Nine little things that must be done in summer. If you do five, you will be very happy.
Nine little things that must be done in summer. If you do five, you will be very happy.
Enjoy the summer while the weather is beautiful and your friends are around.

there are books

once there was a middle-aged man who wanted to serve the imperial court, but suffered from no way.

one day, he passed Huangshaling Road in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province and saw the beauty of the summer night in the countryside.

wanted to express his views and wrote a poem, one of which caused many people to spread it by word of mouth.

"the fragrance of rice blossoms speaks of a good year and listens to the sound of frogs."

in the fragrance of rice flowers, the people say that it is another bumper harvest year.

the sound of frogs rising and falling in the distance drew out the vitality of summer.

Summer is a season that is easy to associate with joy, and here are 9 little things to do in summer. If you have done 5 things, you are a happy person.


get up early in the morning with crisp birdsong and bright sunshine

remember one thing in my memory:

because I have been working away from home for many years, the time to go back to my hometown with my parents is getting shorter and shorter.

I went home from a holiday. When I woke up in the morning, I heard the chirping of birds and saw wisps of sunlight through the curtains.

this situation and this scene, only feel very beautiful, also very relaxed.

it is a luxury for many adults to stop and appreciate the most authentic appearance of life.

because I am used to being busy, I have to shoulder the burden of life.

but know that work can never be done, and don't forget that there is life outside of work.

give yourself a short vacation regularly, get a good night's sleep, and wake up with birds and sunshine.

only when you are physically and mentally well can you go further.


in the air-conditioned room, brushing the play and eating watermelon with tablespoons

holding half of the watermelon in hand, digging and eating with a spoon in the air-conditioned room, watching the TV you like very much, it is beautiful to think about it.

see a pleasure shared by netizens:

in summer, the little fairy beast at home is on holiday and bought a big watermelon in the supermarket after work.

and the other half, in response to the child's needs, did not cut it but directly gave him a spoon.

the children themselves are holding watermelons and watching cartoons, not to mention how happy they are.

Summer is coming, so remember to buy yourself and your family a watermelon to relieve the summer heat.


find a leisure afternoon and take a nice nap

I don't know if you have the feeling that you always sleep soundly during summer naps.

after lunch, I had a little rest and lay in the shady room, with the wind blowing at the door.

brings comfort and makes the eyelids heavier and heavier.

have nothing to worry about, sleep contentedly for two hours, and feel refreshed all afternoon.

in summer, the days are long and the nights are short. Take a nap at noon so that you can concentrate for the rest of the day.

if you are in good shape, you will be able to meet more summer comforts.


dressed in refreshing clothes, blowing the natural wind in the shade

Summer is a sweating season, and clothes are easily drenched at the end of the day.

A little exercise makes you sweat even more.

clothes affixed to the body will also be very uncomfortable.

A friend can't stand the feeling of clothes sticking to his body for a long time.

Make you look more flatterring in our long sleeve homecoming dresses! New glamorous arrivals are available now!

she says that every time she sweats, she feels like wearing a stale cloth on her body.

dress cleanly, blowing the breeze in the shade, not to mention how comfortable it is.


when the rain comes, listen to the rain quietly

Summer is a rainy season.

once I accidentally saw a short video sent by a blogger on the Internet, all of which was a scene of heavy rain.

the blogger wrote at the bottom of the video: "listening to the rain is a kind of catharsis, but also a kind of decompression."

some netizens left a message after watching the video: "I just like to watch the rain quietly and listen to the rain to sleep."

others say: "Rain can wash everything and slow people down."

listening to the rain can reap peace and peace of mind.

when listening to the rain, you are the only one in the world.

you can cry, smile, or calmly say nothing.

after a rain, all the unhappiness is over.


take a long walk with your family in the evening

short sleeves, thin pants, flip-flops;

parents, children, and lovers.

in the evening, when the breeze rises, I walk along the path with my family, and there is a chat without a word, which is one of the most indispensable things in summer.

remembering that my husband was on holiday some time ago, and the children happened to be on holiday, the family rarely stayed together all day.

put on loose clothes, and the three walked slowly side by side.

the warm wind in the evening, not dry, blowing on the body, is very comfortable.

someone once asked me, what is happiness?

Happiness is to be able to take an easy walk with your family in summer.

Life is long, we take it one step at a time.


make an appointment with friends for a midnight snack and pick up with a little tipsy.Shoulder to go home

if you ask, where is the most fireworks in summer?

popular mutton kebabs stalls, bottles of beer in the freezer.

laughter broke out one after another on the table, and the wanton enthusiasm of summer came.

the soldier just finished a week's work. After work, he called to send the young man to the old place for a drink.

come to the usual Dapai stall, order mutton kebabs, peanuts and beer, and a delicious midnight snack begins.

push the cup for a change, laugh and play, and the tiredness of the week disappears.

when you are with your friends, you have no burden to talk and no scruples.

on a hot summer day, if your friend happens to be around, find a chance to have a chat.

you will find that the best thing in the world is nothing more than that.


on a sunny night, snuggle up to the window and watch the sky

there is such a star enthusiast in moments.

occasionally send pictures of their own children, occasionally work-related information, but more of their own hand-taken pictures of the stars.

every time she sends out pictures, they are so beautiful that people can't help but like her.

in the middle of the night, the shining stars feel relaxed and happy to stare at them for a while.

looking at the vast sky, all the distractions in my heart are quietly put down.

the sky is so wide, and my annoying thoughts are so unworthy of mention.


sit in a comfortable chair and read quietly holding a book

when I read a book, the time seems to be twice as slow.

in your leisurely time, take a beloved book to read.

put aside the unrelated chores of the outside world and wholeheartedly follow the stories in the book.

people who love to read books are more calm and determined in their lives.

this reminds me of Sun Shaoping in the ordinary World. Even though he is doing hard work, he can enrich his spirit in the book.

the outside world is disturbed one after another, and the heart is quiet and calm.

it is also a happy thing to read a book quietly in a hot summer.

there is a lyric in the song "Summer Wind":

"the summer wind is blowing warm, through the hair and through the ears;

the wind said softly, the gentle and lazy sea breeze blew to the high mountain peak, the warm wind, the mountain wind, blew into the mountain breeze. "

Summer is always warm and short.

enjoy the summer while the weather is beautiful and your friends are around.

friends and uncles are welcome to talk about what interesting things have happened to you this summer and what interesting people you have met.

record happiness, and happiness will double.