Most of the people who do these three things in front of you look down on you and should pay more attention!
Most of the people who do these three things in front of you look down on you and should pay more attention!
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A lot of people wear masks to get along with others, and they never let you know what you really think.

even so, a person's attitude towards you will actually leave a mark.

when a person looks down on you, Ta's heart naturally doesn't respect you very much. Ta thinks you don't deserve to be on an equal footing with Ta.

Uncle wants to say that in interpersonal communication, peer-to-peer relationships can last long.

in psychology, if a person has these three kinds of performance to you, it shows that he looks down on you from the bottom of his heart and needs to be more careful.

do not listen to your opinions

is always on your opposite

it is easiest to see who is "wrong" to you in social situations.

people who deliberately interrupt you while you are talking, scoff at your ideas, often refute you on the opposite side, and manipulate the pace of conversation anytime and anywhere are actually disrespectful and disapproving of you.

otherwise how could I hurt you in such an impolite way?

when you are doing something, some people don't like it, so they sneer and laugh at you, even taking your weakness as a laughing point.

but when you ask him if he despises himself? They will deny or even blame you for being too serious and not knowing how to joke.

in fact, your instincts are right.

such a joke is an invisible "personal attack".

this kind of respect includes considering each other's feelings and understanding each other's thoughts, rather than going their own way and making random decisions.

it is precisely because we cherish each other's feelings that we pay more attention to each other's ideas and suggestions.

so, no matter how good your relationship is on the surface, if a person never respects any of your opinions, then there is no doubt that this person actually looks down on you.

tell you a piercing truth:

No matter how well you do, you will meet people who don't get along with you. They misinterpret your meaning and even "argue" maliciously, putting them in a tit-for-tat position.

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so in the face of such people, don't fantasize about changing their inner impression of you.

because their subjective ideas are also quite paranoid, they look down on you from the bottom of their heart and think that some of your actions are bad behavior, and even if you try to prove yourself, you still can't get recognition.

if he complains about you to the people around you, you can defend your rights in a reasonable way, or stay away from him directly.

or give orders to you

or muddle through and ignore your existence

sometimes, a person gives you a different "treatment", not because he is partial to you, but because he is biased against you.

he will deliberately not balance a bowl of water, and there is a sharp contrast between the attitude towards others and that towards you:

treat others with a decent and thoughtful attitude, there is no best, only better;

the attitude towards you is another matter. There is no worst, only worse.

it's like a snob who meets someone to order a dish, paying no attention to face or your face.

in fact, you have the most feelings about whether a person likes you or looks down on you.

some people's Rank is very high, perhaps when there are many people, they will not show their contempt for you, but when there are few people, or when there is no one, they will show you perfunctorily and vividly.

is waiting for the other party to reply to your message, but he sends a message to his moments and likes others, but does not reply to you.

We all hope to meet a reliable person who has an account for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything.

but in fact, the person who despises you doesn't want to give his enthusiasm at all, no matter how kind you are to him, he is indifferent.

for example, some people obviously talk to others a lot, but when they talk to you, they suddenly have a cold attitude, don't reply to you, and always want to see their mobile phone. The most common things are perfunctory nods and simple "um" and "Oh". You can even feel that he is not listening to you at all.

that's because when a person is doing something he is not interested in, he subconsciously wants it to end soon, and his actions and thoughts will begin to cater to the desire to "end quickly", thus creating an invisible meaning that he wants to expel you.

I hope you can be aware of it and leave wisely.

often show a sense of superiority in front of you

you will meet some people with a sense of superiority in your life:

after reading a few books, they begin to tell others what to do;

when they have bought luxury goods, they think that the people around them are of no class;

when they have been abroad several times, they think they have seen the world;


these people, who are conceited and conceited, always think that they are the center of the world. From time to time, they write on their faces and talk about the self-coronation superiority of "I have but you do not."

they can live well, but if you want to live well, you don't deserve it. On the surface, they seem to get along well with you, but they always make you feel that "you are not as good as him" in words and deeds:

"my boyfriend bought me a bag again, the latest style."

"you haven't been to a big dinner at the xxx Hotel yesterday, have you?"

"A lot of people can't get into the school where their children want to go.Yes. "


the essence of sharing and showing off is the difference in mentality.

it's normal to express your happiness to the people around you, but often showing off is to show a sense of superiority.

combining the scene, manner and tone, I'm sure you can tell.

believes that really good people know how to be modest and will not show their sense of superiority in front of others, because their strength is already here and there is no need to show off.

and some people expand and float more and more because they have something.

such people often immerse themselves in their own small world, but feel that you are not worthy of their noble taste.

if a person wants to satisfy his vanity by showing off, Ta needs to find an audience who he thinks is inferior to him and doesn't feel good about himself.

they want to be in a strong position and control in the relationship, and if you ask for equality, they will be dissatisfied.

and your existence is only used to satisfy his abnormal sense of superiority.

and as long as you despise you and ignore them more than they do, it is enough to make them suffer.

Why is there a mentality of "looking down on others"?

believes that in many cases, looking down on others is a kind of projection, which is caused by a low sense of self-worth or instability.

get the feeling that you are better than others, higher than others, and different from others (narcissism) from the behavior of looking down on others, so as to distinguish yourself from those who look down on you, so as to gain an illusory sense of superiority.

A person with a high and stable sense of self-worth does not lack self-confidence and self-esteem, does not need to constantly seek a sense of self-worth, and knows how to respect others.

therefore, for this inevitable contempt, you need not be sad, let alone entangled.

it is unrealistic to make everyone like you.

when someone looks down on you, beware, learn to handle things cold, then manage your life, live the way you like, move towards a better self, and fight back at Ta with action.

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