Married to a wealthy family for seven years after divorce, hooking up with Hu GE became popular, netizens: it's time to be famous!
Married to a wealthy family for seven years after divorce, hooking up with Hu GE became popular, netizens: it's time to be famous!
"enjoy your brilliance at the moment!"

recently, my uncle is a little bit on top.

Liu Mintao, who has not been seen for a long time, has become a hot search again.

of course, what caught my eye this time was not her fashion, but her proper acting skills and talent.

the expression reveals three points of shrewdness, three points of delicacy, and the calmness of four points of victory.

even if he has an honest and calm personality, meticulous work, and thorough understanding of the world, he still exudes a sense of justice.

it can be said that Liu Mintao played the role alive, will not let people play at all, and does not have any sense of disobedience.

really, you can always trust her acting skills and strength.

however, every time he appears in the public eye, Liu Mintao cannot avoid being ridiculed as "affected".

I can only blame her performance on the stage. It's so classic.

A song called "Red High Heels", her eyes squinted slightly, shook her head, and rolled her eyes from time to time.

No one thought that when she was over 40, she was a little "cute in contrast" and a little playful and cute.

but her charm is much more than that.

perhaps, after reading Liu Mintao's story, you will understand:

it's not easy for her to live like this now.

she used her life to make another note for happiness.

when Liu Mintao is mentioned, many people have the impression that she is the quiet imperial concubine with hidden wisdom in Nirvana in Fire and the domineering and capable mirror in the camouflage.

to this day, it is still talked about by people.

but few people know that she was mistaken in her career as an actress.

since childhood, Liu Mintao has always been a "child of other people".

she is clever and sensible, she is arranged to grow up by her parents step by step, and she hasn't even had the slightest "rebellion" in adolescence.

even if I apply for the middle school entrance examination, I just follow my aunt's advice.

although she did not have any acting experience and knew nothing about acting, she thought that being in the play was also a good choice, so she vaguely agreed.

by virtue of her elegant appearance and Reiki performance, she was deeply loved by the examiners and was miraculously admitted to the Chinese opera in the first place.

in this way, she became a member of the Class 93 Bone Troupe. Xin Baiqing, Li Naiwen, Wang Qianyuan and Zhu Yuanyuan were all her classmates.

from then on, she embarked on the road of chasing and interpreting her dreams.

Liu Mintao, who entered the study of Chinese opera, was highly appreciated by teachers, and because of his resemblance to Gong Li, he was trained as a "little Gong Li."

and she always knew that if she didn't have the inborn talent, she would have to work hard to catch up.

when he was in college, Liu Mintao did not relax for a moment, and he took acting classes, culture classes, and so on seriously.

however, she is not as lucky as Gong Li. She has never met Bole who knows her.

since she started filming, she has walked very smoothly, and all the roles she has received are protagonists.

Ai Hong in the Story of the Police Station, Nie Xiaoqian in the Love of Man and Ghost, Kui Juner in Qianmen Lou Jiuzhong, Chen Jiazhen in Fu Gui.

there is nothing to say about her acting skills, so she can be regarded as a good actress for heaven to eat!

although her acting career is not a big hit, she is never short of acting.

however, during the rising period of his career, Liu Mintao chose to get out of the audience's field of vision.

at the age of 31, Liu Mintao met the right person. With a longing for love, she entered into marriage.

never thought that the sweetness of love does not represent the whole of life in the future.

her husband is a successful entrepreneur who has been working outside the home for a long time, and it is the norm of life to gather less and leave more.

in order to give her husband peace of mind to start a career, she resolutely left the stage to become a full-time wife and stay at home to teach her husband and children.

from 31 to 38, she devoted seven years of her youth to her family.

it seems that Liu Mintao has been living according to the "standard" female life track of society.

however, married life is not as good as she thought, and she seems to be happy for a while.

her husband is busy at work and has little time to go home. Liu Mintao is always alone, taking care of the children and doing housework.

however, the husband did not see her sacrifice, but enjoyed her efforts with peace of mind, and did not even say a word to himself all the year round.

all Liu Mintao's expectations for romance and marriage have been shattered by reality.

