​ stabilizes himself (this article is priceless)
​ stabilizes himself (this article is priceless)
Only by stabilizing yourself is a person's top wisdom.

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I have heard a saying: "A person's first reaction to an accident reflects his determination."

on the road of life, there are sometimes peaks and troughs.

most of the time, we are always in a hurry to reach our goal.

but the reality is often: the more out of mind, the more distant from the goal; the more emotional out of control, the slower the road.

in this world, there is never a lack of abilities and conditions, but a stable heart.

only by stabilizing yourself is a person's highest wisdom.

keep your mouth steady and speak appropriately

in life, you always meet people like this:

he points out what others have done wrong, regardless of the occasion;

when he got the college admission notice, he poured cold water on it and said it was no big deal.

you can spit roses and thistles in your mouth.

some people speak elegantly and gracefully, which makes people feel like spring breeze, while others are bitter and make people feel on pins and needles.

whether speaking is comfortable or not, the most important thing is not to "speak", but to "speak".

A wise man will think of others and keep his mouth shut before speaking.

the best-selling book, "speech skills that 99% of people don't know," tells a story:

Yang Le is about to get married and invites his best friend Liu Jun to be his best man.

at the wedding, in order to liven up the atmosphere, the emcee specially made an emotional remark when introducing the new couple:

"the two newlyweds are a couple of childhood sweethearts. There is also an allusion that it originated in the Song Dynasty."

before he had finished speaking, Liu Jun next to him shouted:

"Host, you are wrong.\ 'childhood love\' is not from the Song Dynasty, it is written by Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. If you say so, you will mislead the children."

the emcee flushed and froze on the spot, and the whole audience was silent.

the bride was black all the time, and Yang Le also complained about Liu Jun.

because of Liu Jun's inappropriate interruptions, the emcee was embarrassed and made frequent slip of the tongue.

it was originally a festive wedding, but it left eternal regret in the hearts of the newlyweds, and the two former friends drifted apart.

there is a saying in Di Zi Gui: "if a person is short, do not reveal it; if a person is private, do not say it."

if you open your mouth because of a moment of pleasure, and speak without regard for other people's feelings, you are bound to put others in an awkward position.

it is convenient to do things only by keeping your mouth steady, leaving room for speech, regardless of whether people are right or wrong, and not revealing their strengths and weaknesses.

some people say: "the highest EQ is not slick in all aspects, not able to speak, but goodwill for the sake of others."

sometimes, being eloquent is far less warm than pushing yourself and others.

people who are really powerful are able to be kind-hearted, put themselves in the shoes of others, give steps quietly, use hints instead of bluntly speaking, and use suggestions instead of questioning.

only when you think and speak according to rules can you really go steady and go far.

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stabilize your mood and not be impulsive in case of trouble

A few days ago, I saw a grieving video.

in Cao County, Shandong Province, an eldest sister burst into tears and apologized: "I really knew I was wrong."

it turns out that one day at noon, Sister Yuan went to the storeroom to get the ingredients for cooking.

when I went downstairs, I found that the door of the storeroom was blocked by a car, which made it very inconvenient for me to get in and out.

she was furious and angrily picked up pebbles from the side of the road, scratched at the front hood of the car, and even broke the front windshield of the car.

after being found by the police, it was found that the loss value of the car reached tens of thousands of yuan, which has constituted the crime of intentional damage to property.

at this time, Sister Yuan woke up and made a big mistake.

and she was even more remorseful when she learned that her actions would affect the job search of her two children who were about to graduate from college.

as Liang Shiqiu said: "when the blood is boiling, the reason is not very clear, words and deeds are easy to exceed points, and it is not suitable for others or themselves."

an out-of-control emotion is like a double-edged sword, which will stab yourself while cutting others.

if it always disturbs the mind on the spur of the moment, the little thing will be magnified infinitely, and eventually it will punish you in the most painful way.

for all the bad emotions that come out, you will eventually be the one who pays the bill.

it is inevitable to encounter unpleasant things in life, and it is entirely up to you to treat them with what kind of attitude you take.

instead of being impulsive and paying the price, it is better to be calm, face the problem squarely, and improve your cognition and vision.

deal with emotions first, and then deal with things.

people who are really powerful can have a peaceful and tolerant heart, control emotions with reason, change what can be changed, look down on what cannot be changed, behave calmly and do things rationally.

keep a steady mind and be normal in everything

Lin Qingxuan once said, "see the world with a pure heart and live with joy."

people have ups and downs in this life. Only by keeping a normal mind at all times can we easily live a good life.

in Wang Zengqi's "slow Cooking Life", he talks about the beauty of daily life, such as human beauty and ordinary people, which makes people feel the meaning of finding the joy of life.

same asAt the same time, many people can see the author's elegant and leisurely attitude towards life from the text.

as Liang Wendao said, "Wang Zengqi's article is a bowl of perfectly cooked Rice Congee."

but little is known about the fact that behind the light clouds and the light wind, Wang Zengqi's life is not always beautiful, but more bumpy and erratic over the years.

but even so, he did not lose confidence in life, turned setbacks into gifts of life, and looked at life more positively.

when he was working, his teeth were broken, but he comforted himself: fortunately, he didn't lose all of them, but he could still eat crispy radishes.

he wrote all his love of life in the article, and a greasy Salted Duck Egg will be written alive by him.

later Wang Zengqi said, "We have had all kinds of injuries, but we should be happy today."

A seemingly simple and relaxed language is experiencing suffering that we can't imagine.

it is this calm and open-minded state of mind that Wang Zengqi is able to enjoy himself in the midst of tribulations.

your state of mind is your blessing.

people with a bad state of mind are stuck in a quagmire even if they are in the light; those with a good mind are facing the dawn even if they fall into the abyss.

as Mr. Kazuo Inamori said:

"Life is not a material feast, but a spiritual practice that makes it nobler at the curtain call than at the beginning of the opening."

if you inflate your mind because of your temporary achievements, thinking that you are highly talented, you will only lose your way and you can't go far if you can't see it clearly.

if he loses confidence because of a temporary setback, thinking that he has little talent and learning, he will only be confused and unable to find a way forward.

only keep a normal mind, keep your heart high, and be humble in everything.

to withstand all difficulties and heal quietly at the bottom, we can resist every storm and change in life and live this life calmly and harmoniously.

people who are really good will maintain a detached attitude towards life and solve problems in life.

A person can afford good things and bad things, and the blessings of life will become deeper and deeper.

the mirror is clean, where is the dust.

the mind is determined to see the prosperity of the world with a clear mind.

keep your mouth steady, speak appropriately, and keep your heart warm.

stabilize your mood, be calm and calm in case of trouble;

keep your mind steady, keep your mind at ease and feel at ease.

, in the second half of life, may you have tenacious determination, but also warm kindness, not controlled by emotions, and harvest a better self.