Praised Wang Xinling, but forced him to withdraw from the net. Are you satisfied now?
Praised Wang Xinling, but forced him to withdraw from the net. Are you satisfied now?
From him I can see the responsibility of a man, the responsibility of a father, and the magnanimity of an artist.

after the broadcast of Sister Lang 3,

Wang Xinling is completely popular!

A song "Love you" awakens the memories of countless people's youth and causes an upsurge of cover singing all over the network.

for example, the following film "the Wedding clothes of Heaven" ▼

looking back at Wang Xinling 18 years ago, every look and smile sprinkled sugar on my heart.

but just when people are talking about how sweet and sweet Wang Xinling is.

someone suddenly found that William, the prince of Taiwan dolls, who was next to her, had disappeared without saying a word.

most people know William because of the wedding dress of the kingdom of heaven.

but many people may not know that this is his first work.

not only "Mr. Singapore", he also won the championship of "Mr. World" on behalf of Singapore.

it's really hard to go unnoticed for his handsome appearance, and soon he signed up with an agency in Taiwan and naturally entered the show business.

there are so many handsome guys on Taiwan dolls, but if you think about it, is it true that half-breed handsome guys are always scarce?

and William Li can be called the ancestor of "handsome mixed-race Brother" in the Taiwan Puppet show, or the kind of mixed-race of the four Kingdoms!

1.8 meters tall, handsome, plus the temperament of a gentleman.

when I saw this picture at that time, I was really shocked and gasped.

and he is different from those handsome guys with fresh meat, but exudes a kind of charm of mature men.

to put it simply, it has the smell of "daddy boyfriend" that is often said on the Internet now.

because he had just come to China at that time, and his Chinese was not very good, he always spoke with a foreign accent (no derogatory meaning).

but to his surprise, his mixed Chinese and English lines not only did not make people feel pretentious, but also added some personal characteristics to him.

when there was a thunder in the flat, "the Wedding clothes of the Kingdom of Heaven" won the annual ratings championship in Taiwan that year, and Liwei became famous, and for a while there was not much of a limelight.

soon, he was starring in the second drama, the Green Forest.

I don't know if it's a real coincidence, or the writer quietly changed the script, and the play seems to be tailor-made for William.

the man is an aristocratic prince with four kingdoms lineages.

gentle but not greasy, strong but not male chauvinist, like a textbook, William pointed the way to the "overlord". (who would have thought that today's boss is getting more and more biased)

his inborn aristocratic temperament makes me, who is young and ignorant, really think that he is a prince of which country.

William's popularity continues to rise and has been crowned with the title of "Prince William".

, his works also give full play to the characteristics of "Prince" and "overlord".

in the Stars of the Sheep, Zhong Tianjun, the young master of the jewelry group

Crown Prince Zhu Xiaotian, who secretly emerged from Gong Xueyi in the movie "Ten Quan Jiu Mei"

it is undeniable that "the Image of the Prince" has indeed won the popularity of William, but it has also become a hurdle on his way of acting.

people can accept the same type of roles two or three times at a time, but they will get tired of it.

William's agency obviously didn't know this and still gave him some plays of Mary Sue characters.

therefore, Wilhelm's deductive route shows a trend of high opening and low walking.

after counting some of William's works, both ratings and word-of-mouth are far less than when he first made his debut. You may not have heard of some of the titles of the play.

"Spring of Zhang Xiaowu" ▼

"lovers in love" ▼

"my savage girlfriend 2" ▼

"time Lovers" ▼

maybe the company is short of resources, or maybe the screen image is nothing new.

in a word, William has less and less influence in the show business.

in addition, there is another important reason why William Liam is slowly out of sight.

that is, he is married!

my wife's name is Li Leshi, who is a complete outsider.

after eight years of dating, the couple got married in 2014.

speaking of which, I have to mention William's original family.

despite the fact that God has given him a reserved temperament, in reality he had an unhappy childhood just the opposite.

William's father was a complete "scumbag" who left him and his mother to run away from home when William was 5 years old.

the trauma caused by his family led to the introversion of William when he was a child. He could not speak a word all day at school, and it was even more common for him to be bullied by his classmates.

he lost fatherly love in his childhood, so he didn't want his daughter to suffer the same pain.

after the birth of the daughterWilliam devoted himself to making soup for love and became an out-and-out "daughter slave".

looking through William's social media, nine out of ten photos are about his daughter.

accompany his daughter to study, cook, draw, play in the water, celebrate birthdays, go to amusement parks and aquariums, all of which are between father and daughter.

how can anyone be willing to break his happy and peaceful life?

but in March this year, he rarely appeared on the hot search!

the unscrupulous media published an article attacking his daughter's appearance, with words such as "ugliness", "regret" and "miserable" to his heart.

this article touched the bottom line of William as a father, and he immediately replied:

"I try to ignore past articles, because I know everyone has their own opinions, and I don't mind them very much, but this time, it has really stepped on my bottom line!"

"think about how much harm it will do to your child when she can read your words!"

"if I have to face these cruel journalists to hurt innocent children, it's not worth sharing my life on social media."

"I am an actor and a father, but when we face the choice, I will not hesitate to choose to be a father!" It is a father's most basic duty to protect his children! "

from the tough words, it is not difficult to see that William is really angry this time.

Enhance your charm in our padme wedding dress. We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.

moreover, at the end of the article, he also announced that he would no longer publish Weibo in the near future.

who would have thought that he, who had made his debut for 18 years and had never had any negative news, was driven to the point of "getting off the net" by the unscrupulous media.

fortunately, a few days after the incident, he rearranged his mood and posted a message to the netizens that he was safe.

but after that, he did seldom share his daily life with his daughter.

through this incident, many people have reacquainted with William Liam.

everyone saw in him the responsibility of a man, the responsibility of a father, and the magnanimity of an artist.

perhaps, William's "overlord setting" is no longer popular in today's entertainment industry.

but think about it another way, Prince William really protects his princess in real life.

I think everyone would like to see this story.