Men can't let you go, and they will expose these weaknesses.
Men can't let you go, and they will expose these weaknesses.
May you meet your beloved early, and may all your deep feelings not be disappointed.

heard a saying: "the hardest thing in a relationship is not to pick it up, but to put it down."

I agree with you.

in fact, there is nothing in the world that cannot be let go, only obsession that cannot be let go.

for example, when a man loves a woman so much that he can't let her go, he exposes the following weaknesses because of obsession.


when it comes to sentimentality, many people immediately think of Lin Daiyu's charming and compassionate image.

in fact, many men also show a sentimental side in their relationships.

for example, if you don't reply to his message in time, he will be anxious and ask why you didn't reply to him and if something made you angry.

you still wonder if you don't like him and begin to hate him, so you deliberately don't reply to messages.

A word you inadvertently say will make him sad for a long time, because he cares very much about the image in your heart.

when he sees you eating and chatting with other members of the opposite sex, he will sulk and secretly compare with him that where he is not good enough and where he is not as good as him.

before falling in love with you, he may be a careless person and will never be trapped by love. Once I have true feelings for you, I can't help being sentimental.

the poet Beidao said:

"I take a book and bask in the sun on the bench. My heart becomes soft and easy to cry, like a sentimental old man."

A man who has moved his true feelings is also like a sentimental old man in his feelings, with emotional ups and downs and worrying about gains and losses.

even Wang Xiaobo is not immune from vulgarity in love.

in his letter to Li Yinhe, he said:

"I'm telling you, I'm jealous of other people's love now.

I feel unhappy when I see others hurrying home to find someone, or seeing others together, as if I had been abandoned.

Oh, I'm so lonely. "

it can be seen that a man becomes sentimental when he meets love.


Bacon said, "even God can't be wise in love."

if a man can't let you go, he will become hesitant and indecisive.

I want to express my love to you, but I am afraid of being rejected, so I lose the opportunity to be with you.

I want to accompany you all my life, but I'm afraid I can't give you the best life.

even if I invite you to dinner, I will think about it again and again for fear that the restaurant is not your favorite style and that the food is not to your taste.

because he loves you, he thinks about everything for you, always from your point of view, as long as you are happy, he will silently protect you.

as the saying goes, with love, there are concerns and fetters.

because you have someone you care about, it is inevitable that you will be indecisive and difficult to choose when making a decision or choice.

especially on some big decisions.

just like Gu Wei in "Please give more advice for the rest of my Life", it was a rare opportunity to go to Germany for further study, and he also wanted to go.

but when the application form was in his hands for several days, his boss urged him again and again, but he hesitated and couldn't make up his mind because he was reluctant to leave his girlfriend.

as a doctor with a scalpel, he can make a quick decision in front of many matters of life and death, but he is indecisive in his own affairs, just because of his deep love and deep affection.

if a man is resolute and decisive outside, but becomes indecisive in the face of you, it is because he can't put you down in his heart.

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lack of self-confidence

someone on Zhihu asked, "Why do you become less confident in front of the person you like?"

one of the answers is: "because I care."

as the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." the more you care about a person, the more you feel that he or she is good everywhere and that he or she is not worthy of each other.

Joe Byron said, "Joy and pain in love alternate."

but whether it is honey or bitter wine, it is enjoyable.

when a man has feelings for you, he may become less and less confident, sensitive and vulnerable.

he will be careful in front of you, try his best to please you, for fear of saying the wrong things to make you angry, and always afraid of losing you if he doesn't do well.

he will pay special attention to your evaluation and affirmation of him.

I'm even more afraid that I can't meet your requirements and standards, and I can't give you the happiness you want.

in order to be worthy of you and get your approval, he will work hard and try his best to give you a bright future.

the more you can't let go of your man, the easier it is to expose his weakness in self-confidence.

because in his heart, you deserve the best.

writer Vladimir Nabokov once said: "there are three things people can't hide: cough, poverty and love."

if a man really loves you, he can't hide it.

Love makes a person take off his armor and show his inner weakness.

when a man no longer pretends to be strong in front of you and is willing to expose his weakness in front of you, it is because he can no longer put you in his heart.

, may you meet your beloved early, and may all your deep feelings not be disappointed.