Six hidden rules for adults to get along with, the sooner you know, the better.
Six hidden rules for adults to get along with, the sooner you know, the better.
Only by standing from each other's point of view and making people comfortable with each other, can we never get tired of being with each other for a long time.



Bai Juyi has something to say:

"the road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountains, but only in the repetition of human feelings."

the relationship between people is the most subtle, sometimes a word can make people feel like a spring breeze, sometimes an expression makes people stay away.

Human nature is difficult to predict, and the human heart is the most changeable.

Adult socializing has always been subtle, but there are rules to follow.

Today, I would like to share with you the six hidden social rules recommended by People's Daily to help you understand the truth of interpersonal relationships.

Don't pry into other people's privacy at will

everyone has their own privacy, just like a locked diary. They don't want to be touched, let alone known.

Liu Yong once said that people who inquire about other people's secrets are apt to attract resentment.

No matter how good the relationship is, don't touch privacy. Once the other person feels offended, he or she will have a grudge.

such as income, physical condition, emotional status, child's grades, and so on.

if others are willing to say something, they will naturally take the initiative to say it. If others are not willing to talk about it, don't ask silly questions.

if someone tells you their privacy, it's trusting you. Don't tell a third person.

you don't respect other people's privacy, and even in a close relationship, you will eventually go your separate ways.

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focus more on yourself, snoop less on others, treat others sincerely, and pay attention to moderation, so that the relationship can be long-term.

A joke should be moderate

people who are funny and humorous bring their own popularity and are more likely to be popular.

A good joke can enliven the atmosphere and create a relaxed and pleasant communication atmosphere.

but if the joke is not properly measured and the joke goes too far, it will be counterproductive and hurt feelings.

joke should be measured, grasp the degree and boundaries.

Don't make vulgar jokes that are embarrassing;

Don't carry a stick with a gun when you joke;

Don't be cynical in the name of joking.

jokes should be made to distinguish between objects. Jokes that can be played on friends may not be suitable for elders.

jokes should also be seen clearly on occasions. Making jokes regardless of occasions is not humorous, but uneducated.

Don't always convey negative emotions to people around you

A person pours out a lot of grievances on you, and at first you will sympathize with what happened to him and listen patiently to him.

if this person continues to transmit negative energy to you from time to time, will you still sympathize with him?

No one is easy in the adult world, and everyone swims in the sea of bitterness of life.

when you complain to others, maybe the other person is in dire straits.

apart from self-help, there is nothing others can do to help the suffering of the world.

read when you are confused, exercise when you are sad, be silent when you are low, and reflect on yourself when you are alone.

people should always learn to grow up, become mature, and solve the problems in life little by little.

instead of being a negative energy disseminator, try to be a negative energy annihilator.

Don't easily interfere with other people's choices

in the adult world, many choices are not as simple as "rice or noodles for lunch tomorrow".

there is a price to bear behind every option.

Don't impose your will on others. After all, you can't be responsible for other people's lives.

A philosopher once said, "not everyone will go to the same place in the journey of life."

everyone gets a different answer to the question of life.

Don't use your own standards to correct other people's answers.

Don't judge a person easily

after reading such a paragraph, I have a deep feeling:

"We live in different worlds. You live on a luxurious ship with everything on board."

there is a lifetime of wine, and there are many people like you who are lucky to board the ship.

and I grabbed a piece of driftwood and tried to float and float, and the waves came one after another, but I couldn't hide.

there is a danger of being submerged at any time, and we have to worry about whether there are sharks passing by.

you also asked me, 'Why not take the time to see the beautiful scenery on the sea?' "

A person's greatest malice is to speculate and evaluate others at will from his own point of view, and impose his own ideas on others.

you never know what others have been through, nor do you know all the truth behind a thing.

A miser in your eyes, maybe he just likes a frugal life;

people in your eyes may have a sense of justice in times of crisis.

an introverted person in your eyes, maybe he is just reticent in front of you.

Nietzsche said:

"Don't judge others indiscriminately, don't judge others easily, and don't gossip after others." Thinking less about what other people do is what good people do. "

sitting still and thinking about your own mistakes and gossiping about others is the greatest duty of walking in the world.

Don't always try to outdo others in words

Franklin said, "never go head on against other people's opinions."

there are such people in life who will refute you no matter what you say.

Life is not a debate field, there is no need for you to lose and I win.

bring the debate contest into daily interpersonal communication, not only will it not make others feelIf you are good, you will only feel that you are self-righteous, paranoid and disgusted with you.

it is meaningless to win over others in words all the time, except to satisfy a little vanity.

it is wrong to quarrel with those close to you;

arguing with unimportant people is a waste of energy.

Don't always win with words, learn to comfort and listen.

comfort is always more moving than accusation; listening is always warmer than talking.

give each other a little more sense of superiority, so that the relationship can be closer.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"all interactions have final boundaries that cannot be crossed. All troubles and conflicts arise from an inadvertent attempt to break through this line. "

only by standing from each other's point of view and making people comfortable with each other, can we never get tired of being with each other for a long time.

, pay attention to your words and deeds, with a ruler in your heart and a degree in your mouth.