Life slowly wore away her passion, and she chose to endure it again and again for her daughter to maintain the marriage until her self-esteem was trampled on in the end.

she once shared a story on the show:

once, they went on a trip to Hokkaido.

there is a shop by the roadside, selling matcha ice cream is very attractive, she wants to eat very much. But at that time, she was penniless and embarrassed to talk to her husband.

finally opened her mouth, but was refused by her husband and was said, "you are not a little girl anymore



unexpectedly, she gave up the beautiful stage, returned to her family, and ended up with an ice cream.I can't get it.

in countless nights, Liu Mintao always lay in bed lost in thought, recalling the sadness and disappointment of the past, she only felt lonely and humble.

she completely lost the gamble of marriage.

fortunately, Liu Mintao can see clearly and live thoroughly after a big dream.

if you love, you will love. If you don't love, you will simply say goodbye.

after the divorce, Liu Mintao reappeared in front of the public.

she wants to be herself and rebel against life as she pleases.

she tried to reconcile with the regular past and picked up the career she loved again.

however, having missed the best seven years, it is not easy for her to make a comeback.

without an agent, she went to the crew and made friends on her own, trying to win a small role.

she knows very well that in the show business, there seems to be no other way but to perform in a down-to-earth manner.

therefore, Liu Mintao always treats every small potato attentively, acts well in every scene, and is not lazy at all.

in "parents' Love", she is a kind, kind and upright but ill-fated teacher GE;

in the camouflage, she is a tough, domineering and loving eldest sister.

in Nirvana in Fire, she is a quiet, gentle, delicate and resourceful concubine;

in Ode to Joy, she is Guan Ma, who loves to worry and exudes intellectual elegance;

"good-bye, young man! "she is Zhou Lan, a mother who collapsed and despaired and suffered the loss of her child.

along the way, Liu Mintao seems to have opened a plug-in.

in movies and TV dramas, she worked conscientiously and gained a firm foothold on the basis of her strength.

in the variety arena, she is not inferior, shining brilliantly, so that the audience is trapped in the charm of her sister.

in the birth of actors, textbook-like performance, every step in the play, between a bunch of frowns, the complex characters are played alive

not only brightens the eyes of the audience, but also makes the contestants and mentors full of praise.

after that, Liu Mintao joined the "Voice on the scene". In order to show the depth and despair of love, she performed on the ground to make the mood more in line with the atmosphere.

even Qin Hailu was so moved by her strength that she burst into tears and exclaimed, "Sister is leveraged!"

as she said on the stage of "the birth of actors":

"the actor's bowl of rice is given by the audience. If I don't hold it properly, who should I be sorry for?"

after her return, she was finally seen.

Liu Mintao's self-confidence and brilliance are a gift precipitated by the years.

the love of the stage has never been just a word.

she devotes all her energy to her work, and every work and performance is required to be the ultimate.

Liu Mintao, standing on the stage, shines, making people unconsciously attracted.

now, Liu Mintao redefines happiness.

she not only ushered in the second spring of her career, but also began to learn to enjoy life.

will no longer be as negative and decadent as before because of public opinion and criticism.

but learn to follow your heart, know what you want, and live for yourself.

little by little she cleared the haze from her mind, and her eyes shone with happiness again.

painting, reading, gourmet skiing, short hair cut. Do what you like and pursue what you like.

can sing love songs, can also afford to play a band, and rock and roll is full of vitality!

of course, her life has never lacked a sense of ritual.

opening her Weibo, she is full of love for life and turns her life into a poem.

after seven bleak years, Liu Mintao ushered in a natural and unrestrained self.

but she still believes in love and is brave enough to love, and her eyes are full of real expectations.

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seeing such Liu Mintao, I believe many people are very happy for her.

her experience and freedom seem to tell us all:

stand up in a different position, eventually get out of the wind and rain, usher in the rainbow, live to shine your own brilliant light.

every encounter in the world is a gift of life.

I believe that no matter what happens in the future, Liu Mintao will be able to handle it calmly.

after Qianfan, the 46-year-old still lives a beautiful and reserved life.

, may you and I both have the strength to be our own and the courage to enjoy freedom, just like Liu Mintao.

also expect that Liu Mintao will continue to shine on the screen and bring us more surprises.