No matter husband and wife or lover, such a man deserves your deep love.
No matter husband and wife or lover, such a man deserves your deep love.
Two people are together for a better life.

writer Henry James once said, "the best life is a gorgeous waste."

A person who loves you knows how to waste.

know how to "waste" time

those who love you know how to waste time.

in the variety show "Goodbye to Love", screenwriter Wang Qiuyu is extremely stingy with the time spent with husband and wife.

Wang Qiuyu stipulates that husband and wife should never spend more than half an hour together in a day, and they must make an appointment in advance.

one autumn, my wife joined the crew with Wang Qiuyu to shoot.

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so, during the break, his wife wanted Wang Qiuyu to accompany her to take a walk by Taihu Lake.

unexpectedly, Wang Qiuyu shouted:

have you made an appointment in advance? It takes more than 10 minutes to walk. Aren't you wasting my time? "

the wife did not expect that such a trivial request would attract a torrent of abuse from the husband.

she couldn't figure it out, so she replied:

"I will never go to Taihu Lake in my life."

after the incident, the husband's attitude remained unchanged as usual.

in the end, the disappointed wife saved enough and chose to divorce.

I have read a particularly heartbreaking sentence:

"can a person who won't even give you time expect TA to give you love?"

if you think about it, it is true.

those who are not willing to give you time have no time to love you.


@ Liu Jinhua

once shared one of his stories.

once, my husband went on a temporary business trip and was away from home for months. Because they missed too much, the couple agreed to meet in the nearest city.

as soon as it was discussed, Liu Jinhua immediately ran to the station and bought a car berth ticket. after 11 hours of staggering, it was already 1: 00 in the morning when he arrived at his destination.

when Liu Jinhua got out of the car, she saw her husband who had been waiting in front of the car. She wondered why her husband, who traveled a longer distance, arrived first.

it turns out that in order to arrive earlier, the husband transferred to motorcycle, ferry, taxi and subway along the way.

writer Lin Qingxuan said:

"Romance is actually a waste.

waste time eating slowly, wasting time drinking tea slowly, wasting time walking slowly, wasting time getting old slowly. "

know how to "waste" money

people who love you know how to waste money.

some people say: "waste is a kind of crazy romance in the emotional relationship between the two sexes." Whether a person loves you or not depends on whether he is willing to make an exception and waste it for you. "

after marriage, the burden of life gradually becomes heavy.

in the face of firewood, rice, oil and salt, we can always save, but forget that a dull life also needs a sense of ritual.

in the book the five languages of Love, there is such a story.

A couple, on their tenth wedding anniversary, the wife is full of joy and is ready to celebrate with her husband.

early in the morning, after her husband went out, the wife secretly went to the bakery to order the cake.

in the evening, when the husband came home and saw a large box of cakes on the table, he was very confused.

at this time, the wife ran over and said happily, "Today is our tenth wedding anniversary, so I bought the cake specially." I want to be with you. "

before the wife finished, the husband interrupted directly: "Why are you so wasteful? it's not important." The cake is so expensive and I don't like it, so why waste money to buy it? "

after some complaining, the wife was so aggrieved that she could not help complaining:

"in the ten years of marriage, you haven't given me a gift on every important holiday. Today, I bought the cake with good intentions, but you said I wasted it. "

with that, he cried loudly and turned away.

it was supposed to be a sweet and romantic day, but the two broke up in discord.

material is a necessity of life, but some money needs to be "wasted".

for example, flowers in festivals, gifts for birthdays, and anniversary dinners. Although these things will add extra cost, more importantly, they can make the daily routine of trivial things more ceremonial.

writer Matsuura Mitaro said: "the best way to spend money is to waste money on enriching personal experiences and feelings."

I think so. Many good things in life are worth wasting.

the so-called "waste", there is no need for profligacy or fanfare.

extravagant is that heart, rare is that affectionate.

Why not be so "wasteful"?

know the language of "waste"

people who love you have endless conversations with you.

Zhang Jiajia said, "A comfortable relationship between people can talk at any time."

I once read a short story about Lu Xun and his lover Xu Guangping.

when they were separated, writing letters became the only way for them to communicate. What do they talk about in the letter?Where is it?

in the eyes of ordinary people, it must be something remarkable.

however, in their correspondence, they spend most of their time talking about the trivialities of life.

for example, Lu Xun wrote in his letter: "I have stopped eating green pepper and changed to pepper since yesterday. I am pleased to hear that. We'll talk later. "

Xu Guangping replied: "can't salt be added to a light dish?" It's not a way to eat more pepper. Isn't it good to buy canned food subsidies? There is always a place to buy ham. Can't it be cooked and eaten? Don't save money for the sake of it!

similar conversations abound in the letters they write. These letters were later included in the Book of the two places and became their love letter albums.

the Book of the two places may be too insipid and simple, but in the days of helping each other, what each of us needs most is these trivial and ordinary nagging?

in the Weird Shuo of Variety, the topic of one issue is: "do you still need to say the right nonsense?"

the words of debater Yang Qichan moved everyone present.

he said:

"most of the time we can't talk because we don't speak well and dare not speak very well. Can only say that you work hard, drink more hot water, this is the best you can do.

however, beautiful love is actually talking nonsense to someone. A lot of I love you are hidden in nonsense. "

Yes, the nagging of lovers, this seemingly useless nonsense contains the purest love.

writer Su Qin said: "the so-called happiness is to find someone who is willing to talk nonsense to you and is willing to listen to your nonsense."

A really comfortable relationship is a lot of nonsense.

and the real meaning of nonsense is probably to be able to talk about poetry and distance as well as firewood, rice and salt.

two people, you said, he laughed. The world is stable and the years are quiet.

two people are together for a better life.

and the good life needs to know the proper "waste".

I like Matsuura Mitaro's sentence: "there will always be scenery in this world, but only those who know how to waste life will see it."

A good life is slow and slow, but you can see different scenery.

good marriage, lukewarm, learn to waste, in order to let feelings flow forever.

May you and I stand side by side with our loved ones, let frost and snow cover our heads, and watch the flowers fall in front of the court.

, share with those who love you.