Manage your 25-55 years old.
Manage your 25-55 years old.
May you and I both manage ourselves well for the rest of our lives and write a desired ending for ourselves.


some people say that the age of 25-55 is the golden cycle of one's life.

physical strength and energy have reached a high degree of fullness, which is the best period for a person to struggle and accumulate strength.

whether one's old age is carefree or messy depends largely on this critical 30 years.

manage your 25-55 years old well before you can write the end of your life you want.

manage a good image

A person named

@ Xiaowen

have shared a personal experience:

A few years ago, she was sent by the company to Shenzhen for training.

because the training is scheduled for the next day, she dresses casually that day:

miniskirt with flip-flops, hair and no makeup.

when she and her partner met her at the airport, she immediately felt that the other person's eyes changed from glowing to dim, and then to questioning and disappointment.

obviously he was invited to be a senior lecturer, but he was regarded as a handyman;

lecturing for more than seven hours a day, but she didn't even have a chair.

Xiaowen complained to her superior unconvincingly, blaming the other side for judging people by their appearance.

the boss said to her:

"in the workplace, ability is hard to see at 01:30; your image is your most intuitive business card.

if you don't even take care of your image, how can you convince others that you can get things done? "

respect Luo Yi first, then others, skin first and then soul.

words are rough, but reason is not rough.

in the adult world, no one has the obligation to know the true inside of a person through his untidy outside.

psychologist Marie Bean has also come to the conclusion through research:

the impression that two people leave on each other depends 55% on the external image, 38% on the voice, and only 7% on the content and background of the speech at that time.

image is the first stepping stone in interpersonal communication.

ability to manage well

Deng Yaping, a famous table tennis player, when she first entered the game, almost no one was optimistic about her.

because she is shorter than the average athlete, many coaches think that her performance is due to luck.

even if she has joined the provincial team or even the national team, she still faces the risk of being withdrawn from the team several times.

but she is not willing to accept her fate. In order to make up for her deficiency in height, she can only be faster than others in speed and stronger in ability.

regardless of the severe cold and heat, she persists in training with a weight of 30 jin for more than ten hours every day.

according to the coach at that time, she practiced an average of 40 minutes more than others every day, and on weekends, she trained 48 days more than others in a year.

it is precisely because of such hard work that she has achieved her extraordinary strength.

height is no longer a problem, and grades are the best proof.

one for her to win one, one for her to win a pair, and finally, she left her legend of "the Devil of Table Tennis".

Mr. Wang Shuguo, president of Xi'an Jiaotong University, said:

"strength comes from ability."

ability is always the last word in life and in the workplace.

the so-called stable work means that no matter how harsh the external conditions are, they can have the hard core ability to resolve crises and solve problems.

manage your ability well and never forget to improve yourself all the time, so that you will not be afraid of the ever-changing elimination mechanism and always have your own place.

run a good family

in the hit TV drama "the Great Times", there is a scene that makes people feel sad:

wife Qing Yue calmly told her husband Chen Dingtian that her daughter had exudative otitis media and was deaf. The doctor had given notice that the possibility of hearing recovery was almost zero.

the husband wanted to go into the room to see his daughter with a look of disbelief.

but his wife stopped him like crazy, forbade him to see his daughter again, and reprimanded him for having only career and procedures in mind, no family, and was not worthy of being a father at all.

when she takes her young daughter to get an eardrum puncture.

watching the long needle stick into the child's ear and listening to the child's heartbreaking cry, while her husband is still busy working, she is determined to end the marriage.

later, no matter how Chen Dingtian apologized and admitted his mistake and told the story of their past love, Ching Yue never looked back.

once a happy family fell apart, and it was a sad ending.

have you ever had such a time in your life:

because you are so busy with your work, you neglect to care for your family.

always want to make more money and give their families a better life, but never ask, what do they really want?

Adult life is really difficult, and every step you take can't be separated from that broken silver.

who wants to run around all day long if it is not forced by life?

but no matter how busy you are at work and how difficult it is to make money, don't neglect your family.

money can be made again without money, but if the family is scattered.It's hard to be perfect.

I like the sentence written by Feng Jicai very much:

"it's good to have a home, even if it's poor, it's broken."

A man's greatest achievement in life is not to make a great career or to have inexhaustible wealth, but to run his family well: peace of mind and home, having a home is a blessing.

manage well

A person named

@ Lin Dafang

shared his anti-cancer diary on the Internet.

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he has been ill for three years, during which he has spent NT $500,000 to NT $600,000 one after another, and now his condition has finally stabilized for the time being.

but he has no idea whether there will be drug resistance transfer in the future, or whether the disease will worsen again.

Life is still like a bottomless pit, filling him with fear and unease.

he said that in the past, what he envied most was that others drove luxury cars and lived in villas.

but it was only after his illness that he was surprised to realize that these material things were only external things.

compared with him, those who are disease-free and healthy have already made a lot of money for themselves.

I think of a price list of body parts I saw on the Internet.

if a person is in good health, his whole body organs are worth about 300 million yuan.

always think that happiness is having a car, a house and money, but when the red light of life is on, you will know that the greatest happiness is disease-free and disaster-free.

the most advanced display of wealth in the world is not that I am richer than you, but that I am healthier than you.

Schopenhauer also said: happiness 9/10 is based on health.

especially when people reach middle age, it is a responsibility to manage their health well.

because you are no longer just yourself, you have parents in the hall, young children and a partner who made a promise to make a white head.

manage your health well, you can better do your filial piety for your parents, protect your children from the wind and rain, and stay with your loved ones for life.

manage well

philosopher Spencer said:

"it only takes a minute to change your mindset, but this minute can change the whole day."

A healthy state of mind is better than a panacea. Managing the state of mind well is the blessing of a lifetime.

I have seen such a cartoon.

there were two buckets hanging from the head of the well, and one of them sighed all day long, feeling that what he had done was in vain.

every time he worked hard to fill up with water, but soon he was immediately dumped and went back to the well empty.

the other bucket said:

"what do you think? Don't we come to the well empty and come back with a full load every time? "

it is obviously the same thing, a different state of mind, but a completely different mood.

this is the so-called "context is born from the heart, and the environment changes with the heart".

as the old saying goes, "Life is the mood; life is the state of mind."

in fact, no matter who comes to this world for a visit, it is inevitable that something bad will happen.

only by managing your state of mind well and always being optimistic and clear, can you live a comfortable life and live a comfortable life.

Buffett said:

"there is one investment that is more valuable than all other investments, and that is to invest in yourself."

to invest and operate as an enterprise is the most profitable business in the world.

in the most precious 30 years between the ages of 25 and 55, please remember to manage with your heart.

in the first ten years, manage your image and ability and constantly improve your core competitiveness in order to make you in an invincible position in the future.

in the middle ten years, take good care of your family and yourself. Please believe that a healthy and happy family is worth tens of millions of dollars.

the last ten years, manage their own state of mind, with an optimistic and open-minded heart, to respond to the ups and downs of the years, laugh at the ups and downs on the road of life.

, may you and I be able to manage ourselves for the rest of our lives and write a desired ending for ourselves.

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