See a person's moment thoroughly
See a person's moment thoroughly
A good character is the best pass to walk the world.

Meng Hanqing said: "it is hard to draw bones when painting tiger skins, but it is hard to know people but hearts."

the human heart is separated by the belly, and it is difficult to tell the true from the false.

some people do things face to face and behind their backs, so it is difficult to tell the true from the false.

some people have one second angel and one second devil, which are hard to see through.

because it is impossible to tell who is good or bad, which is true or false, some people have suffered a lot of losses, paid their sincerity by mistake, and wasted their whole life.

so the world hopes that they can have a pair of discerning eyes, can see through the hearts of the people, and can tell the true from the false.

but in fact, it is not difficult to recognize a person. To see a person's character clearly, only these three points are enough.

attitude towards parents

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "mourn my parents and give birth to my hard work."

parents, who give us life and raise us, are the people we are closest to.

when we get along with our parents, we have no scruples, we don't have to pretend, and we show our nature the most.

therefore, the attitude towards parents hides a person's most authentic character.

when I was browsing Weibo some time ago, I saw a story that impressed me.

colleague Lao Zhao is gentle and amiable, and many people think of his good character.

but then something happened that made me change my mind.

once in the unit garage, I saw Lao Zhao on the phone, very angry.

because it is not far away, I have heard most of the content of Lao Zhao's speech:

"Why are you as stupid as a pig? that kind of person looks like a liar. I've already given you the cost of living this month. I don't care if it's not enough for you to figure it out on your own."

I was very shocked at that time, which was completely different from the usual Lao Zhao.

it turned out that Lao Zhao was on the phone with his mother.

the gentlemanly and kind Chao Po-Tao did not even have the least respect for his mother.

the truest quality of a person who can yell and yell at his parents is mean.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"it is instinct to be critical of those close to you, but it is a kind of upbringing to overcome your instinct and not to be critical of those close to you."

A person's character can be seen from his attitude towards his parents. A person who cannot tolerate even his parents cannot stand the test of human nature after all.

therefore, to judge whether a person is really kind and educated depends on how he treats his parents.

if you have no respect for your biological parents and are ungrateful, no matter how respectful you are, you can't take it seriously.

such people please you, either covet the money in your pocket, or covet your appearance.

once you don't have what he needs, he will abandon you.

you know, the character of a person who has a bad attitude towards his parents will not be any better.

attitude towards interests

some people say that interest is the demon mirror of human nature and the best touchstone for testing human nature.

this is true.

to see whether a person can make a deep acquaintance, he can know it in terms of interests.

Mother used to be very close to an aunt, who is good at talking, and I like it, too.

but then they hardly met each other.

I asked my mother, that aunt is so nice, why do not see each other?

Mother said that she and the aunt had several times partnered to buy fruit, and when they got it back, the aunt always gave all the good ones to herself first, and some small ones to her mother.

she thought her mother would not notice, but in fact, a discerning eye could see it.

later, my mother found out through several things that as long as other people have interests with their aunt, the aunt will find various ways to benefit herself.

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I have to admit that interests are really like a mirror, and many people reveal themselves in front of it.

people with broad horizons will not covet petty profits; people who are kind and kind-hearted will not set others up for profit.

think of the business experience of Chen Jianghe's "in four out of six" in the TV series "Chicken feathers fly to the Heaven".

Chen Jianghe, who was born as a picker, travels north and south. No matter what kind of business he does, only four of every sum of money he earns is reserved for himself as income, and the other six are distributed to partners and people who help him.

he adheres to it even in the most difficult times of business.

it is this persistence that there is always someone to help him every time he encounters difficulties.

Shakespeare said: "money is a great magic wand, which can change the appearance of a person casually."

Yes, in front of interests, we can best see the black and white of the hearts of the people and distinguish the level of personality.

therefore, if you want to see a person's character clearly, observe his attitude and practice in the face of interests.

magnanimity is not greedy, there must be a bottom line in life; stinginess is too selfish, there must be no principles.

, a person's face can be easily seen at a glance.

attitude towards the weak

JK Rowling once said:

"A person's real upbringing depends not on how he treats people who are higher than himself, but how he treats people who are lower than himself."

I think so.

A person is rightThe attitude of the weak is often his truest reaction to the world.

if you want to see clearly the level of a person's upbringing and his attitude towards the bottom, you can see it at a glance.

my cousin is thirty years old and single because she is bent on studying.

We were all very happy to know that our cousin finally met a good family and had a place to go.

only when we got together some time ago did we know that they had broken up.

asked why, cousin said: "because I have seen the most real him."

when driving on the road, if an old man with slow legs gets in the way, he must roll down the window and scold the old man.

if there is a cheaper car than his car in front of him, he must pass it and say it again.

when he ate out several times, he always yelled at the waiter and was very rude.

once, because the waiter spilled tea on him, he let the waiter apologize again and again, but he insisted on calling in the manager to give him a discount or waiver.

my cousin said that after all this, she saw her character clearly and broke up decisively.

because a person's attitude towards the weak reveals his most authentic character.

there is a good saying: "when a person faces the weak, the weak is often in a relatively low position and does not pose any threat." Therefore, at this moment, the attitude of this person depends entirely on his own upbringing. "

I remember a story I once read about the collector Lawrence.

in an art exhibition, Lawrence was busy, but the paintings didn't sell very well.

A painting was finally sold, but when the staff took it down, the frame was broken and the painting was torn.

everyone is waiting to see what Lawrence will do with it. How will he lose his temper?

surprisingly, although Lawrence looked very miserable, he did not blame the employee.

afterwards, someone asked curiously, Lawrence said: "he is disabled, can bear hardships very much, always take the initiative to do things."

it is human instinct to respect and worship the strong, but consideration and respect for the weak is the rarest virtue.

A person who is worth interacting with is not humiliated by weakness or bitchy by his wealth.

character, is a person's strongest backing, the hardest card, the greatest capital.

A person whose character is upright will be respected by all; if he has a good character, God will love him.

at the end of life, it is a matter of character.

A good character is the best passport to walk in the world.

May you and I all have good conduct and good people we meet for the rest of our lives.

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