"people who don't even post on WeChat moments must have a hard time."
"people who don't even post on WeChat moments must have a hard time."
Your time is limited, so you have to live for precious people.


in the variety show "Friends Please listen up", Yi Qianxi exposed his circle of friends.

his moments were visible for three days, and all previous moments were deleted during the college entrance examination.

he said:

"my moments only post scenery, and I will share what is good-looking and fun. But I never express my emotions. "

each of us has had such a journey, at first, we were busy uploading photos on moments every day to share our joys and sorrows.

gradually, from a lot of things to say, to nothing to say.

as I get older, I understand this sentence:

"one of the signs of maturity is to understand that 99% of what happens to yourself is meaningless to others



indeed, when I was a child, I felt like I was the center of the world, and everyone revolved around you.

when I grow up, I understand that the world is not black and white, no job is easy, and no one's life is unaggrieved.

everyone is in his own world, walking on thin ice and going his own way.

A netizen on Zhihu said that he once failed to pass an overnight plan and was publicly criticized by the manager at the morning meeting.

with dark circles under her eyes and the strange eyes of her colleagues, she has been trying her best to control herself.

it was not until I entered the company's bathroom that I found tears all over my face.

it is said that adult life is not easy, probably can only swallow those helplessness and grievances alone and silently.

in that small square, dare to reveal the most real and fragile oneself.

Big S also admitted on the program "We grew up" that the place where he collapsed was in the toilet.

when you are sad, when you are about to collapse, you will run to the toilet to hide, where you should be angry and cry when you should cry.

after a few minutes of collapse, you still have to laugh after going out and maintain the decency of adults.

after reading a paragraph, I felt very much:

"if you fall when you are a child, you should first see if there is anyone around you, cry if you don't, and get up if you don't; if you fall down when you grow up, you should also see if there is anyone around you, get up if you don't have it, and cry if you don't."

only children cry loudly, and adults live only in silence.

as he Jiong said:

"I think it's no use telling others about those things. In fact, no one can help you."


do not let people see their own weaknesses, silently carry through that period of sad days, is the greatest decency left to adults.

do you have such an experience?

when you are at a low ebb, retweet an article that motivates you, but is told to "do more and watch less useless chicken soup".

after working late at night, you reward yourself with a big meal. When you are happy to take photos and upload them, you are complained: "what's good to shoot? I've never seen the world before."

when you travel abroad, you are said to be showing off, showing off your baby, and being advised to "be yourself after you become a mother."... "

if you don't explain, your heart is blocked, and your heart is tired.

the older you get, the more you understand that there are more suspicions and misunderstandings in the world, but less empathy.

sometimes there is not so much kindness and understanding between people.

I have a friend who loves to record his life in moments, but recently closed his circle of friends.

she said that she bought a house a few years ago and shared her joy in her circle of friends. She didn't expect that everyone's attention was all on her personal experience.

someone asked her whether she had bought a house so soon, whether she had become a rich man, and if someone had learned from her and developed, and if there were any good project introductions.

there is a good saying: "in moments, there is more curiosity and snooping, less concern and understanding."

at that time, my friend had an affair with her husband and left with his children alone. He worked in a different place for three years, worked in sales, made insurance, and opened a noodle shop.

the most difficult time, holding the noodle bowl in one hand, the guest is urging, grabbing the child with the other hand, and hugging the child.

others saw her brilliance, but no one explored how she went through that difficult time in silence.

in this world, it snows separately, and each person has his own obscurity and cleanness.

there is no real empathy in the world.

Han Han once wrote in 1988 I want to talk to the World:

"the more you know, the more you are like orphans in this world. The farther you go, the more you understand that the world is an orphanage."

the older you get, the lonelier you get.

so we gradually learned to hide ourselves, leaving ourselves a quiet space, no longer unnecessary entanglement.

in the first episode of Mars Intelligence, Wang Han was complained by Qian Feng: "Why did you delete my Wechat?"

Don’t you think that it is time to add some super trendy prom with sleeves gown to your wardrobe? Available now are silhouette and variety of styles.

Wang Han replied calmly, "I deleted Chen Kun and Fan Bingbing."

Wang Han, who doesn't like to socialize, often mentions one of his mentors, whom he respectfully calls "sir."

"almost every time I get tired, I go to my husband's house and chat with him."


after recording the program, he quickly went home and cried with his lover in his arms.

he is the most important person in Wang Han's life.His spiritual mentor, he used to clear the clouds for him when he was confused, and guide the light for him when he was dark.

that's what true bosom friends are.

there is a word in psychology called "important others", which refers to a person who has an important influence on himself in the process of personality formation and integration into society.

so when there are more than 100 friends in moments, Wang Han will feel very scary.

because it means that you are putting less energy into everyone, and with each additional person, we communicate less with important people.

our address book list is getting longer and longer, but fewer and fewer people can make deep acquaintances.

some are drifting away, and sometimes it is our poor management that has lost the most precious things with our own hands.

so Wang Han once called on everyone in the program:

"We should properly manage our circle of friends and make it a place for us to communicate with our friends in a real sense."

A true friend will not watch your life in the circle of friends, but will give you precious care and company in your daily life.

he is the one who can disturb you at any time when you are helpless and open your mouth when you need it.

people often say that life is not satisfactory, but it has nothing to do with the speaker.

if you have a couple of bosom friends around you, please contact them more instead of letting them lie in your circle of friends.

Yu Qiuyu, a well-known writer, told a story in the program "Let's talk".

for several years, he was so busy searching for the ruins of the world's ancient civilization that he had no access to newspapers and television.

after the archaeology was over, he said to his friend, tell me what has happened in the past few years.

it took my friend only ten minutes to tell the story of what happened in the world in the past few years.

Yu Qiuyu sighed with emotion after listening:

"cut off from the rest of the world these years, it seems that I have nothing to lose.


that's true.

people come and go in the street, 99% of them have nothing to do with us; the circle of friends is bustling, and we are just irrelevant spectators.

it is nothing to miss the scenery of moments, but it is a pity to miss the real life.

that's why Cai Kangyong said:

"I would like to congratulate those who do not post on moments and devote most of their energy to real life. Congratulations on finding the focus of their lives. "

instead of keeping the appearance lively, it is better to cherish the bosom friend two or three.

instead of chasing after the superficial scenery, it is better to run your own life steadfastly.

your time is limited, so you have to live for precious people.

I hope that each of us will live the life we want, instead of "looking good" in moments.

, share with your friends.