Nine years after having an affair, 40-year-old Yao Di once again aroused public anger: "you are shameless, how ugly!"
Nine years after having an affair, 40-year-old Yao Di once again aroused public anger: "you are shameless, how ugly!"
Temptation is instinct, loyalty is choice.

nine years after having an affair, Yao Di was scolded for being a hot search again.

the cause of the incident is that when she was promoting the new play on Weibo, she released a video of wearing a green hat to compare her heart to heart, with the caption saying:

"if you want to make a living, you must wear a little green on your head."

for a while, netizens exploded.

not ashamed, proud and shameful!

my God, how thick-skinned it should be! Isn't it good to live quietly?

is really not taboo at all. I forget that I am more green than others, and my only good feelings have been defeated

the scolding of Yao Di is nothing new.

the vigorous "see you on Monday" nine years ago exposed her extramarital affair with the article.

since then, Yao Di's career has hit rock bottom: his reputation has been ruined, there are no advertisements, and there is no drama to shoot.

facing the guidance from the outside world, she chose to bury her head and remain silent, but she could not avoid it.

occasionally got a small supporting role, a lot of people went to the Weibo to shout, "if you are here, I won't watch it."

won the film festival award, there is no peer congratulations, but was ridiculed by netizens as "the best cheating award".

wish yourself happiness, and the comments are constantly teaching her shame.

posted courtship photos and was warned by netizens to "stop harming other families".

Yao Di at that time must not have thought that an immoral emotion nailed himself firmly under the eyes of the world and could not get away for a long time.

Yao Di, who was married, did not seem to have a comfortable life.

the media once filmed her husband getting in the same car with a beautiful woman hand in hand late at night.

and the assistant behind them, holding a large bouquet of flowers, seems to have changed their marriage.

after the video was exposed, some people mocked Yao Di, while others complained for her, angrily denouncing her husband for being too unfaithful in love.

but now Yao Di is hard to sympathize with.

she knows full well that she has been involved in an immoral affair, and now the idea of "wearing a green hat" will cause a lot of controversy, and she still uses it to promote the new play.

then you can't blame netizens for attacking them in groups.

in an affair, no one has ever been able to put it away and get out of it.

once a person chooses the wrong path in a relationship, every step forward may be irrevocable.

treat marriage, treat desire, whenever you can understand these three truths.

Men who cheat only love themselves

"do you prefer Ma Yili or Yao Di?"

"is Yao Di more worthy of articles than Ma Yili?"

Today, many people are still arguing about these two issues.

I agree with one answer:

what is even more shameful than the man who cheated on the other woman is that once the matter is exposed, he immediately turns his face and denies the man who cries bitterly and wants to be forgiven.

because this fully shows that whether it is the original match or the third party, he doesn't love it at all. He doesn't care about his wife's heartache and tears during the affair, nor does he care that the other woman will bear the blame of the whole world from now on.

the man who cheated on him only loved himself.

once saw a news:

A girl in her 20s sits at the junction of the fourth floor with a kitchen knife in her hand in an attempt to commit suicide.

the girl shouted heartbreaking, "I beat four children for him for three years."

from relatives, people know that what the girl called "he" is a married man with four children in the family.

in the three years in captivity, the girl conceived for him four times and miscarried four times.

she thought she had given enough, immersed in her own feelings, and was willing to live a life in captivity.

Our collection has the linen wedding dress to exceed your expectation. Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

finally, there is a scene of the girl committing suicide.

the third party thinks he is so affectionate that he is just a plaything for entertainment in the eyes of men. Once the incident happens, most of them will be kicked out immediately.

just like the original article sprinkled with a letter of apology, and then did not hesitate to hide in the shelter of the family, leaving Yao Di alone to face the stormy waves of public opinion.

the so-called "true love outside marriage" is pitifully rare.

it's just a sense of novelty, a naked exchange of interests, each taking what he needs.

it would not be better to find another person

after the divorce between the article and Ma Yili, there is always a voice from the outside world:

"if Yao Di is divorced and gets together with the article, will many people believe in love again?"

indeed, in reality, there are a lot of third parties who finally enter the house.

but would this marriage be better with a different person?

once saw a movie about extramarital affairs-"follow the Heart like a Shadow".

violinist Lu Song and painter Wen Kui met in Paris.

two people who are equally artistic and romantic to death are gathered together like firewood.

but in fact, they all have their own families.

Wen Jing's husband is a surgeon. In her eyes, her husband is so addicted to cleanliness and so rigid that he can't even quarrel.

Lu Song's wife, a Chinese teacher, is preoccupied with her family. Lu Song thinks she has a strong personality and does not understand amorous feelings.

widowed marriageTastelessness makes them miserable, so two people who can give comfort to each other choose to flee their families and live together.

but the bubble of passion will eventually burst.

after a long time, they will also quarrel over the trivialities of life, vent their discontent, and begin to be suspicious of each other.

later Lu Song remembered that when he was with his ex-wife, he also tattooed her and played the violin, and he loved her hopelessly.

it turns out that true love is no different from true love, and the trivialities involved are roughly the same.

No matter men and women, people who do not know how to manage a marriage and easily betray their partners, another person will not be able to live a good life.

be a tree, don't be a vine

I wonder if you have ever heard the saying:

"divorced women end up miserable!"

Ma Yili told us that the terrible thing is never divorce, but his lack of support.

thirteen years ago, when her career was on the rise, she married an article eight years younger than herself.

she once said on the show: "if anyone has to give up his career, it must be me."

later, the article became more and more famous, and Ma Yili retired behind the scenes to have children and was willing to be a good wife and mother.

what repaid her was the spectacular "cheating door" that took place during her pregnancy.

countless people were waiting to see her jokes, but she chose to go back to work in the third month after giving birth to her baby. At that time, she did not recover her figure and was complained by netizens about her untidiness.

for betrayal, she chose to forgive and save her husband's dignity.

"peace with each other" continued the marriage life for five years, the broken mirror could not be reunited, she decisively chose to let go, one parting two wide, each happy.

now if you look at her, you can wear an evening dress and star-studded in the limelight, or you can show your true self in plain face.

Ma Yili, who married once, married Wen, and Ma Yili, who married twice, married himself.

even though she was hurt, she still looked up and walked forcefully, being the proud woman who was not afraid of rumors.

in the first half of my Life, a congratulatory letter said to Luo Zijun:

"No one will be the safe haven in this life as you think. Only you are your last refuge."

it is never marriage that defines a woman's happiness.

how you can live is always up to you.

when you are strong enough to be your own safe haven, divorce is just to be single again.

"the outside world may be wonderful, but please stay married.


whether it is looking for stimulation and greed for novelty, or the so-called "true love", feelings wandering outside of marriage have always been a bottle of chronic poison wrapped in candy paper.

when a person chooses to have an affair, it is doomed to come to a bad end.

one second of passion, leaving yourself a wound that may not be healed.

forward +

, temptation is instinct, loyalty is choice.

when a person comes to the white head, chooses a city and grows old, I hope we all have such love.