Never destroy your good fengshui.
Never destroy your good fengshui.
If you do good deeds, say good words, and be kind to others, life will be favorable and the balance will be safe.

Nan Huaijin, a master of Confucianism, once said:

"it is useless to ask for help, worship Buddha, pray for God, or ask for friends. People want to stand up on their own, and they ask for their own happiness."

one life, two games, three fengshui, life is made by oneself, and the heart changes with the situation.

everyone is an energy field, and our fate is often hidden in our daily words and deeds.

in dealing with the world, never destroy your own fengshui.

build a kind heart

when it comes to "circumstances change with the heart", many people think that it is just "nonsense".

she said, "

everyone is surrounded by a magnetic field, and your magnetic field will attract the same people and things.


as an invisible force, magnetic field has an inestimable effect on us.

the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University have also confirmed through a large number of tests:

the regular biological current of the human body will produce magnetic field signals.

and these signals are often a person's mind and heart.

that is to say, if you are kind and helpful, you will be lucky.

on the contrary, it is unjust and has little support, and everything is not going well.

he fell in love with the stewardess Zheng Youen at first sight, but he was a poor "Beijing drifters youth" and could not get into each other's eyes at all.

at first, he joined the elderly square dance for love, trying to catch up with the goddess by getting close to his mother-in-law.

but only a few days later, he felt pity for the old aunts and realized their loneliness and helplessness.

later, no matter how much Youen refused him, he was duty-bound to take care of and help these aunts.

teach them to use their mobile phones, chat with them, help them participate in square dance competitions.

and his aunts have become divine assists in his pursuit of love, helping him achieve what he wants.

unexpectedly, after catching up with Youen, Zhang Guangzheng is still as active as before to help these elders.

his friend asked him, "the goddess has caught up, but you still pay attention to these aunts."

Zhang Guangzheng said:

"it has nothing to do with Youen long ago when I helped my aunt.

in my heart, I think of myself as their son far away from home, so I want to help them more. "

in fact, being gracious is not stupid. She can see that Zhang Guangzheng is kind and has a better heart, so she is willing to put her happiness in his hands.

the road of life is all described by the heart.

mind determines words and deeds, words and deeds create a magnetic field, magnetic field affects luck, and luck dominates fengshui.

it can be seen that if we want to live a successful life, we must practice a kind and upright heart.

those who love to return, and those who are blessed return.

kindness is the most important feng shui on the body, which needs our careful care.

keep a friendly face

Tongcheng County Chronicles records such a story.

when the family saw this, they were so ashamed that they immediately backed away.

unexpectedly, when the neighbor saw this, he also took the initiative to retreat three feet, leaving a "six-foot lane" between the two houses.

Zhang Ying didn't want to hurt the friendship between the two families for such a trifle, and his tolerance and magnanimity finally became a story.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "the use of etiquette, harmony is precious."

to treat others and do things, kindness is the most precious. If you only know how to be emotional and competitive, the consequence can only be to hurt others and yourself.

two uncles in the vegetable market got into a big fight because they grabbed the booth, and even brought in their sons and daughters to help.

neither of you will let the other. In order to get angry, first you raised my rice flour and I dropped your vegetable melon.

later, he pointed at each other's nose and scolded, and even pushed and shoved, and got into a fight.

an uncle shouted, "Don't steam steamed bread for breath", grabbed a handful of chili powder and threw it in each other's face.

another uncle, not to be outdone, picked up a fruit knife and rushed over.

if everyone hadn't stopped it in time, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

the old man was not relieved, so he picked up his cell phone and called the child, which triggered a "vegetable market fight".

as a result, the old people's blood pressure soared and the children were taken away by the police for fighting.

originally, a small business could not make much money, but this is really a "big loss".

as the saying goes, "

there are few disputes in dealing with things with kindness, but there are many friends who are lenient in dealing with others.


it is better to let three points win or lose for a while, and to be kind to others will ensure that everything goes well.

Life is always full of contradictions and disputes.

instead of rushing forward, it is better to take a step back.

be calm, peace is the most precious in everything, good luck will naturally come uninvited, and life will be at ease.

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practice a kind mouth

there is a saying in Xunzi: "good words with others are warmer than cloth and silk; hurtful words are deeper than spears."

oral vomitingLotus, let people like a spring breeze; evil words to each other, it is bound to frequent contradictions and troubles.

Lori Gottlieb, a psychiatrist, once received a patient who upset her very much.

A man named John, as soon as he entered the door, his mouth was full of dirty words and complained that the people around him were "idiots".

he cursed his colleagues as "mercenary" villains, mocked his wife as a complete psychopath, and even said nothing nice about his two daughters.

when he learned that Lori was a single mother, he said in a teasing tone:

"isn't a man interested in you?"

as everyone knows, Lori was going through the pain of breaking up at that time, and when she heard John say this, she could only hold back her anger.

once, John actually ordered takeout when he was seeing a doctor and yelled at the takeout guy on the other end of the phone:

in more than forty years of John's life, he seems to have cursed, complained, slandered and ridiculed others all the time.

and his life is a mess, his work is excluded, his wife divorced him, and no one wants to talk to him except a pet dog.

however, Lori could not help him and could only say to him:

"if you don't change the way you speak, our treatment will not be able to proceed."

Don't underestimate the art of speaking. Good fortune comes from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth. Every word we say will eventually be retribution to us.

Don't choose your words, overexert your tongue quickly, ignore the feelings of others, and you can only end up being isolated and excluded.

on the contrary, do not say evil words, harsh words do not listen to the ear, with warm words to encourage and comfort people, naturally can form a good relationship, meet dignitaries.

develop a kind mouth, and the road of life will be smoother and smoother.

there was a man who met a fortune-teller when he was young, saying that he would not live to be 53 years old, and that his official career was bleak and that he had no children and no children.

"Yong Yan accompany your fate and seek your own blessings."

is to tell him that blessings are all in his own practice, and his destiny is in his own hands.

from then on, this person began to accumulate virtue and do good deeds. As a result, he not only had a high school Jinshi, but also had a full house of children and grandchildren, and lived to be in his seventies.

this person is Yuan Jiaofan, the author of "the four trainings of Fan".

he condensed his perception of life into eight words:

"all Fukuda, do not leave the square inch."

and the "square inch" is precisely ourselves.

Destiny is not partial to anyone, and God will not favor anyone. It is a blessing or a curse, it is a doom, and there is cause and effect for good or bad luck.

do good deeds, say good words, and be kind to others, life will be favorable and the balance will be safe.

No matter how difficult life is, don't forget your energy field.

No matter how hard the days are, you should learn to operate your own fengshui.

May we cultivate a Bodhi mind and live to be our own lucky gods.

encourage each other.