No matter how good the relationship is, don't talk like that.
No matter how good the relationship is, don't talk like that.
No matter what the relationship is, talking well is the lowest cost of kindness.

I watched a variety show not long ago.

program, a male guest talked about his breakup with his girlfriend.

he said they had a big fight on the day they broke up.

quarreled, and his angry girlfriend suddenly said to him:

"you really drink so much like a piece of garbage."

maybe it's because girls were under too much pressure at work during that time, and as a boyfriend, he didn't accompany and encourage his girlfriend when she was at a low ebb.

that's why girls turn their long-standing emotions and grievances into blurted sentences to vent their long-standing dissatisfaction.

but the boy did not understand this layer at that time, and in a hurry, he also replied a particularly unpleasant remark to the girl.

he said: "if you say I am loser, then you are more loser than me." Because in your career, you failed more than I did. "

after the fight, they parted.

when he recalled the experience on the show, the boy said it was the most regrettable sentence he had ever said in his life.

as he cried, he choked up and asked himself how he could say such a thing, and even called himself shameless.

if time can start all over again, he wants to go back to the day of the breakup to make up for his mistakes.

Unfortunately, time is like running water, never to return.

those cruel words, knives and holes that have been stabbed into each other will follow her like a shadow.

even if I can forget the pain, I can't forget the scar.

most of the time, we are used to leaving the worst temper to the people we love most.

pick each other's most vulnerable places and say hurtful words, but they don't care if they can get them back.

but to tell you the truth, no matter how good the relationship is, no matter how close the relationship is, you have to keep your voice in line and strength.

praise can be blurted out, but slander should be thought twice.

I have a friend who is famous for being "talkative" in our circle.

if you go shopping with her and take a fancy to a skirt, you want to try it on.

she will say to you: "this color is too bright, suitable for little girls, you see how old you are."

if you share something with her, she will say, "what's so exciting about this? I thought it was such a big deal."

if you talk to her about someone, she has something unexpected waiting for you.

either criticize other people's bodies or comment on their looks.

is full of nasty mockery and disdain.

it seems that only she is the most perfect person in the world.

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I remember that once I encountered something very sad and I was very depressed. She happened to send me a message and complained to her.

I thought she would comfort me, but she said:

"it's worth being so sad. I think you're just idle."

if happiness is shared with the wrong person, it becomes a show-off.

if you share with the wrong person, you will become hypocritical.

people who don't understand you, even if you stand in front of her with tears on your face, she will only say that you are thinking too much and too sensitive to ask why you are crying so hard.

speaking is not only a kind of knowledge, but also a kind of wisdom.

the ancients said:

"being kind to others is warmer than cloth. Hurting a person's words is deeper than a spear. "

No matter what the relationship is, talking well is the lowest cost of kindness.

I have seen a video in which girls always have a natural suspicion and mistrust of their boyfriends.

her boyfriend worked hard to cook dinner for her.

she looked at the table full of dishes. Instead of being surprised, she asked:

"did you do all this? I don't believe it. "

my boyfriend worked hard and was appreciated by the leader and promoted.

she said, "just you? Can you get a promotion? Then your leader has no eyesight, so he praises you. "

her boyfriend had promised to take her on a trip, but he couldn't go because of the delay.

for a long time, the boy could no longer bear her suppression and negation, so he broke up with her ruthlessly.

even on the day of the breakup, she said:

"only I can see you, without me, you are nothing."

all the comment areas praised the boy's good share and wished him out of his misery one after another.

think of a sentence:

"it takes us three years to learn to speak, but a lifetime to learn to shut up."

as an adult, the most basic maturity is probably to learn to speak well.

especially those that will slander others, you have to ask yourself again and again whether it is appropriate to say so before you say it.

do not do to others what you do not want.

I hope that no matter what situation we face, we can stabilize our emotions, control our temper, and say less or no hurtful words.

there is virtue in the mouth and goodness in the heart.

, share it.