Shut up (this article is priceless)
Shut up (this article is priceless)
Do not comment, do not say right and wrong, is a person's self-cultivation.

Confucian style



speaking is an instinct, and shut up is a kind of spiritual practice.

people learn to speak from birth, and don't learn to shut up until they get older.

from learning to speak to learning to shut up, this is a lifelong lesson and a lifetime of spiritual practice.

the strong don't say anything

only the weak can talk endlessly.

most of the strong have no time to complain, no time to talk.

Life doesn't shine just because you complain a few more words.

will not be unimpeded just because you have a few more words of blame.

the really strong know how to break through and endure by themselves.

Jin Guang, a friend of writer Li Xiao, went to the bank to make a loan as a contractor.

because of lack of experience, the money borrowed was soon cheated out.

running around to pay off debts all day.

there was a chance that the two met in the street and ate and chatted together.

Li Xiaolai was puzzled at first, but later understood.

so what if he said it? what's the use of complaining to everyone? There's nothing anyone else can do to help.

instead of increasing the conversation of others, it is better to put it in your heart, digest it yourself, and bear it on your own.

and so on, digest these things and stand up again.

you really understand that the strong have no nonsense, and actions speak louder than all complaints.

Wise men do not argue

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during the Song Dynasty, the Southern Tang Dynasty came to be a minister and sent a particularly eloquent man-Xu Xuan.

at that time, all the people in court were in trouble.

Xu Xuan is second to none in debating, and no one is willing to accompany him to make a fool of himself.

the prime minister could not pick out anyone, so he asked Emperor Zhao Kuangyin to make up his mind.

Zhao Kuangyin said: "


Xu Xuan originally wanted to kill the prestige of the scholars of the Song Dynasty.

but he spoke for a long time, and the guard did not reply to him.

Xu Xuan didn't know it, but still chattered endlessly.

the guard will say two words: "

mm-hmm, hey.


after a few days, Xu Xuan made a fool of himself and shut up.

Zhao Kuangyin understands that the best debate is to shut up.

people are middle-aged and everyone is stereotyped.

it is difficult for a person to change, so in the adult world, there is only screening, no education.

it is tiring to always argue and argue, and silence is the best response.

those who are good do not comment

the young writer Jiang Fangzhou experienced an event.

one year, the selection result of Lu Xun Literature Award caused controversy.

A reporter called Jiang Fangzhou to evaluate the work of one of the winners as deputy editor of the magazine.

Jiang Fangzhou politely refused, saying that he had not read each other's works and could not comment on them.

the reporter immediately read an award-winning poem and asked for his opinion.

Jiang Fangzhou replied helplessly: "with only one poem, I really don't know what to think."

to comment casually to others is not only a kind of harm to others, but also a kind of connivance to yourself.

Han Han once scolded: "

some people don't even know what my book cover looks like, so they judge my work.


not to comment, not to say right and wrong, is a person's self-cultivation.

everyone has his own way of life and style.

learn to respect, learn to shut up, is the greatest kindness of a person.

benevolent people are not responsible

Cao Jiesu, Cao Cao's great-grandfather, is famous for his generosity in the countryside.

once, the neighbor's pig ran away, and this pig looks exactly like the pig in Cao Jie's family.

the neighbor went to the Cao family and said it was his pig. Cao Jie did not argue with him, so he gave the pig to his neighbor.

then the neighbor's pig was found, and the neighbor knew he had made a mistake and apologized again and again.

Cao Jie only smiles and does not blame his neighbors.

people are not saints, who can make mistakes, and it is very good to correct them.

everyone is not a saint, who can guarantee that he will not make mistakes all his life?

mistakes can be corrected, that's a good job.

blindly blame others, often because their own hostility is too heavy.

learn to shut up and be patient.

Truth always emerges and misunderstandings can always be dispelled.

once a small country came to China and paid tribute to three identical golden men, which made the emperor overjoyed.

but this small country asks the same question at the same time: which of these three golden men is the most valuable?

the emperor thought of many ways, invited the jeweller to check, weighed and looked at the workmanship, all exactly the same. What shall I do?

the messenger is still waiting to report back. In a great country, you don't even know this little thing, do you?

the emperor invited the emissary to the main hall, and the old minister confidently took three straws and inserted them into the ear of the first golden man, and the straw came out of the other ear.

the straw of the second golden man fell directly out of his mouth, while the third goldWhen the straw went in, it fell into his stomach and there was no sound.

the old minister said: "

the third golden man is the most valuable!


the messenger is silent and the answer is correct.

the Book of changes says: "A gentleman is careful not to come out."

A true gentleman knows how to be silent and shut up.

people who complain less, comment less, debate less and censure less are the most valuable.