Running and not running lead a different life.
Running and not running lead a different life.
Running is the beginning of everything for the better.

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have read such a sentence:

"the appearance before the age of 25 is given by the parents, and the appearance after the age of 25 is acquired by self-cultivation."

and running is the best practice.

because, the older you are, the more you will find:

running will not only affect a person's appearance, but also change a person's physique, and even affect a person's mood.

it turns out that running and not running are really different lives.

if you don't run, your body can see

blogger TyraMan has shared the changes that running brings to him.

as a 36-year-old mother, it is inevitable to get out of shape again.

but at an opportunity, Tyra felt he couldn't give up on himself, so he started running.

at first, Tyra found long-distance running difficult, so she chose to start with brisk walking.

after walking for a while, she found that she was slowly able to run, first 3km, then 5km;

by now, she has been able to run 8-10km at a uniform speed at one time.

after running for about two weeks, she found that she began to lose weight significantly.

combined with low-carbon water diet, swimming, jumping exercises and playing ball, her posture not only returned to the pre-birth period, but also developed her abdominal muscles.

take out the trousers before, and compared with now, the waistline is also a big difference.

because of the changes brought about by her posture, she is now much more confident, and even has the title of "hot mother in the workplace".

you see, running without running, the body is the best witness.

A long-term runner will become stylish and stylish;

the figure and condition of a long-term runner is his best business card.

Mayakovsky once lamented: "there are no more beautiful clothes than strong muscles and fresh skin."

after all, with each step you run, there is less fat; with every drop of sweat, the lines are smoother.

what's more, running brings self-discipline, and self-discipline also brings confidence.

Today, you might as well start running, create your own miracles with persistence and sweat, and start a new journey with self-discipline.

if you don't run, you can talk in good health

running is not only a good way to keep fit, but also a good tool to keep healthy.

there is an 81-year-old man in Xi'an, that's all.

his name is "Huang Sujin", which is called the fastest "post-80s".

since his retirement, Don has been running. As long as it doesn't rain, he will run every other day.

this persistence is twenty years.

the Don celebrates in his own way every time he runs the 400 meters for 1 minute and 34 seconds.

as the saying goes, there is no end to life and running.

compared with many people who have backache and sub-health as soon as they reach middle age, the Don has obviously found an artifact to keep healthy.

if you run for 3 or 5 years, your physical function and appearance will be significantly higher than that of your peers.

Middle age is a hurdle for the body to go downhill.

and running is the first amount of money you save in the piggy bank.

it will not only bring changes in physique, but also changes in work and rest, diet and lifestyle.

and people's lifeline, because of the changes brought about by running, seems to have been elongated.

if you don't run, your mentality is different

running can not only strengthen the body, but also cure all life.

some time ago, a training video of 5 kilometers a day for plateau soldiers went viral.

in the video, the soldiers run and shout: "five kilometers, I love you, one a day, no worries, brothers, come on, say goodbye to all kinds of small emotions."

makes many netizens shout and cheer up.

it turns out that the best way to say goodbye to unhappiness is to run.

when you run, not only do you secrete dopamine, but this time of your own can make your brain more awake.

the world of middle-aged people always seems to have all kinds of uneasiness, anxiety and depression.

you have to take on the responsibilities of both senior and junior, you have to face the double challenges of work and life, and you also face the dilemma that you may not be able to realize yourself.

but running may be the best way to release your mind.

when you are in a long period of mental depression or a sudden increase in stress, you might as well go out and run around.

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the moment of contact with the earth will give you a sense of stability, and the moment of communication with fresh air will give you a state of excitement.

there is no worry, is a sound dripping running can not resolve, really can not, then run a few more times.

there is a saying on the Internet that makes sense:

three kilometers specialize in treating all kinds of grievances, five kilometers specialize in treating all kinds of internal injuries, and after ten kilometers running, the heart is full of kindness and magnanimity.

running is the best self-redemption.

when we take one step at a time, all the difficulties seem to be easily solved.

there is an ancient Greek proverb:

if you want to be strong, run! If you want to keep fit, run! If you want to be smart, run! "

running is the beginning of everything for the better.

from todayAt first, don't make a lazy pile of meat, eat and wait to die, start by running, and be a stylish and wealthy person.

believe that every step you take will be rewarded, and every drop of sweat you shed will have energy.

and in the run after run, with physical strength, endurance, and mental strength, you are bound to become a better person.

, cheer for the running life together.