Never overdraw a favor.
Never overdraw a favor.
The heart is hard to find, only the heart to change the heart.


during the live broadcast, he did not hesitate to use the favor of 60,000 fans and spent 2 hours, but finally failed.

many netizens said they could not understand, saying that human feelings are like knives, which are getting thinner and thinner, and human feelings should be used on the blade.

for the sake of temporary gain, it is a senseless consumption of human feelings to use interpersonal relationships easily.

once a human relationship is overdrawn, it will overwhelm you; once the relationship is broken, you can't buy it back no matter how much money you spend.

A really smart person will never overdraw a favor.

cheap is easy to take, but it is difficult to return the favor


Wang Qi, a consultant, told such a story:

Ms. Wang is a doctor. Because her child transferred to another school, she asked her classmates for help.

Ms. Wang is very grateful to the other party for taking nothing after the matter has been done.

however, to her surprise, her classmates brought their relatives and friends to the hospital many times to ask her for help.

some things are even beyond her purview, which makes it particularly difficult for Ms. Wang.

finding a way to return a lot of favors, she was so helpless that she deliberately alienated the classmate.

, knows this very well.

when he first became governor of Liangjiang, local officials presented a large number of gifts in order to curry favor with him, but he politely declined all of them.

he once wrote to his brothers and said:

"in the past few years as an official in the capital, he has never easily accepted the favours of others, let alone taken advantage of others. In this way, you won't look embarrassed when you refuse other people's requests in the future. "

it is undeniable that many things in life, using human feelings, really save money and worry.

but as the old saying goes, "cannibalism has a soft mouth and short hands."

the convenience gained by human kindness will eventually be returned in another way.

Human kindness seems to be free, but it is actually very expensive.

it is difficult to measure, there is more, it cannot afford it, and if it is less, it owes to others.

most of the time, if you can rely on your own, don't bother others at will; if you can spend money, don't easily use human feelings.

No matter how good a relationship is, it will be ruined by an overdraft

writer Sanmao once said:

"between friends, ask each other for trifles, favor each other, it should be done.

asking too much and taking an inch is the quickest way to lose a friend intentionally.


excessive demands will only push people further and further away; no matter how good the friendship is, they can't afford to overdraw at will.

some time ago, the opening drama "the World" hit the circle of friends, and the exchanges between friends in the play caused a lot of discussion.

Zhou Bingkun, the protagonist, bought a new house, and considering that his friends' family had no room to live on National Day, he lent his old house to them for free.

who would have thought that Bingkun was cheated into buying a house, and the newly bought Daping floor was to be taken back by the original owner, and the family had no place to go, so they had no choice but to move back to the old house.

Bingkun felt sorry for the National Day family when he repossessed the house. He felt very guilty. In order to talk about it, he bought a gift specially.

Wu Qian, who knew why she was coming, immediately exploded the pot.

she didn't care if her friend was in trouble, but broke the gift directly, accusing Bingkun of not thinking about them and being unwilling to move out.

not only that, but also took the opportunity to threaten Bingkun: "We can move, you have to find him a job, otherwise we don't have the money to pay the rent."

We must have met such people in our lives:

borrow money from you at will, or accuse you of being impersonal if you don't borrow it;

you keep bothering you to do things that can be solved with money, but you keep doing it for free.

when I ask for something from you, I only ask for my own convenience and never care whether you are embarrassed or not.

teacher Cai Kangyong once said this:

"there is an emotional account between people. Every time you make each other happy, you save a little more, and each time you make the other person sad, you save less."

Don't blindly withdraw from it and feel that your money will never be wasted. No, when your savings become zero, it is time for the other party to leave. "

it is only natural to get along with people and occasionally need help, but habitually taking, regardless of each other's feelings, is actually a consumption of human feelings, so that people have to stay away.

all the good things in the world are not without reason.

if you are in more trouble, you will be annoyed; if you give more, you will be tired; if your heart is consumed more, it will be cold.

British writer Dickens once said:

"never break four things in your life: trust, relationship, promise and heart. Because when they are broken, they will not make any sound, but they are extremely painful. "

the longest lasting relationship is back and forth

Zhihu, someone once asked:

how can relationships last long between people?

A highly praised answer is: "coming and going is the longest love, but not going is the most hurtful."

I have seen the stories of the great painters Qi Baishi and Xu Beihong on the Internet.

78-year-old Qi Baishi had a son in his old age, and Xu Beihong painted all night.A horse gallop with hoofs as a token of congratulations.

this ruler is called "Qianli Kui", which can definitely be regarded as one of his horse works.

Qi Baishi was very happy when he received this auspicious "Qianli colt". He remembered the rule of "not coming and going indecent" and drew his best shrimp picture as a gift.

although there are many differences in age, origin, and family background, they get along well with each other, come and go, precipitate a deep friendship and become best friends of each other for life.

the philosopher Nietzsche said: "what is human feelings? only those who come and go have human feelings. The first time I respect you, you destroy me ten points, then there will be no second time."

the relationship between people is often very fragile, just take it without giving it, and break it off.

if you want a long-term relationship, there must be a balance between the two sides.

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American psychologist Hormans put forward the seesaw law of interpersonal relationship:

he believes that interpersonal communication is essentially an exchange of relationships, giving each other what they need.

wise people all know that if you want to take it, you must give it first.

only by repaying the efforts of others can we nourish each other's feelings; only by being grateful for the kindness of others can we warm each other's hearts.

some people say that what feelings fear most is a sincere heart, but in exchange for each other's indifference.

if you are not true, no one will talk to you; if you are not grateful, no one will help you.

the sea of life, the truth is hard to find, the heart is hard to find, only the heart for the heart.

not overdrawing anyone's relationship is not only respect for feelings, but also responsibility for yourself.

May you live up to everyone who treats you and consume every true love for the rest of your life.