Maturity of different age groups
Maturity of different age groups
Neither rush nor make do with it is the best way of life in old age.




Confucius once sighed: "the dead, such as Sifu, do not give up day and night."

time is like running water, and each age group has its own maturity.

We should make a plan in time and do the right thing at the right age.

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Twenty years old, improve yourself

20 weak crowns.

the greatest maturity at this time is to put self-promotion first.

because it is at the time of youth, it is the golden period of the most abundant mind and energy.

you don't have to run for your family, you don't have to worry about life, you have plenty of time to focus on your own growth.

where you spend your time now, your future achievements will be there.

improve your ability and make yourself valuable, so that you will have more rights to choose actively in the future.

ascend the circle, the circle determines the fate, and you will have what kind of life you are with.

improve your mind and think of what others can't think of before you can do what others can't do.

improve self-cultivation, speak cleanly, behave generously, and will be respected wherever you go.

when you continue to improve yourself, you will become better and better.

and every opportunity you seize can be the key to changing your destiny and becoming yourself.

30 years old, take care of yourself

stand at thirty.

at this age, there are old people at the top and children at the bottom, with three generations on their shoulders.

those carefree days of hiding under the wings of their parents are long gone.

if you indulge, you will eventually be overwhelmed by reality.

the only way is to take good care of yourself, cultivate self-cultivation, start a family, start a career, and control the course of life.

taking good care of your health is not only a requirement for yourself, but also the greatest responsibility for your family.

only by taking good care of words and deeds, not acting willfully, and not speaking freely, can we avoid disasters and far-reaching disasters.

manage your desires, be content, know that enough is enough, and naturally be happy.

take good care of your emotions, be calm in case of trouble, and you can live a good life if you meet with peace of mind.

Thirty years old is a game between yourself and yourself. how hard you are to yourself, how stable your life is.

to take care of yourself is to find the key to happiness, and the life you want will come to you.

40 years old, recognize yourself

forty is not confused.

Don't be confused, it's not that you're not confused, it's getting better.

externally, understand the society; internally, recognize yourself.

only by recognizing yourself can you turn past experience into experience and live safely for the rest of your life.

recognize the position clearly, do not regard the platform as a skill, do not be arrogant, can continue to improve.

recognize your strength, do your best, and act according to your ability in order to achieve stability and success.

to recognize the bottom line and to do something and not to do something is to keep the foundation of one's own life.

recognize the heart, do not compete, as long as you feel satisfied, is the greatest happiness.

there is a saying in Daojing: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

see clearly that others are wise, and recognize that you are truly wise.

at the age of forty, recognize yourself clearly and keep a clear head. Only in this way can you laugh at all aspects of life and enjoy the prosperity of the world.

50 years old, understand yourself

50, you know your destiny.

this age, has tasted all the ups and downs, through the ups and downs.

my children are all grown up, they are about to retire, and they have plenty of time to belong to themselves.

A hundred years of life, when we reach the midpoint, the real life has just begun.

understand yourself, start anew, embark on a new journey, feel the true meaning of life, is the greatest maturity.

Wu Tou is willing to give up, and only when he has given up can he gain. All losses will come back in another way.

understand the cold and warm, understand who is the true friend, who is worth paying the most.

understand the joys and sorrows, happiness is a day, sadness is a day, make yourself happy every day.

the best way to live is to let go, do not insist, and want to be open and open.

Mu Xin said, "I didn't know what it was like to be a man until I was fifty."

all the past of life is a kind of experience and precious wealth.

as long as you can understand yourself and conform to your destiny, you will live a more wonderful life in the second half of your life.

60 years old, enrich yourself

sixty is pleasing to the ear.

this age, do not live in other people's mouth, do not live in other people's eyes.

at this time, the person who should be most happy is himself, and the person who should love most is himself.

so don't be reluctant, don't worry about it, learn to live a high life and enrich yourself.

Let yourself have a good spirit, full body and mind, is the best way of life in old age.

enrich your body, take care of yourself, go to bed early and get up early, keep exercising, and put your body first.

enrich your spirit, please yourself, live as you wish, and live an ideal state.

enrich your hobbies, don't waste your time, drink tea, grow flowers, sing and danceDance, live a colorful life.

A rich state of mind, always full of positive sunshine and positive energy, if there is light in the heart, you will be blessed in life.

Yang Jiang said: "in life, one year old has the taste of one year old, and there is a scenery at one stop."

after the age of 60, if you don't sigh for old age, don't grieve for autumn, and enrich yourself, your life will become more and more prosperous.

neither rush nor make do with it, it is the best way of life in old age.

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