Responsibility (good text in depth)
Responsibility (good text in depth)
Responsibility determines everything, and you can achieve as much responsibility as you can.

Austrian psychologist Victor Frank said:

"everyone is questioned by life, and he can only answer this question with his own life. 'being responsible' is the most important essence of human existence."

the biggest gap between people is not their background, their ability, courage, or IQ, but their ability to take on their own responsibilities.

responsibility determines everything, and you can achieve as much responsibility as you can.

when you are alive, you should be responsible to yourself, to your family, to society, have a positive attitude, have a long-term vision, and strive to make everything perfect!

be responsible for yourself

British writer Maugham has a famous saying:

"to make a person show his nature, it is the most effective way to hold him accountable."

responsibility is everyone's inborn mission, reflected in all aspects of life, big or small, accompanied by a person's life.

once heard such a short story:

A psychologist went to visit a friend.

there is a two-year-old baby in the host's house who likes to run in the living room.

while he was running around, he accidentally tripped over his chair and burst into tears.

the mother of the child hurriedly ran to pick up the child, then slapped her hand on the chair and said, "the baby doesn't cry, don't cry, this bad chair tripped you, and the mother helped you hit it."

the psychologist couldn't help wondering. After a while, he said to the mother:

"We all know that the child's fall was only his own carelessness, not the fault of the chair. He caused the result himself. You should let him know that if he did something wrong, he should take responsibility.

in this way, when he grows up, he will gradually understand what his responsibility is when he has sex with the world. "

responsibility is not only the attitude towards life, but also the spiritual quality of life.

people, learn to be responsible for yourself. Your life is up to you. If you are not responsible for your own life, who else will be responsible for you?

only those who are responsible for their actions can control the direction of their lives and decide their own destiny!

be responsible to others

Fromm, a famous psychologist, said:

"responsibility is not an obligation imposed on others by the outside, but I need to respond to events that I care about."

in life, everyone has different roles and corresponding responsibilities. People who have no sense of responsibility are doomed to accomplish nothing.

Mouse, fox and piglet have set up shop in the forest.

Mouse opened an oil shop, Fox opened a yogurt shop, and Pig opened a tofu shop.

the oil sold by rats is cheap, but it is gutter oil extracted from the swill of the sewers.

the mouse thought, "anyway, you sell it to someone else, and you don't eat this kind of oil. Whatever!"

if the yogurt sold by the fox is not sold out on the same day, change the date to the next day and continue to sell it, regardless of whether the yogurt has gone bad or not.

the fox thought, "anyway, you sell it to someone else, and you don't drink expired yogurt. Whatever!"

the tofu sold by piglets is not up to the standard of food hygiene, the ground sewage of the workshop is cross-flow, the stove is messy, and the sanitary condition is very poor.

Piglet thought, "anyway, if you sell it to someone else, you won't eat this kind of tofu. Whatever!"

one day, the mouse, fox and pig all got sick and went to the hospital to see a doctor.

the mouse said, "I drank a bottle of yogurt this morning, and then it didn't feel right."

the fox said, "I seem to have eaten tofu, and then I feel a little uncomfortable."

Pig said, "I bought a pot of oil yesterday and used it to cook vegetables. After eating it, I felt uncomfortable."

the doctor of the goat prescribed medicine to them one by one, and the mouse, fox and piglet all bowed their heads guiltily.

the courage to take responsibility is a sign of a person's maturity, being responsible to others, that is, to himself.

know how to be responsible for others, will win the trust and support of others, the road of life will be more and more spacious!

be socially responsible

as Goethe said:

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"responsibility is to have love for what you are asked to do."

it is precisely because of this kind of "love" that taking responsibility becomes the meaning of life to realize oneself, from which we can gain a sense of achievement and pride in life.

We live in a social environment, every individual should have a sense of social responsibility, we are responsible to society, and society will be responsible for us.

there is a six-story building called Jingming Building in Poyang Street, Wuhan.

it was built in 1917 and was designed by a British architecture firm.

at the end of the 20th century, this building spent a long period of 80 years.

letter informs you that Jingming Building was designed by our firm in 1917 with a design life of 80 years and is now in extended service. please pay attention to the owner.

the buildings built 80 years ago, not to mention the designers, even the workers at that time, most of them are still alive at the age of Qiyi.

however, up to now, some people are still concerned about its safety, and what they are most concerned about is its original designer, an architectural design firm in a foreign country.

this organization, which has been replaced for several generations, still keeps a responsibility and a commitment after nearly a century of changes.

sense of responsibility is not only a person's best wealth, but also an important guarantee of family harmony and social stability.

A strong sense of responsibility can overcome everything, and only those who have a sense of responsibility can be entrusted with important tasks to achieve great things!

writer Leo Tolstoy once said:

"if a person does not have enthusiasm, he will accomplish nothing, and the basic point of enthusiasm is a sense of responsibility."

those who are responsible to themselves are sound people; those who are responsible to others are noble people; and those who are responsible to society are great people!

in this lifetime, people should seize every minute of life, be themselves, have the courage to take responsibility, and grow into a better person.

I hope everyone can shoulder their responsibilities, constantly improve themselves, and do the most meaningful things in the beautiful years of life!