Men really love you and will take the initiative to do it.
Men really love you and will take the initiative to do it.
Whether he loves you or not depends not on what he says, but on what he does.



D: kuwoxiaobei

among all my friends, Xiaojing is recognized as a "slag-sucking physique".

she has always been smart and beautiful, highly educated, reads the most books, and is the most cautious about her feelings.

but in this way, she is the one who is most likely to indulge in fantasy and never look back without hitting the wall in love.

I find that more and more people are like Xiaojing, the people they like are ashamed to take the initiative to fight for them, but they are always unwilling to get to know the people who like them.

because of the lack of sense of security, they build high walls around themselves, afraid of getting hurt in their feelings, and look forward to meeting someone who perfectly meets their expectations.

but they forget that those who can see through their reserve and indifference and knock on the door again and again after being pushed away are often not passionate people, but mostly experienced lovers.

you know, in reality, people who are stingy with their sincerity are less active and less able to say nice things.

so whether he loves you or not depends not on what he says, but on what he does.

I suddenly remembered a short story about Feng Jicai, called "Gao woman and her short husband", a very simple love story.

soon after the tall woman married her short husband, the tall woman died, and the short husband didn't seem to be very sad.

but after that, whenever he held up his umbrella alone on a rainy day, he would subconsciously hold it high, far higher than he needed.

does not need much gorgeous expression, write here is enough, a very simple detail, but it is precisely the reflection of love.

We always seem to make a mistake. When love is not expressed in words, but expressed in other ways, we do not give it the definition of love.

We are used to treating those who verbally say they love us as those who really love us, while we turn a blind eye to those who really give for us and love us but do not say so.

in fact, people who really love you seldom mention the word love to you.

because it is always easier to say than to do.

people who really love you are thinking about what to do and what to do all the time to make you happier and happier.

they are more accustomed to using behavior to put love into practice, not just in a shallow sentence that I love you.

and those who have a little affection for you, are more interested in talking about love and love to you.

because words are effortless, they are unwilling and do not need to take actions to prove anything.

there is a lack of people who know how to express love in life, let alone those who find love.

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when we are always obsessed with whether a person loves himself or not, don't ask him or ask for an answer.

those who really love you always hide their love in firewood, rice, oil and salt.

hide in the hot porridge cooked for you when you are ill;

hide in the shoulder you lean on every time you lose;

is hidden in every tenderness that catches you when your negative emotions erupt.

he may not have said love to you, but every move, every look in your eyes, every comfort and encouragement, is an expression of love.