People who are really good have already adjusted their lives to these three modes.
People who are really good have already adjusted their lives to these three modes.
May you adjust your rhythm and encounter a different life in the long years.

some people say that there is no shortage of opportunities in this era, and everyone has many possibilities.

but at the same time, we will encounter more thorns and more at a loss.

in this case, how far a person can go depends more on his inner life pattern.

if you choose different modes, the results will be very different.

and those who live unboiled water have long known how to adjust their own way of life, so that they can not only have the courage to move forward, but also bloom their own brilliance.

turn on mute mode, if you speak late, it will be expensive

the highest state of speaking is to speak slowly and half a beat.

speak quickly, speak freely, and often offend others inadvertently;

and whisper, think twice, in order to win the respect of others.

the so-called self-cultivation is actually hidden in your words.

there is such a joke on the Internet:

when someone was walking on the road and found a mobile phone on the ground, he picked it up and thought about how to find the owner.

he hastened to answer the phone, thinking that it might be someone related to the owner for fear of making a mistake.

so, when he got through, he asked anxiously, "excuse me."... "

his words just popped up, and before he finished, he heard the owner shouting "

"did you steal my phone? you'd better give it back to me."

I'm telling you, I have satellite positioning in my phone, and I already know where you are! "

when he heard this, he felt that he had a good heart, but he was scolded for no reason.

immediately, he lost his temper and hung up the phone.

, in a fit of anger, he bought more than a dozen balloons and tied them to his mobile phone and wanted it to float away with the wind.

he looked at the fading cell phone and said coldly:

"then go to satellite positioning!"

in fact, if the owner knew how to slow down half a beat before opening his mouth, he would not lose his mobile phone.

it is said in the Book of changes: "there are few words of good fortune, but there are many dry words."

the more impatient a person is, the more likely he is to say impulsive words.

and these quick words, like a gun with a stick, cause invisible trauma to others and bury hidden dangers to themselves.

if you come to the tip of your tongue, stop for a while and things will turn out differently.

the way to deal with the world is to learn to keep your mouth shut, leave room for yourself and leave dignity for others.

turn on power saving mode, low consumption means smooth

I saw a question on the Internet: "what on earth is mental internal friction?"

highly praised answer is:

is that the two villains within themselves are fighting, internal conflict, and their hearts are very tired.

A person who has been in a state of internal friction for a long time will be trapped in a cocoon and cannot extricate himself from the quagmire of life.

Xiao Wu shared her personal experience on Douban.

Xiao Wu wants to apply to the company for a higher position.

so he asked his friend:

"what should I prepare so that I can have a better chance of successful application?"

as soon as his experienced friend heard this question, he immediately talked about it with him and specially found a lot of information for his reference.

A month later, a friend met him and hurriedly asked:

"what's the result? Is it a success? "

Xiao Wu said helplessly:

"well, I'm not ready yet. I haven't even written the application form."

although my friend was very confused, he didn't ask any more questions when he saw that he was in a bad mood.

in fact, the so-called not ready is that he has been worried about what did not happen.

"when the leader sees my application, will he think that I am too eager for quick success and quick profit?"

"if I fail to apply, will my colleagues make fun of me when I find out?"

"besides, there are only a few people who can pass every year, how can I be there?"

these messy questions kept popping up in his mind, causing him to delay writing the application form.

wishful thinking is the biggest stumbling block in your life.

sometimes what stands in our way is not the difficulty itself, but your worries.

the more you think about it, the more things you worry about, and the more self-doubt you will have.

this constant pressure not only makes you anxious, but also makes it difficult for you to move.

learn to reject mental exertion and leave energy to action is the ideal state of life.

turn on flight mode, and be alone

in life, we seem to be afraid of being out of tune with the group and being alone.

and busy catering to the eyes of others, it is often the easiest to ignore who you really are.

if we can extricate ourselves from the complex social relations and know how to get along with ourselves, then we will eventually shine our own light.

in 2012, architect Wang Shu won the Pritzker Prize, the highest honor in the architecture industry.

when asked the secret of success, he said:

"then I want to thank those years of loneliness."

after graduating from university, he worked for a company under Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.

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in the next ten years, he began his own solitude.

he will spend time on the construction site doing manual work with the workers;

he also shuttles through the streets of Hangzhou, observing the local living conditions and carefully studying the particularity of traditional gardens.

he even turned his small apartment into a miniature version of the modern garden himself.

whenever he has free time, he often reads landscape paintings, reads collections of ancient essays, and meditates over tea.

under the imperceptible influence, these achieved his architectural concept and architectural temperament.

and out of his love of traditional architecture, he basically does not do commercial projects or landmarks, refuses as long as the idea is different, and is always out of touch with the mainstream of architecture.

when the architects of the same period had made a lot of money, he didn't care at all and still stuck to it day and night.

in the end, he stepped into his own moment of glory and became the first Chinese to win the Pritzker Prize.

Yu Hua once wrote such a paragraph in his book:

"instead of pretending to have a lot of friends, I returned to loneliness and started my life alone with the real me."

the better people are, the more they know how to enjoy the process of being alone.

because they know that they dare to let go of all their thoughts in order to see what they really need.

in life, we are often trapped by ourselves.

inherent ideas and environment constitute a person's cage.

in this cage, some people live in it without knowing it, while others live comfortably and are not reconciled to it.

if you want to achieve life and inner freedom, you must dare to adjust the inherent life pattern.

keep quiet before you speak, listen to others, and think twice.

keep energy-saving when doing things, refuse internal friction, and take action in advance.

keep flying while growing up, enjoy being alone, and concentrate on being yourself.

May you adjust your rhythm and encounter a different life in the long years.