More than 6 shows that your body is very young.
More than 6 shows that your body is very young.
Staying young is a sign of love for life.

I have heard a saying: "Life never starts too late, do what you like to do, even if you are 80 years old now."

I think so deeply, as long as there is something I want to do, no matter what age or stage I want to do, it is never too late.

the most important thing is to have a young body.

A young body is not a good appearance or a large figure, but a strong body and vigorous spirit.

if you have achieved more than 6 items, your body is much younger than your peers.


sleep well

Shakespeare said: "comfortable sleep is the gentle and missed care given by nature."

A good night's sleep is nature's best nourishment and the best secret recipe for fighting distress.

A person who has time to sleep will be healthy and enjoy food.

A person who can get a good night's sleep can think about everything and have nothing on his mind.

"the body is tired to sleep, the heart is tired to giggle." those who can sleep well are the most blessed.

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has a childlike innocence

Mencius said, "A great man does not lose his pure heart."

childlike innocence has nothing to do with age, but more symbolizes a vibrant realm of life.

if you look at the world with gray glasses, life is dull, your eyes are dull and lifeless;

has a childlike innocence, optimistic and positive nature, even if you close your eyes, you can imagine a bright spring.

return to innocence, maintain love and curiosity to the world, thinking in high spirits, how can not be permeated with youthful vitality.


likes to make friends

there is an apt analogy: a friend is a happy bird.

in life, friends bring us laughter and laughter, just like a ray of sunshine in life, warming the time.

A study shows that people with extensive social networks are 50% more likely to live longer than those with fewer friends, and the physical damage of not interacting with people for a long time is equivalent to smoking.

sharing happiness with friends doubles happiness; sharing hardship halves sorrow; among friends, we get support and maintain healthy habits together.

like to make friends, can make the body younger.


know how to let go

in fact, our hearts are like a container. When there is more trouble, there is less happiness; when there is more desire, there is less satisfaction.

Let it go when it's time to let go, forget some unpleasant things, people who are not worth it, suffering is not bitter, joy is not joy, it's just a momentary obsession.

Life is short, you should learn to add and subtract, let go of your tiredness, let bygones be bygones, let your heart be happy forever!

learn to let go so that you can hold new happiness. There is no burden in the heart, but the natural face is young.


have a sports hobby

exercise can not only maintain good health, but also improve memory and effectively prevent diseases.

have a sport that you like and persist in, such as walking, mountain climbing, dancing, etc., in order to keep fit.

the best example is Zhong Nanshan. Even though he is 83 years old, his mental activity is no worse than that of young people. After fighting for several months, he is still full of spirit and always speaks logically and forcefully.

think of those middle-aged protruding bellies and fleshy flesh, and the gap between people is thus reflected.

exercise is the most natural maintenance secret, and it is also the best way to build a body.


I am young in mind and don't think I am old

as the old saying goes: if you don't think about your old age, you won't have a veteran.

people grow old, not from the first wrinkle or the first gray hair, but from the moment their mind grows old.

A study also shows that people who live longer tend to feel much younger than their age.

Youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind. Love life, enjoy life, there will never be an old day.

if you live a little more wonderful every day than yesterday, you will naturally be much happier, more interesting and much more energetic.


go to bed early and get up early

No matter how much health tea and knowledge about health preservation, it is not worth following healthy habits seriously.

"King of Medicine" Sun Simiao said: "getting up early, especially a golden recipe, is a golden elixir of longevity."

early to bed and early to rise accounts for 70% of human health, while mentality, diet and timely recuperation each account for 10%, which shows its importance.

therefore, the simplest and best way to keep fit is to go to bed early and get up early.

when a person's biological clock coincides with the laws of nature, it can achieve the best state of life and enhance happiness.


Don't rely too much on your children

it is nature for parents to love their children.

but no matter how much you love your children, don't become the "master" of their lives.

"Zengguang Xianwen" says: "Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, do not be horses and cattle for their children and grandchildren."

Children and grandchildren have their own way to go. Whether they are good or bad depends on themselves. Don't worry too much about their children and grandchildren and do everything for them.

you can give some advice to your children appropriately, but if you control too much, it is also prone to unnecessary contradictions.

you might as well open your hands and believe that your children will take care of their lives. Then spend more time refined.Focus on yourself, cultivate a few hobbies, and live a wonderful life.

having a good life is the greatest help to them.


like to laugh

I agree with one sentence: laughter is the best medicine.

Life is not different because of a roar, but it becomes especially beautiful because of a smile.

it takes ten years to smile.

Research shows that every laugh makes your muscles shake, your breath quickens and your pulse beats faster, just like your body is doing light exercise.

laughter is good for physical and mental health, and the more you live, the younger you get.


will spend money

when you are young, you are physically strong and not easy to get sick. So if you earn a penny, you spend a penny.

with the increase of age, the body function is not as good as it used to be, and it is hard to avoid some pain from time to time. If you get sick accidentally, you need to run to the hospital, which is not only worrisome, but also brings financial troubles to the family and children.

if you have a certain deposit, you should know how to buy the corresponding insurance and leave a sense of security for your life.

therefore, it is necessary to have a sense of deposit, leave a way back to the economy, and be more leisurely when accidents in life occur.


lose things regularly

if you want to live a simple life, you start by cleaning your room.

sort out unwanted items and throw them away regularly, ranging from a part, a mask, to a kitchen item, a furniture.

superfluous items will only add annoyance to people, superfluous social activities, and so will superfluous friends. If you learn to break up, you will feel refreshed.

A comfortable home ensures a simple and refreshing life; clear your mind and go back to basics, and life needs to be simplified.


Don't get angry easily

with regard to the influence of emotion on the body, it has long been recorded in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic: "anger injures the liver, likes to be sad, thinks to hurt the spleen, sorrows the lungs, and fears the kidney."

peace of mind is better than a healing stone.

as the saying goes: illness is born from the heart, phase is born from the heart.

the physical illness and the cruel traces of the years on the face are all emotional defeats.

"keeping in good health" is far inferior to "nourishing the heart". To be kind-hearted is to take care of your appearance and your healthy body.

stay young,

is a sign of love for life.

May everyone be strong,

mind is young, enjoy a beautiful life ~

the above tips for staying young,

how many things have you done?

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