Never trust people, never believe in human nature (profound)
Never trust people, never believe in human nature (profound)
People who have seen a larger world tend to be more modest.


it is said that in the past, tomb robbers usually needed two people to make a hole, one of whom tied a rope around his waist to get jewelry and jade, while the other pulled a rope on it.

but it often happens that the rope puller abandons the following accomplices for the sake of money.

as a result, the gang of grave robbers is dominated by father and son, but it still happens that the son leaves his own father behind.

finally formed a trade rule: the son went down to pick up the goods, and the father pulled the rope on it.

Yuki Higano once said: "there are two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at: one is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

Don't trust people too much, you must trust human nature.

interests are the most popular.

Rockefeller said to his son in his letter from home:

"interest is the shadow of human nature, and in front of it, all the essence related to morality and ethics will appear at a glance."

Human nature often cannot stand the test, especially in the face of interests.

some time ago, I overheard a story on an emotional radio station.

A girl said that her parents had died since she was a child. She and her brother depended on each other, and she became both a father and a mother, bringing her brother up.

later, when her brother wanted to do business, she took out all her savings without saying a word.

as a result, my brother's business failed and people went into hiding, not to mention the repayment of the money.

not long ago, the girl accidentally broke her leg on her bike and was in urgent need of money. She finally found out her brother's whereabouts after asking around.

when she called, her younger brother repeatedly pissed her off, indifferent to her, and even said that it was only natural for her sister to help her younger brother, and that he had never thought of paying back the money.

there is a good saying:

"No betrayal, just because the leverage of betrayal is not big enough, this kind of inducement is big to a certain extent, the dark side of human nature will be induced."

once interests are involved, the best relationship between people will deteriorate.

there is a kind of bad, called shameful good

there is a sentence in "you from the stars":

"that's what human nature is like. Seeing others climb higher than you doesn't mean that I want to go there, but say to others, come down, come down, and come into this quagmire."

there is a kind of evil that dislikes others, especially those around them.


@ Qingyang

's father, who had been away from home for many years, returned to his hometown in his 50s and contracted more than 50 mu of river embankments.

her father spent a lot of hard work and invested a lot of money, and watching the income of the river bank getting better and better, the people in the village could not sit still.

several villagers took the lead in making trouble, asking an old man to go to the ground and not get up without paying.

after mediation, the two sides signed an agreement, gave 4000 yuan to settle the matter, and promised not to make trouble again during the contract period.

however, the villagers who tasted the sweetness soon came again, but this time Qingyang's father did not give a penny.

the exasperated villagers called a group of people to wave their hoes and cut down more than 20 mu of sweet potato seedlings.

the villagers complained about the villains first and went out to make trouble.

there is a saying like this:

Our teal homecoming dresses will make you look elegant and sophisticated. Our newest arrivals are waiting for you!

"there are some ugly things hidden in the depths of human nature, and once there is a suitable soil, it will spread and grow."

A beggar will not be jealous of millionaires, but he will certainly be jealous of beggars with higher incomes.

people can allow a stranger to prosper, but he cannot tolerate the promotion of a person around him.

there may be a few friends around you who hope you have a good life, but only if you can't live a better life than him.

take your good for granted

there is a word in psychology called "Beber's Law":

if you are too kind to a person, you will not only get no thanks from the other person, but also make him get used to it, and even squeeze your efforts even harder.

Last year, 18 travelers lost their way while exploring Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi Province, and they called out to the Blue Sky Rescue team for help.

37 members of the Blue Sky Rescue team rushed to the mountains overnight and went through numerous hardships and dangers before 18 hikers were rescued from the mountains.

during the rescue process, when the Blue Sky rescue team arrived, the travelers said they were thirsty, so the rescuers sent the water they brought to the donkeys.

the rescuers cut off the water and searched the mountains all night in the face of extreme water shortage.

but after the hikers walked out of the mountains, one of them took out two bottles of water from his bag and boiled it to make tea.

the rescuers asked him, "Why do you still have water?"

the traveler said confidently, "you need to be a man."

if you think you are kind to others, you will be grateful.

but your kindness, in front of the ungrateful, will only become a sharp weapon for him to hurt you.

two days ago, I saw a video showing a restaurant owner in Chengdu who has long provided free meals for homeless people with meat and vegetarian meals.

later, the income of the restaurant decreased, and the meals provided by the boss for the homeless changed from employee meals to kimchi rice.

as a result, he was disliked by the tramp and threw the food back and stuck in the doorway.

there is an old Chinese saying: "people should not be good, dogs should not be full; people should not."It has to be complete, but the melon cannot be round. "

your cognition must be worthy of your kindness, otherwise good intentions will not be rewarded.

people are at a low ebb, no one will reach out and pull you

entrepreneur Feng Lun was so depressed at the beginning of his business that he could not even afford a ticket to go home.

so he went to borrow money from some friends, all of whom he trusted very much, but they all avoided him instead of lending him money.

when you are beautiful, you are surrounded by people, and everyone is kind-looking and saying nice things.

but when you are down, no one around you is willing to help you, this is the true human nature.

there is a businessman who will always be greeted with a smile wherever he goes when he is successful.

until later, because of a decision mistake, he not only went bankrupt overnight, but also owed 5 million yuan in debt.

for this reason, his wife asked for a divorce, so he had no choice but to borrow money from relatives and friends, but no one was willing to lend a hand to help him.

at first, the businessman was so angry that he scolded them that their conscience had all been eaten by dogs. When they were prosperous, they did not give less benefits to their relatives. Now they are down and out, and there is no one around them who wants to repay their gratitude.

he was decadent for three days and three nights, but no one cared about him except his parents.

later, he realized that human nature is very selfish, when you have no value, no one loves you at all.

time knows people, but it is difficult to know them.

when you are down, no one will reach out and give you a hand.

if you want to get out of the quagmire, the only person you can count on is yourself.

psychologist Adler said:

"maturity is not to understand things, but to understand human nature."

the really strong people in the world never think much of people, but respect and conform to human nature.