People do not understand until middle age: brothers do not share wealth, sisters have less contact!
People do not understand until middle age: brothers do not share wealth, sisters have less contact!
May the family be safe and sound, and there will always be laughter at home.



George Bernard Shaw once said:

"Home is the only place in the world where human shortcomings and failures are hidden, and it also contains sweet love."

when you were young, home was where your parents were, and family reunion around the stove was the greatest happiness.

when the years pass quietly and the parents grow old, brothers and sisters are the deepest concerns in the family.

Brothers and sisters are always inextricably linked by blood, and their brothers and brothers are always deeply in love.

but no matter how good the relationship is, it can't stand the wanton consumption. If there are more contradictions, the distance between the heart will be far away.

No matter how intimate a relationship is, you need to keep it modest.

try not to do these four things between brothers and sisters to avoid becoming enemies.

Brothers do not share wealth, but share wealth

Shakespeare made a profound point of view:

"money is a great magic wand that can easily change the appearance of a person."

I think so.

when you talk about money, you can best see the true face of a person.

most of the time, human nature cannot stand the test of interests, and feelings cannot pass the hurdle of money.

once there is a financial entanglement between brothers and sisters, they will inevitably fall out one day.

read a story:

the husband was in urgent need of money, but found that there was only 10,000 yuan left in his passbook, and the original more than 200,000 was missing, so he went to ask his wife.

the wife said that the money had been taken out and used by herself, but when asked about the use of the money, she hesitated to explain.

finally, under the questioning of her mother-in-law, she finally confessed: "my brother bought a house without a down payment and gave 260000 to his brother."

and this 260000 is the start-up capital that the husband and wife have saved up for many years.

soon after, at a family reunion, the husband mentioned to pay back the money, and the younger brother asked unbelievably, "Why did you have to pay it back when you said it was you who sponsored me?"

as soon as these words came out, the family quarreled endlessly. The husband accused the wife of helping the family without a bottom line, the wife complained that the husband was too stingy, and the younger brother resented his sister and brother-in-law for "doing things face to face and behind their backs."

in the end, the couple got divorced, and the brother and sister broke up and stopped seeing each other.

falling out seems like an instant, but in fact the seeds of contradiction were planted a long time ago.

as the saying goes: brothers, get even.

A confused account is like an impenetrable human heart. The more entangled it is, the more messy it is, and the more it is involved, the harder it is to break.

in front of money, feelings are broken as soon as they are touched. Instead of being confused, it is better to count separately.

No matter how much you care about Brotherhood, you should minimize the intercourse of interests. This is the best way to maintain a relationship.

between people, "knowing everything clearly" is the smartest way to deal with the world.

Don't gossip, don't worry about personal affairs

there is an old Chinese saying: those who say people are right and wrong are those who are not human.

and the really wise people can often do this: sit still and often think about their own mistakes, and gossip about others.

Don't gossip about others, regardless of other people's private affairs, is a person's most basic upbringing.

this is especially true when brothers and sisters get along.

some time ago, the TV series "Heart residence" was very popular, and the mode of getting along with the brothers and sisters of the Gu family caused a heated discussion on the whole network.

in Gu Qingyu's understanding, he is Gu Lei's own sister, and it is his duty to educate his younger brother.

but she forgot that Gu Lei was already married and had a small family of his own, so to meddle in his family affairs would be to cross the line.

she not only often tells Gu Lei to beware of his sister-in-law Feng Xiaoqin, but also gossips about his sister-in-law in front of others.

for a long time, Feng Xiaoqin accumulated a lot of grievances, and his marriage with Gu Lei became a chicken feather.

until finally, Feng Xiaoqin once again heard Gu Qingyu "sow discord." she slammed the door angrily. Gu Lei rushed out, but unfortunately she fell to her death.

Gu Lei's death made all the contradictions thoroughly intensified. Feng Xiaoqin roared at Gu Qingyu: "there is no need for you to criticize the things between us husband and wife. Gu Lei died because of you!"

you never know how much trouble a gossip can cause to other people's lives.

you can never guess how many disasters in the emotional world will be caused by losing your sense of propriety.

psychologist Wu Zhihong once mentioned a concept: paste logic.

to the effect that there is no sense of boundary, the mode of communication is ambiguous, just like paste, mixed together.

the most comfortable state for brothers and sisters to get along with is that they are familiar with each other.

the best distance is probably: close to each other, harmonious but different, beautiful and beautiful together.

ingratitude, keep asking

Chekhov said:

"people often don't cherish what is easy to get."

because the process of getting it is too easy, I take everything for granted.

in the long run, reaching out becomes a habit, and kindness is forgotten.

I can't help but think of the personal experience told by a netizen:

there is a small shop at home. During the holidays, parents will give their relatives some small gifts as a token of their wishes.

because my uncle owed a lot of debts in his business a few years ago, his father would take special care of him and give them a lot of things on weekdays.

who has ever thought that originallyThe kindness seems to be taken as a reason to take an inch. Every three or five, the uncle and his family will come to the store and take it for free.

from the beginning of a bottle of vinegar, a toothbrush, to taking away the whole box of snacks, things became easier and easier, but my uncle never paid for it at all.

at first, my parents would greet each other with a smile, but later, because they took too many things and lost too much, they asked my uncle to keep accounts.

but when my uncle heard this, instead of feeling guilty, he flew into a rage and scolded us for being unkind and heartless.

then he spread rumors in front of relatives that the gifts we gave were all out-of-date food.

from there

, the two families have completely turned against each other, and this blood relationship has almost ceased to exist.

in any interpersonal relationship, what I fear most is to take advantage of the kindness of others to fulfill my own selfishness.

between brothers and sisters, there will always be rich and poor.

moral kidnapping should not be carried out just because others are better off than themselves, making demands a habit and consuming precious goodwill.

just because others do not ask for anything in return, we should not take an inch and regard greed as shrewdness and spoil cherished kindness.

Human feelings are cold and unfathomable, and the help and support between relatives is rare.

only by cherishing and not forgetting the kindness of others can we live up to everyone who is good to us and live up to every heart.

Don't dig up the past, don't fight for right or wrong

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, taught future generations:

"the prosperity of family fortune lies in harmony, filial piety, diligence and thrift!"

among them, the first is the "way of harmony", and harmony is the key to the happiness of a family.

if the quarrel is louder than the laughter in a family, the temperature in the house is often cold.

in the TV series "Little willing", Zhang Guoli's old father, Nan Jianlong, has been longing for a complete family reunion.

but daughter Nan Li and stepdaughter Tian Yulan are at odds with each other, and they can quarrel with each other in a few words.

at every dinner, everyone walked into the house with a smile and slammed the door away with anger.

A lively beginning and a cold end.

the old father was frustrated when he looked at the tense family relationship.

Lincoln once said: if you don't have a good family, you will lose.

Home is a place of love, not a place of reason.

when brothers and sisters are together, when "struggle" replaces "harmony", it breaks the hearts of parents and destroys the fengshui of the family.

in front of your family, don't always dig up old debts and don't always fight for right and wrong.

communicate more in case of trouble, don't spend the night in conflict, a little more tolerance, less hatred.

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the best style of a family is to discuss big things, forgive trifles, respect each other, and be modest to each other.

what is real happiness when people reach middle age?

when the family gets together, there is no resentment between each other, old and small, talking and laughing, firewood and rice, pots and stoves, comparable to wealth.

manage the relationship between brothers and sisters for the rest of my life and treat every friendship with gratitude.

A family member has this life but no afterlife. If you don't cherish it, you will leave endless regrets.

, may the family be safe and sound, and there is always laughter at home.