wake-up call.

Ren Suxi was asked in an interview: "what do you want to say to yourself at the age of 30?"

she smiled brightly and said word by word:

"enjoy your brilliance at the moment!"